Sonic The Hedgehog 3D in 2D

Alright, I played Sonic The Hedgehog 3D in 2D version 1.02 on my twitch, the Sonic fan game and the game left me with a poor taste in my mouth but since I went in blind.. Let’s talk about it..

Sonic The Hedgehog 3D in 2D title screen by @Sotaknuck

So, Sonic 3D in 2D is a sonic fan game that brings Sonic 3DBlast to a 2D plane, the idea at first sounds good and I feel it can be done well. Not to say it’s bad, it’s pretty interesting.

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Legend of the Sacred Forest impression

So, this is in pre-alpha, a  game by Giga6152, the guy who made the sonic adventure sx and such. I had seen bits and pieces of it on his twitter, and his twitch? Can’t remember that bit.


I never played Sonic Oxilary or (Sonic OX). I seen gameplay of it and progress but never took the time to play it. Have to do that one day..

Point is, he released it for people to try out to get a taste, report bugs and give feedback and the like. I’m assuming that is the case


There is one level. No boss. There are enemies, spikes and objects. The game has a lot of place holders but it doesn’t matter because it is fun

The “game” has a freedom planet / spark vibes going on and to say it feels like a sonic game putting it lightly but it is in pre-alpha but it’s not a bad thing

Wanna mention some bugs I found or things I don’t like. Not many, mind you but enough though to give some fixing

You can move after hitting the goal by boosting into it. If you die during this state the timer will stop


The enemies don’t pop and kinda hard to see with the background. I ran into them sometimes

Enemies need some type of knockback since they can walk through your attacks and hit you.

Overall, the “game” or pre-alpha is fun to play and it’s best to list the things now for the future. It’s fast, to the point, and shows off what the engine can do. And I know this will be fixed later.

Even for a pre-alpha, there are really no bugs with the game to be honest

I probably may stream this game on my twitch or add it to my backlog

Good Luck Giga6152. :3

link to game:


Hyper’s Quest 2: High voltage – New impressions

So, It’s time I look at Hyper’s Quest 2: This will be sorta review. I will give the game a full review when it is complete next year or when it is done. Let’s get started.

Review copy – 5/31/2019

Hyper’s Quest 2. I will add my thoughts here and opinions on the game and levels, and I will point out the bugs that I find.. And may add a suggestion here or there. Maybe but we will see.

There are new levels and a updated boss. :3

Ecstatic City Zone

It’s the same zone but has gotten a update, minor as it may be. It is a update that is welcomed. The state looks nice, and It’s still fun to play. The end of the stage got a neat addon to it. It’s a little bit long but not by much. But it’s still a fun state to blaze through with that cool music.

Skadoosh Zone

It has been a while since I seen this stage in a new demo. But the stage has a new theme, if I am right about this. I believe it’s a remix of evil foundry? A song that Cobanermani456 used in his videos. I could be wrong.

Again the stage is the same at the start, but going further in, you will see new areas or old set pieces that got a updated layout. The end of the stage had a new area added to it. The end of the stage or close to the end is this pipe that will cause you to spin forward a bit.

Windy Forest Zone

Windy Forest zone. It looks and feels the same back in the last build where you could play as Knuckles. If there is something new here, I don’t see it.

Image result for Image result for anime shrug

Club Nicole Zone

This stage is pretty fun The layout for the stage is ok. The music is nice, and it is fun to blast through the stage at high speed. That said, the stage is not very friendly for Sonic. If you play as Hyper, Tails or Knuckles. The stage is friendly to the characters that can fly or climb or get out of pits.

At the start: If this is going to be a pit, it should be one. A spring there if you are playing as Sonic or Hyper

Sonic is the only one who can’t get out of here: A spring here in case a player falls in here as Sonic.

If sonic pops the balloon, he can’t get out due to the ceiling being too low. Could apply to Hyper as well: A spring would help out.

Sunrise Island Zone

This stage has went through a lot of changes. The new things here to note is. 1. There are torches. 2. There is water and a bubble shield other then that.. There are a few new changes here and there. One layout change was made to use the new move (Which I don’t have yet). But the stage is still the same as before. Not much to say here. :V It’s not a bad thing.

Sunrise Island Boss

The boss is the same. But the boss now has Iframes and a second attack. You can no longer re-trigger the boss death animation by hitting it. The boss can still harm you in it’s death state if you walk into him. Not much but well done. :3

Plasma Temple Zone

This zone. First time playing it. It’s uhh. Neat. It’s a mix of Lost Labyrinth Act 2 from Sonic 4 ( minecart sections) It’s a fun act that has 3 paths for you to go and explore the zone. After a bit, the 3 paths will lead to the same goal. It’s a fine stage

Arcade zone

There are 4 games now. You can no longer farm red rings in this zone, since there are none.

Left to right

  1. Pinball mini game

This mini game is the same but here is where you can farm lives, so long as you have the red rings to play the minigame.

  1. Wall jump mini game

This game got a update that made it harder to test your skills. This wall jump mini game will test to see if you are a walljump pro and see if you can walljump away from hazards.

  1. Balloon mini game

This minigame is just to see how fast can you pop the balloons. It’s very easy.

  1. Ragequit Bay

This is a hard minigame? I will be real, it was not that hard. You can just grab the ring and water shield and spin to the end by taking damage and running. Not much to say here.

Shopping zone

Here, you can buy items or skills for your heroes, granted, you have enough points from the start. You will have to do some farming to unlock the skills


Take the minecart anywhere

Not sure if this is a feature or not. You can take the minecart off the tracks and go anywhere. Here is a gif.


The despawning block / falling through floor block

Here is a gif the block despawning by falling through the floors offscreen in Plasma Temple Zone


Not a bug but want to share:

Graphic bugs

Hyper is not center of the water shield when facing left, and using a spacial action.


Sunrise Island Zone sprite mask

If you die at the first checkpoint in Sunrise Island Zone, You can see the sprite mask for the curved slope. Something you are not allow to see.



Unaligned water

The water is not centered.


Game breaking bugs

1 Time bonus freeze

This can happen anywhere. If your time bonus is “250” the game will try to play out as normal. I can only guess the end counter is taking away and adding 100 to score. But since it is looking for a “100” but finds a “50” It is ignored, and the game is softlocked

Edit: Not sure if the other time bonus will do the same as well or not. But the 250 time bonus does softlock the game.


Overall thoughts

I had fun playing this. Levels are fine, if a bit short in length. The music is still great to listen. Just booting up the game brings up my favorite track. I feel the arcade minigames could offer a little more. Like, the balloon minigame, there is no prize, no points, nothing. But overall, I am happy to see this fan game still going strong and getting better.


  1. Make the exit button in the pause menu take you back to the level select, rather then quitting the game. I mean, the Escape closes the game. I think we only need one close button.
  2. Give the minigames more of a reason to play them. Besides playing pinball to gain some lives, the other minigames have no reason for anyone to come back and play them. Maybe add a prize. Earn X (1000 to 100000 but it’s random) points or x item to use in a stage.

You can find the dev here: @Buzz_Lightbuzz. (He changed his name again)

Edit: I will wait for the dev to find a name he likes before linking to a dead end

Elsword impressions

Has been a while since I made a post. Been busy in Elsword, playing SRB2 and SRB2Kart with people in a call 3 to 5 hours a day.

Elsword has went through a lot of changes  or game revamp. Last time I played Elsword was in 2016 where skills had skill points for upgrading skills. But playing Elsword again. A lot has changed, for better or worst.

I want to share my thoughts on Elsword and talk about the game. I love elsword but it has problems..

Related image

Elsword’s Combat Power

I wanna talk about this feature… Combat Power. But before this, there was item level. So. Item level / Combat power was a another requirement for dungeons to play them.. But to be fair Item levels was a much better of the two evils…

Image result for anime sigh

So, why is Combat power bad? It’s a new way to gate keep you out of dungeons that have high combat power. And as far as I know, it does nothing to your combat stats. It’s a second requirement for dungeons. And even if you meet the Combat power requirement, there’s no promise that you will be able to get by some dungeons.

To add to this. It’s hard to get a idea, if you can deal with the dungeon or not. I can’t tell if I am strong enough and join a dungeon to get wiped out by the monsters. But another thing that bugs me is the combat power requirement for some dungeons is fucking high..

Add’s dungeon combat power is 75k or 75000. If you meet the requirement, you won’t be able to win since the monsters are overpowered, in my opinion.

Most other players are high leveled with maxed out gear. But returning players and new players will have their work cut out for them.

Elsword’s Dungeons

Getting into Elsword is easy, at the start. When you start out Dungeons that range from level 1 to level 70, you will have a good time. But from 69 to 99, you will have trouble or maybe need a party.

Now, why is this a bad thing? In the main story dungeons that are high level, there is no one around to help (MOST OF THE TIME) and some dungeons in the storyline become hard. You NEED a party, if you are starting out in the higher dungeons.

Odd enough, there is not many people in low level dungeons, and if there is. it is 1 or 2 players, at the most. At the low level dungeons. 1 to 50. you will have a good time solo, assuming you have your gear high leveled as you can get it. But 60 to 99 dungeons will need a party to have a “fair” chance.

You may ask, “Where are the other players at?” The other players are doing raids or doing high level dungeons with a guild or doing pvp (Player vs player) or something else. This means if you are looking for help in a help level dungeon, you are SOL, unless someone is joining the same dungeon as you. It’s not 100% the players will stay. If you have a asshole in the party, they will leave mid-dungeon.

I believe that dungeons getting re-balanced may never happen..

Related image

I love Elsword, I really do. Elsword became my new MMORPG when Wonderking met it’s end… I put 2 + years into this game. But it feels like this new version of elsword is un-balanced? The whole argument I hear is that Elsword is a pay to win game… And I can see where they come from.

You can unlock skills during quests, but unless you have the right gear and can deal good damage for these quests, those quests will be on hold till you buy them with K-ching or get stronger.

I am a level 99 Ain. But even some dungeons, I can’t even beat. I have to hope that a good event happens where you can upgrade your gear.. I know Elsword had a game revamp + some updates to make players life’s a bit more easy…

But I just want to talk about Elsword. :P

Is Elsword a bad game? No, it’s a fine 2D MMORPG. Could it use more work? Yes! But I doubt that will happen. Elsword has some beginner traps that are easy to fall in. :V But is Elsword a pay to win game? No. When you reach 70+ or 99. It becomes questionable if it is or not…

Thanks for reading. :3