Sonicvania dev log 1: Titles and simple ideas

I want to do something a little different and this is more so, a dev log of an idea for my sonicvania project. The title system will have different effects on the game. These are titles based on people I talked to or know.

These titles can and will grant you special effects or just give you a stat bonus up and nothing more. Of course, these titles can be added from the pause menu, and below are gifs of the mode being made in the works.

The core engine is far from done. And I need to update the boss rush anyway lol.

Also, each title will be changed later on and given a rating from 1 star to 5 stars. 1 being a title with nothing too good to 5 stars that has a title that offers more boosts. I am also thinking of making an upgrading title system to make titles stronger than normal

1-star titles can be upgraded once.

2-star titles can be upgraded 3 times.

3-star titles can be upgraded 3 times and can ascend to be upgraded 3 more times

4-star titles can be upgraded 5 times, and can ascend to be upgraded 5 more times.

5-star titles can be upgraded one but all stats are percent based after upgrade.

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CyberScore Ideas

So, I have been told if I have any ideas for CyberScore, I should let the people over at Cyberscore know about my ideas. I know that my ideas won’t get used but I figured I post my list of ideas for CyberScore. :3

1. charts

So, for a while, I seen charts that have times without no proof of any kind and some of these times always seem kind of iffy as some users have records that have not been approved and this can make some new users feel like they can’t reach the top time but fear not. I know you guys have no fear but my ideas. (Can’t wait to get some nice looks for this post)

1.1 Auto delete records

Records that have not been approved by CyberScore mods within a time frame of 30 days, should be deleted. If there is no proof, then 30 days still apply. If there is proof but can’t be found and records have not been approved, then 30 days still apply and giving the user a notice to upload a proof to match his / her record.

1.2 Running a game unpatched or patched

As we know, games of the future, have patches to fix a game and sometimes, patches remove speed tricks or glitches. I feel this makes doing time attacks pretty unfair as users can use an unpatched version of a game to get the upper hand.

An easy way to know if someone has an unpatched game is to do a side by side of times. If someone is able to get a faster time then the rest, then you have your answer.

To fix this, charts that should be marked (unpatched) in challenge charts, if you play un-patched then, you use the unpatched challenge charts for that version of the game and patched for the patched game.

Or make 2 charts for games that are played patched or unpatched, like for Sonic R. There is (No OOB) and normal charts for Sonic R, I feel this could be applied here, but that would take time to make things balanced within charts.

Because, when new users or current users see a record like this. It makes it hard to go for a record that may no longer be possible… And that’s not a fun sight to see. But that varies on the person..

CyberScore is a site where players of all skill levels can be competitive with other players, and even push each other to be better at a game and go past their own limits.

This is why I love CyberScore, it’s a competitive site that I like to upload runs or try to beat someone’s time or score for fun by using my skill. We use skill to have a fair and fun time with others.

1.3 Remove records

Something minor but being able to delete or remove a record of a game that you no longer have from your CyberScore page. It looks out of place when you have a record of a game that you no longer own. With a un-approved proof. It looks ugly and out of place. This feature would be nice but this is kinda a moot point since 1.1 is the same.

I feel as of late, what’s fair and skill has hit a grey area and if, that is the case. What is the point of being of being competitive with people or friends who use glitches that make being competitive fun, a waste of time? That’s just my thoughts on this subject.

Profile stuff

1 Blog update

1.1 I like the blog feature but let’s say someone has a blog outside of CyberScore. Like using Blogger or I have not used the Blog feature. A neat idea for the blog tab would be to add your blog hosted by blogger or to the URL / contact info, which would show the blog through an Iframe or RSS from the blog tab

That’s it really. The other ideas would be to fix the forum Avi issue and add extra contact info but these have already been done or being worked on and the site is getting updates.

Again, these are just my ideas for CyberScore and I know they won’t be used. BUT! That’s ok. I just wanted to share my ideas and what not with you.

Thanks for reading. ^^

Link to CyberScore:

Game ideas I have

So, I have been running this through, my head for a while now, as I work on game stuff in click team fusion. I have been waiting to think of some modes for my fan game.


This is going to be a rather short post, but it will serve as a base for rules, and I don’t want to get to a point where adding in these modes would need a lot of more work done.



I have plans on, letting my friends create these modes for the game.

Here is what needs to be done, a list of sorts.

If you want to help, follow the list below

1 | Name your mode, levels, and bosses

2 | Give some info on what’s in the mode

| How hard is it? And etc. Is it easy? Let me know. Should there be checkpoints or no?

3 | stages layout

Tell me what type of design you want for the mode, or give me an idea or a level reference, or make one yourself for me to use. Note, there is no stage or limit, but know it will take longer.

You may also add in item pick up, and other things. Even stage music

4 | Bosses

You have to tell me, what do you want me to add for bosses? You need to make the sprites, and, if you can’t make them, you can recolor, if you wish. If you made bosses sprites, just save them somewhere or copy to an image saving site, like, Twitter, etc.

What are their attacks? Do they have a second phase? What is their attack pattern? Let me know.

5 | enemies

Same for bosses, recolor an enemy, you like, for the mode. Note: If you have no new enemy sprites, ones that are already in the game will be used as a placeholder, till you make your own.

6 | Reward for being the mode

What will the player get for beating your custom mode? A “Thank you” from you? A new mode? Feel free to add that in your Pastebin or twitpost.

7 | On death or Game over

Tell me what should happen.

While there is no deadline, as of yet, I have a lot of work to do. I like to think and plan ahead.

8 | Anything extra you add, I will look at and let you know if it stays or goes

To submit your idea, use Pastebin to list the ideas.

Do keep in mind, once things change, you may need to alter some things.


I do ask that you do try your best to fill in everything. If you need to color something, get If you half-ass things, you will be skipped.

But, if you care, I may call on you for future projects. But that is it. Thanks for reading. :3