Game ideas I have

So, I have been running this through, my head for a while now, as I work on game stuff in click team fusion. I have been waiting to think of some modes for my fan game.


This is going to be a rather short post, but it will serve as a base for rules, and I don’t want to get to a point where adding in these modes would need a lot of more work done.



I have plans on, letting my friends create these modes for the game.

Here is what needs to be done, a list of sorts.

If you want to help, follow the list below

1 | Name your mode, levels, and bosses

2 | Give some info on what’s in the mode

| How hard is it? And etc. Is it easy? Let me know. Should there be checkpoints or no?

3 | stages layout

Tell me what type of design you want for the mode, or give me an idea or a level reference, or make one yourself for me to use. Note, there is no stage or limit, but know it will take longer.

You may also add in item pick up, and other things. Even stage music

4 | Bosses

You have to tell me, what do you want me to add for bosses? You need to make the sprites, and, if you can’t make them, you can recolor, if you wish. If you made bosses sprites, just save them somewhere or copy to an image saving site, like, Twitter, etc.

What are their attacks? Do they have a second phase? What is their attack pattern? Let me know.

5 | enemies

Same for bosses, recolor an enemy, you like, for the mode. Note: If you have no new enemy sprites, ones that are already in the game will be used as a placeholder, till you make your own.

6 | Reward for being the mode

What will the player get for beating your custom mode? A “Thank you” from you? A new mode? Feel free to add that in your Pastebin or twitpost.

7 | On death or Game over

Tell me what should happen.

While there is no deadline, as of yet, I have a lot of work to do. I like to think and plan ahead.

8 | Anything extra you add, I will look at and let you know if it stays or goes

To submit your idea, use Pastebin to list the ideas.

Do keep in mind, once things change, you may need to alter some things.


I do ask that you do try your best to fill in everything. If you need to color something, get If you half-ass things, you will be skipped.

But, if you care, I may call on you for future projects. But that is it. Thanks for reading. :3