Fate grand order plans

So, I am getting close to saving the seventh singularity in fate grand order, and then next would be Solomon’s singularity from what friends say or have said. I plan to stream the fate go story until I clear the storyline, and no, I don’t mean lost belt. If I get to the lost belt, that is where my adventure will end.

Seventh singularity

And since HyperSonic7701, Mastakirby, and zombie stream fgo, there is no need for me to stream it as well. But I suppose I can stream fate go after I clear the main singularity story. I can make streaming fate go to certain events that pop up, and if I like them. I will stream fate go.

To be fair. It was all for HyperSonic7701, and I think He got an idea of my playstyle since he wanted to see how I played the game. Given Mastakirby server is somewhat full of elite players for fate go, I guess he wanted to see if I play the same as them, but I think he knows now.

The seventh singularity might be a long stream. The cutscenes I will skip some, if not all. If I feel this will be a long section. I will start streaming in the morning. If I feel it would not take too long, I will start later in the night.

If the singularity is close to being “saved” I will push forward but like always, if I’m running low on time (2:30 am), I will end it there as I have other games to play as well.

Solomon singularity

If this is not post-game, I will start this singularity, and when this is complete. Fate go will be finished for my things to stream. And I think that would be a fine way to end this mini-series.

It was fun having HyperSonic7701 there to watch. But now, he will have vods of me getting clapped to enjoy for a short while.

That’s all, and that’s the game plan.

Tower of Fantasy first impressions

Tower of Fantasy. So I played the game and got my impressions. These will be brief impressions but enough to give you an idea of what I think of the game.

So I was not too big on playing this game since I play many video games already. And adding another MMORPG to my list was not in my plan, but I gave it a shot and tried it out anyway, and I like the controls in terms of movement.

But that’s where my praise ends, as the story is not interesting to me. The game is a buggy mess and seems very common. And the game is keyboard and mouse are the main focus. But you can use a game controller, but some, if not most ingame menus are not meant for a controller yet.

Tower of Fantasy gives off strong vibes of another gacha game out there. We all know what I am talking about here. It’s not a one-for-one, but the vibe is strong and look. If you like Tower of fantasy, I’m happy you do. You enjoy yourself. I don’t see myself getting too deep into this gacha MMORPG like, my friends.

If I wanted to play Gacha, I would have played Fate Grand Order or Genshin Impact, and on that note. My friend joked about how this was Genshin Impact online. And somewhat, this is true. At least to me, it is.

There is also the time gate for something along the lines. And this I do not mind because it is gacha. Not much you can do there but deal with it. Playing this game makes me want to play genshin impact again.

I don’t think this is an awful game. It gives players who liked genshin impact but wanted it to be an MMORPG. They can play Tower of fantasy to scratch an itch that players have. However, Tower of fantasy MMORPG seems pretty basic to me. It has a lot of bugs to work out and fix. I will still play the game but probably won’t stick around for this game.


Genshin Impact thoughts and stuff

Time to talk about Genshin Impact, A game I like playing a whole lot more. And this blog post will have some tips and opinions of mine.

The start of Genshin Impact?

Genshin impact at the start was the game that made some botw fans mad because genshin impact at the start was a “breath of the wild” clone, and it was funny to see so many users get worked up over a video game. Even a user I believe broke their ps4 in protest because they saw genshin impact on ps4 and thought it was a botw clone. I think it is silly.

Editor note: If I say botw, I’m referring to “Breath of the wild”. It’s faster to say. ouo

Genshin impact now.

Oh boy. It is a good open-world RPG with co-op build-in. It is also a single-player game that can be played online only. And yes, it does have some elements from botw but that’s fine. If you played BOTW, you will be fine here. It is also a gacha game, so you will be time-gated in terms of getting items, you can, of course, spend money to speed up the process of farming items.

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