Sonik’s roleplay story

Sonik woke up next to his Wife Ali and give he a soft kiss on the cheek as he gasp softly as a memory of black fade to nothing…Walk’s out of our bedroom to get his gear ready.

“Jack…? Nami…? Kyoko…?” As he thought to himself as these memories fade away to the void.

But he shakes his head and grab a magic scroll as he heads outside as he hears a faint cry but ignores it and walks down to the muffin shop as the cry turns into a scream which stops him.

“They can wait, i need to help who is in danger first” As he runs toward the cries and screams of pain while feeling the air dropping in temperature and find a girl tied up,

He runs over to her to free You’re free now” said Sonik with a smile, while hearing dark Sonik screaming “Look out idiot”,

Sonik turns around to see a beam of black magic coming his way and jump out the way to hit a magic wall made by the necromancer.

“Where is the girl you bastard?!?” Said Sonik while glowing red.

“Such language…But the girl is safe…I must say, she played her role quite well and you fell into our trap..” The necromancer smiled and he cast a summon spell.

“…..” Sonik summons a magic sword and slowly gets ready for battle, growling

“I call you from the realm of the damned, come and fight by my side undead knight!” The necromancer smiling.

As the undead knight comes out of the ground holding his claymore sword Sonik gasp while feeling the cold air slowing him down.

The undead knight dashes toward Sonik and swings his claymore toward him, sonik dives out the way as he summons a holy spear and throw it as he hope it kills him,

The holy spear pierces him. The undead knight pull out the holy spear and throw it toward Sonik,

Sonik jumps out the way to only get pierce by the knight’s claymore and feeling the pain rush through him and his eyes turn dull

“D-damn it…” as he thought to himself as he cough up blood while bleeding.

“Don’t kill the fool…We only need to break will and body” Said the necromancer laugh

Sonik uses the blood scroll to trap the undead knight and necromancer and passout on the ground w/ my body trying to heal.

“Every time we try to be heroes, this happens…” Dark Sonik said as he sigh.