My discord server update – 6/22/2019

So, boys and girls. It's time for a real beefy update I have planned for my discord server. I have updated my server before in the past but I think this time, it's gonna be a real big update this time but get ready everyone This will be a fun post to make and hope … Continue reading My discord server update – 6/22/2019


New Personal Discord server update

It's time for a new update :3 A personal server update. Let's start. So, the server will be using roles now. The server had roles but they were just there to chat and such. But custom roles will be added along with other roles Changes coming now or later New Server Icon New roles New … Continue reading New Personal Discord server update

New personal Discord channel update #3

New personal Discord channel update #3 | Hope you are ready.

Second Discord Channel update

Hello there. Sonik here with a new big update, and going over some things as well as talking about new things. Clearing things up and talking about new in better detail, I hope. Homestuck New Things to come to the server is new channels, New things, new VC (Voice channels for talking in with a … Continue reading Second Discord Channel update

A new discord server

Hello viewers, Sonik the duel slayer So as you know, the discord server was a bust. While it has members, it was a failure as no one is really active. So where does this leave the server? I said I had no plans on closing it down but I don't want to keep up a … Continue reading A new discord server