Another Twitter Rant

Ah, Twitter. Something I wanted to talk about or mention a bit. Let’s start as I want to talk about 2 features on Twitter.

I want to talk or rant about these features, so let’s start. I’m Sonik the edge-lord and hope you enjoy this post or like it.

This may be a short post.

Time for an opinion

So Twitter is a magical place. Full of life and opinions and so much. And Facebook, on the other hand, is ummm. Think of Facebook as a site where Parents go there to talk about nothing really.
Here, this clip sums up Facebook well. If you love and/or like Facebook, more power to you. To me, it’s not very important to me.

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Let’s talk: about my forum

Hello there, Sonik here and with a new update. It’s not a big, but it’s a fairly /big/ update.

So, as you know, I been pushing this a bit. But I am working on game dev stuff and a Sonic hack. I figured while I make the hack or fan game, I could try to build a community of sorts.

So, I am using wix to make a simple forum, as I feel that it will be fine enough. Anyone may join and if you have ideas for a hack, let us know in the forums. If you don’t want to join, this is also fine as well.

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