Game development log

Ah, this will be a fun post since this will be a game development log for my clickteam fusion games I got planned and the progress that is on the way. Been a while since I made any game dev logs to show off things. It’s more of a what’s to come or what I got planned in the realm, I call my head.

Sonic’s grand adventure (Working title)

This is a 2d action platformer I had created in clickteam fusion 2.5. This is a game that started as an idea for adobe flash 3’s action script 3 but I didn’t know how to code in adobe flash 3, and I moved to gamer maker studio 1.4.x then clickteam fusion 2.5.

the idea for this fan game was to make something fun. I wanted to make a fan game I had in the making as an idea for years. This fan game uses another sonic engine for sonic physics, and even though it’s not the best, it’s good enough.

At the moment, this project is currently on hold / canceled due to this project making me depressed, but I will probably come back to this project, and complete it or offer something more complete.

The demo build is still up but has not been updated. It’s more of a test to play around with some of the things I added. I might come back to this in the future.


Link to the game:

Dae’s adventure (Working title)

This is a text-based RPG that you can play in a browser or download to a desktop. This will be a simple game that is safe for work, and anyone can play it. I will think of a simple story and such. You don’t play as dae, but rather can meet him to join him or strike him down like other heroes.

I have other plans where you can meet Arisu the wise, Alurua the giant, and Elpha the smol goblin.

Go to wonderful places like Witching hour village, Mountains, the magic lake, while trying to avoid being corrupted by a foul evil in this world. Or some shit like that.

The roadmap is not planned yet but will add one here, and update it later.


New Year Fangame (Working title)

A new year’s sonic fan game that is a boss rush/time attack and maybe something more. It is a game you can speedrun and play around with. This is my current fan game that I am working on at the moment

You can fight 5 or 10 different bosses, but it may just be 5 for the time being. And it is something I hope people will like. There is an old build out but I got a new build of the game in the works, and it is a big update that may make the game worth playing, and new features.

I have a lot planned, and everything is getting a new update and a new engine with fast loops. :3

link to the game:



I remade the snake game poorly in Clickteam fusion 2.5+. It is not a perfect version of snake but it gets the job done, at least. You get the thing/apple to go faster. I may come back to this later and add some changes and updates.

it is a simple game, nothing crazy.

link to game:

Like all games and projects I make, they can be found here:

Small list of things I done in February

So it is crazy. It is march, and by now. I would have a list of things I did in February, but some things have happened. And I had plans to make a lot of posts, but I can make up for it later. I will blog about something I like. And I may make a blog post about cooking.

So in its place. I can mention some things I have been doing to fill in its spot will be a list, plus I can show off some of my game development skills and share my thoughts on some things because why not.

I am thinking of talking about anime.

I have seen other cool bloggers talk about and review anime. People like Crow, Irina, and pinkie. And while I will never be on the same level as them. In terms of reviewing anime and whatnot. I always wanted to try my hand at talking about anime, but It is a worry at the back of my mind.

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Draw Stars tool

So, late to the punch. But wanted to release it on new years but got side tracked with my blog. It’s a tool that makes stars which you can make messages or draw stuff


Figured I share this tool. Itch . io user name is onychaos and the app is called Stars version 0.1


It has flashing lights, so be warned and have fun. I might come back to this later and add some more stuff to it. It’s a point and click tool / game? for windows. This was made in Clickteam fusion 2.5+

Gonna stream dust: an elysian tail

Taking a short break from coding my Sonic Fangame in Clickteam fusion 2.5 to stream a video game while cooking roast for tonight. Probably going to stream for a hour or so. Hoping to anyway. :3 Stream will start in 15 mins. Maybe sooner. gotta restart my pc first



Almost been two years since I played this. Where does the time go, huh? Also I think I’m going to drop neptunia rebirth 1 as a stream game since I already beaten the game. Going to give drop the game after 3 more streams of it.


But anyway. Going to stream dust: an elysian tail for a hour or maybe more and may have a call with friends. Don’t know yet. lol. Stream will be in follower mode and going forward.

My Sonic Fangame update

Now with the prototype on hiatus, I have to say that it was fun to learn how to code in Clickteam Fusion 2.5 and learning how the program works. I even made my own app and even a game.

And seeing as I can’t write code (I.E C#, Unity, non visual coding). Clickteam fusion 2.5 is the next best thing for me and I love it. And I can use this for future games that are not fan games or apps. :3

I should break down this prototype or what is in it.

You have a super form and a “Hyper form” 

You have a spindash and hyper dash from Sonic 3

There are 2 acts and “credits”

There are a ton of bugs that are not fixed, i know. There may be bugs that I may not know of.

But there is not much to this prototype worth noting.

There is no link for the prototype as prototype is just meant to show what ideas I have and what may or may not be added.

Also. Clickteam Fusion 2.5 HTML exporter breaks my code :V

Stream Countdown clock

So, I’m making a post about my first program that I plan on releasing as a tool that you can use to time yourself. You can set a goal for yourself, and use it how you see fit.

You can set the countdown timer to any hour or min or seconds. You can see below


This is a old picture but it works the same. Use the countdown if you stream or working out or doing work. :3 It can also count up and do more. You can even pause the time or stop it. :3

If you find any bugs, let me know. ^^

Link to the countdown clock is here: Stream Countdown clock And yes, I made this. It is light weight. :P

Game engine update

So, as you know. I am working on a new game. And this game went from being small to my passion project. I want to try to make some Sonic fan games that are ok. I am still learning but I have the gist on how to make a fan game.

These last few days, I been saying I was looking at guides on how to make a Sonic game . I am learning and getting some ideas. I found the Sonic Worlds guide for 0.5.

And while It may not be useful to my engine. I learned about using Single objects to hold values for a character or Id for a player

This is something I can use for future games to speed up the progress of making games. :3


This will make some thing I do the long way quicker. And this is rad. I am learning to set these values to the right variables, and It’s fun. I can give everyone the same Values and If their ID matches, then they get the the controls that are meant for them.


So. Because of these new way of coding. The Alpha debug build has been delayed to rework on the game’s engine and apply what I learned to the engine and make something even better (I aim to, I hope).

I will have to say that in a month, I should have everything working in the new engine, assuming if things goes as planned

So here is the breakdown.

A month to get everything ported into my new engine and working well

Another month to Add some new things to said engine

A few days to 2 weeks to make sure things are stable

If all of this goes without a road bump… I can say a Alpha demo can be out somewhere between December 2018 or Somewhere in the start of 2019

I hope you understand and thanks for reading. :3

Keep up with the project:


Game progress update

Since I could no longer make rom hacks, I have been working on a fan game, and the engine. It is far from done but want to show off some things. It is just gifs that is showing off progress. :P

Things added:

  1. Timer
  2. Score counter
  3. Ring counter
  4. Super state (Not completely done yet)
  5. I frames
  6. lives
  7. Double jump
  8. Objects that restore 1 jump in the air to jump again.


My goal list for 2018

So I made a goal post thing a while ago. But here is a new one but this will be a over all goal I have planned for my self.

I have a lot of goals and mini goals. Some of these goals might bleed over into next year as that might be a possible thing, with life being a random factor.

Goals I have planned:


Make my Cyberscore post (Link) – Done
* Talk about fixes or requests to change the site for the better when submitting to the site and making things fair. If it does not get used then, I done my part.

Leave WordPress for Tumblr – Done

Have fun in 2018


Doing CyberScore ILs
* Freedom Planet
* Mario Kart 8
* Pac-Man Championship Edition: DX
* Pac-Man World 2
* Sonic CD 2011
* Sonic Forces
* ???
* Sonic Mania (pc)
* Super Smash Bros. Brawl or SSBB later
* SSB4
* More will be added to the list

Do 2 or more let’s plays on my youtube channel
* SRB2 or Sonic Robo Blast 2 (As Sonic) – done
* Sonic Mania (Sonic and Tails in progress) – done
* Sonic Forces
* Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight
* Sonic Colors
* The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
* The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
* The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
* Freedom Planet
* Sonic 06
* Sonic Riders
* Sonic Time Twisted
* Wings Of Vi
* dust: an elysian tail

complete the 06 stream on time with friends – done
* Complete the 06 Playthrough with friends before May gets here.
* This does give me a very good idea on how to handle group streams or let’s plays.


Working out more
overall goal

  • Getting fit

*Working out for 15 to 30 mins a day.

Change my name permamently from “Sonik” to OnyChaos (Link) – done
* Still gets called “Sonik” and I wonder why I bother .-.

Get back to working on my fan game, Project Mighty roadmap (Link)
* Work on the badniks – almost done
* Work on the rest of mighty sprites

Clickteam 2.5 Game development goals
* 3 fan games
* 1 serious fan game
* Make A Original game
* Make Some Adult games
* make smut games
* Make apps to count bits
* Music app to play songs and a soundboard
* Wings of Vi fan game
* My Sonic 1 hack redo in Clickteam 2.5

Start earning steam achievements
overall goal

  • Beat games 100 %
  • getting all the achievements for a game when possible

Making my Twitter more lewd
overall goal

  • More lewd retweets ( o3o)
  • More Smut retweets c:

Making my second tumblr more lewd
overall goal

  • More lewd reblogs ( o3o)
  • More Smut reblogs  c:

Twitter goals
* You can talk to me on twitter, if you want

Roleplaying on Twitter on my rp account
* Will see how things go

Make my OC

  • recolor tails into my oc – done
  • Update him in Sai paint tool

Deactivating any or all social Media that I barely use
* This applies to my accounts as well


Chaos Race Nights fate
* Start up was a failure (No racers) (Failure to get off the ground)
* Will try to start up Chaos race nights in summer
* If Summer fails then I will try for fall
* If all else fails then, This idea was doomed from the start

Will try to call more friends overall goal
* I will call those who are free to call

Try to make more game reviews
overall goal

  • In my free time

Discord related things
* Leaving Dead / inactive servers
* Leaving servers that I’m no longer active in
* My discord server will stay up till things change

speedruns to complete for good
* Sonic Robo Blast 2  (Tails) – done
* Sonic R 100 %
* Sonic Spinball (25 maybe)
* Super Mario Odyssey
* Pantufa (1 hr) – done
* 8-bit Spinball
* Freedom Planet – Done
* ???
* Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight
* Sonic Advance 2
* Sonic Forces
* ???
* ???
* Sonic Heroes | Team Sonic – done
* Pac Man World 2
* lost World

Color in more art for fun on a new streaming site
overall goal

  • Coloring in Safe art
  • Coloring in Not Safe For Work art

Update my stream page
* new everything

Update my site and forum on wix
* Remove pages
* Update pages
* Update the layout

Keep streaming on Twitch
* Until I get banned by the new guidelines (Which are dumb)
* If banned, I will move to a new site for streaming, if that happens

Ignoring petty drama
overall goal


Thanks for reading.

My 2018 Goals

It’s that time again, a new year and new goals that people make but won’t do because they believe it’s easy. But I am not here to rant about people making goals that they will do for a bit then quit. I am here to talk about my goals and plans for 2018.

My goals or plans

1 Making a Cyberscore post & doing Ils

The Cyberscore post will be a list of ideas and suggestions for the site. I don’t expect them to use them, hell, I don’t expect them to look at this blog post planned in the future. it is just a list of changes, ideas, and suggestions I have for the site.

And as for ILs, I have a set list now. I want to get these done and say, I have done it.

Freedom Planet, Mario Kart 8, Pac-Man Championship Edition: DX, Pac-Man World 2, Sonic CD 2011, Sonic Forces, Sonic Generations (this may be a bit too much), Sonic Mania ?, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and SSB4

I will see if I can do all of these ILs

2 Calling friends more

I want to call friends more to shoot the shit (That means to talk about anything) and, this mainly was my bad, as I was way too busy with everything else. from dealing with drama to trying to make a game or stream or make a let’s play.

I do want to call my friends more and talk to my girlfriend more, and It’s a nice goal… Some of my friends are far too busy to call, too a point where I just stop bothering to ask them all together, because it gets me nowhere.

And I have friends on Twitter who I know I can’t call outside of a stream, that’s why I stopped trying to ask, because of time zones or them not being able to talk / not wanting to talk.

Sounds like I’m being mean but I’m not. BUT hey, things could change.

3 let’s plays for days

I have some lets plays in the works. SRB2 as Sonic is being worked on. I know most of my Twitter friends don’t care for lets plays anymore and that is fine.

LPS I have on the back burner:

Sonic Mania

Sonic Time Twisted

spark the electric jester (doing this with my GF)

Future Lets plays I want to get done.

Sonic Forces

Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight

Sonic Colors

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Freedom Planet

Sonic 06

Sonic Riders

Wings Of Vi

4 Farming bits

I want to get back to farming bits to give to streamers, who earn them. I got lazy but I would like to save up, at least, 10000 bits, maybe more than that. Assuming ads are working

That is the plan. I have to see how this works out

5 Work on my game

I got what I needed. I got the game assets, I just need to figure out click team programming and I will be set to make fan games of the sort.

I want to make a decent game and tools. I want to make a Twitch. bit counter that plays music while you get bits. I have to learn to program in click team first.

6 SRC (

So, in 24 days, I may post one Sonic run to SRC but that would be it. I may run other games that’s not sonic.

May run Pac-man 2: The new adventures again, and some other games in the future.

7 & Discord friends

I have been getting friends requests from bots and others and rejecting them. From this day forth, I’m no longer adding any more users as a friend, unless you are a close friend of mine.

Any new friend requests will be rejected So in case some wonder why I deleted them or rejected their friend request. Now you know.

8 Getting friends use to Ony

You may noticed, @SonikSama is gone. The answer to the question is, There is NO MORE SONIK. Get with the program or be left behind in the dust.

If you say Sonik, you won’t be getting an answer. I made this name change for a reason. please respect that. If you can’t.

9 Making more reviews

I have plans on making more game reviews and sharing my opinion on games and what I think of them. I want to make more reviews, they are a fun hobby of mine.

I have reviews on the back burners

Sonic 3D Blast, Sonic Advance series, Sonic Lost World, and more.

I am hoping to get these done and make even more.

10 Avoid Drama

I hope to avoid drama but that is a feat that can never be done, but I can damn well try. I want to avoid drama, if it doesn’t affect me or you in any way, I don’t want to know and I hate to be mean, I really do but I hate drama, it’s a waste of your time and my time.

11 Keeping friends in 2018

As we move forward, we make new friends, lose old ones, make enemies

While making this account, I may have lost some friends but I am gaining new ones, and here is to keeping friends. If I lose a friend because we simply disagree, so be it. I won’t look back.

12 Update my blog

I want to update my blog to be modern. Instead of having so many pages. I will make things more streamline and easy to view. And most of my pages are out of date and need a major update. I will do that in the future and update other things.

There were my goals. This may change in the future :3 Hope you will still be around. Stay cool and see you later.