Clicker Heroes 2 let down

Oh man, you hate to see it. A game I followed and was actively happy for was called Clicker Heroes 2. It is an idle game where you get stronger over time. Being a fan of Clicker Heroes 1, and seeing the game devs look like good people.

I pre-ordered CH2 (clicker heroes 2) since I wanted to try the game out. It was crazy paying for an idle game since the first one was free. But I was hooked on the project since it seem like there was a lot of passion behind this project.

When I got to play this game, there was not much to do once you got strong. You go to a world, level up and kill the mini bosses and kill the main boss. And this was back when the game first came “out” I dropped the game after a bit since progress would get reset back to zero, and would make me want to play it less.

So why am I talking about CH2 (Clicker Heroes 2) today? I had a itch to play this game after a long while, and I booted up the game and checked out the store to see the game went from positive to very negative. It is crazy. I backed this game without question, so this hurts to see.

And yes, there was not much to this game other than changing how to “play” this idle game. And given the extra fact that people had to pay to play this game was or should be a red flag for me but it was not sadly.

I just learned about this whole matter and it sucks. And the whole matter of resetting progress is very annoying but from what I saw, there was a blog post that detailed the state of this game but the post was in 2021 and the game had an update that seem to be the last one on June 16, 2021.

The blog post seems to be them blaming themselves using an outdated engine and from my understanding. They blamed the negative reviews for making their workflow slower and they got death threats, which I have to say is too far. You can be mad but sending death threats over a video game is crazy.

the blog post will be posted below.

And pretty much, the game seems completely dead and abandoned at this point, and should they return, I see the damage is far too great to recover since if they would come back to fix the game. Their rep and status as a game dev have been damaged enough that some people will be careful buying games from playsaurus.

And it is a shame too. I had such high respect for this team and to see and hear how this went down. It is a sad story. I wanted to see this game to the end. This is why you avoid early access games, as they can be a crapshoot. They get from point A to B or get abandoned after a year or two and that is the worse outcome. And the latter of the two choices seems to be common these days.

This will or has made me be careful of getting games from this game dev team after hearing and I will say be careful buying games from this game dev team unless there is clear proof their projects or games are close to complete.

Like, what is this? Clicker Heroes 2 is in such a sorry state, and I hate to see it like this. I should have never brought or pre-ordered this game and it is a shame that Clicker Heroes 1 is a better game than Clicker Heroes 2, and the first game is free.

If it is not clear, I recommend you don’t get this awful game, you are better off playing the first game.

That’s all I wanted to say.

Clicker Heroes 2 impressions

Clicker heroes 2. An idle based RPG game. At the time of this post, The game and/or beta is not out yet… But, I want to share my thoughts on the preview for the game.

So, as you know, Clicker Heroes is a free to play the idle game, which can be found on their site or steam. Clicker Heroes 2 breaks the free to play mold and is aiming to be a full game, and I must say that I am all for this. Clicker Heroes 2 looks to be a game with promise and I want to support it.

Pre-order Clicker Heroes 2

What does Clicker Heroes 2 do?

For starters, You can play as Cid, it does away with the standard clicker heroes system where you level up by upgrading Cid and heroes. In clicker Heroes 2, you earn EXP by killing monsters which will level you rather than leveling up an army of heroes to do more damage. I am glad that Clicker Heroes 2 is going the RPG level-up path here. It will make the game feel new and different.

Clicker Heroes_2018-02-15_13-22-59
  1. You can buy gear to make your character stronger. New weapons, boots, rings, and so on. From the looks of things, Any new gear you buy, it doesn’t show up on your character, sadly. This may change in the future, I hope.firefox_2018-02-15_14-25-25

  2. A new system in place is the “energy” system which is used to limit how much you can click but it can be used for skills if you don’t want to click. There is one skill that uses Mana to restore “energy,” I think this will be neat to manage Energy and mana.

  3. Clicker Heroes 2 seems to have done away with boss timers, which were ok in Clicker Heroes but I feel with the way Clicker Heroes 2 is going, getting rid of boss timers is a good move on their part. Boss timers are a bit of a thing of the past.

  4. Zones seem to end when you beat the zone 100 boss in that world, which gives you an option to ascend/replay a world, you have beaten to farm exp, which is a good Idea I like, rather than being an endless run through with no end in sight. You have an idea that you are close to beating the world.

  5. Skills have a better effect on the game. You now have a skill tree to play around with. I have no idea how the skill tree will work during the beta /or during the release of the game. But it looks great. :D

  6. No more still backgrounds or sitting in one area as the scene changes after 10 zones get cleared. This was something I disliked in Clicker Heroes. In Clicker Heroes 2, you are moving, you can see the progress that you are making as you clear the path ahead and you can even see the monsters you will face is so GREAT. I love this touch for the game.

The game is going to improve on what the first game did and make it so much better and I’m hyped.

A few things that I wonder is… Can clicker Heroes 1 saves be used in Clicker Heroes 2 or no? And what will the rubies be used for? Again, this is in the works and it may change.

But as someone who has 1k + hours in Clicker Heroes 1 and Pre-ordering the second game… I’m ready.


Last speedruns I plan to do.

Hello, I am back from clicker heroes. That game has my soul…  200 + Hours into clicker heroes.. Why do I enjoy it so much?!

My little pony: Friendship is magic - Rainbow dash meme
My little pony: Friendship is magic – Rainbow dash meme

I can’t escape my fate that is clicker heroes. But anywho, that why the posts have been, well lacking as of late. But let’s get on topic.

As you know, I made a post saying what games I will speedrun this year, it was a long list but the idea was to make a list of games to speedrun for 2017 then 2018 and so on.

However, the speedrunner flame on the inside is slowly dying or has been snuff out and speedrunning games for me has lost that spark.

Now, I will still do SRL races or races with others, cause racing other people is still fun for me.

Below is a list of the games I plan to end my Speedrunning hobby on.

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