A change in plans

To be the one to bring bad news always sucks but you got to do it anyway. So, the time to submit run has closed for the event “Nothin’ but Mario and Sonic.” And runs are being added or rejected

Sadly I will not be joining this event as a runner. As the runs are getting in with open arms, left and right. I see, in the rejected tab. The best worst thing..

Yikes. I had a feeling this would happen. It’s a nice gift to WAKE up to

There is a bitter sweet feeling here. On the one hand, I can take a load off, and not have to worry of not streaming for this event but on the other hand, I wasted time learning a game that I wanted to run for a good cause.

I can say for sure, this sucks. It’s for a good cause But if I was on the chopping block from day one. I would had liked if you just said “Your run was rejected cause reasons” OR rather been told your run can’t be allowed in. But it is what it is.

I will be watching the marathon to see MastaKirby run, race, and sing. A shame too. I had plans on joining but whatever. I’m not mad, just let down but whatever.

You can watch the stream here on Big Jon’s on Feb 2nd: https://www.twitch.tv/BigJon Be sure to help support Child’s play on big jon’s stream

Thanks for reading everyone.

Nothin’ But Mario & Sonic

So, BigJon06 is holding a event called “Nothin’ But Mario & Sonic” to help support Child’s Play Charity  by hosting a stream event where Sonic and mario speedrunners will be restreamed on Big Jon’s Twitch stream to earn money to help out Child’s Play Charity

Update: I was unable to join as my run was rejected. For the best.

… I assume the streams will be restreamed on his Channel. And this starts on Feb 2nd and ends on Feb 3rd.

I had no plans on joining this event, After that last Sonic Speed R Transformed was a train wreck… But at first. I thought this was like a event where you stream a run, call it a day, and hit the hay. But NAH. MastaKirby talking about the event got me curious…

Image result for anime shrug

But what the heck. I will give this a go. A chance to promote my dead channel. While this may. And I say “”May”” Bring in new viewers.. I feel like it will be a waste of time, as I doubt anyone would want to watch.

BUT… At the same time, this will be my first real Twitch.TV event I’m joining, not counting Sonic Speed R or Sonic Speed R Transformed as that was something else. Where BigJon06 will be hosting a event is a much bigger deal since the streams will get noticed. But that doesn’t matter now.

Image result for anime shrug

But If you want to watch the vod or train wreck that will be my vod or stream. You can check back around Feb 3rd for my vod, but if you happened to be up 8 AM on Feb 2nd, you can watch my livestream here on Twitch.tv or a link to my channel can be seen here. https://www.twitch.tv/chaosony

I will be running Super Mario Odyssey and trying to get a good time but till then, I will be doing runs of the game till that day, so when the time comes, I will be ready to run the game with no resets and maybe make a new overlay

For my derust runs, you can find them here https://www.twitch.tv/chaosony

Again, BigJon06 will be restreaming the event at https://twitch.tv/gamej06 (I think?)

Once I get done with my run, I will sit back and watch the other runners do their runs. That’s all I wanted to say on this. I will be sure to share my Experience after the event. :3