Tumblr banning adult content

So, when you think that Tumblr couldn’t fuck up anymore. They find a way to prove everyone wrong.

Starting December 17th, all and any adult content is being removed / blocked because Tumblr couldn’t stop the issues or the porn bots. So, as a result, anyone making adult content is out of luck

This move is by far, a dumb one that is going to hurt them in the long run. Tumblr was once a haven for artists to post NSFW or even sfw with no fear but it seems the haven is gone.

So, if Tumblr ever did go back on their word in the future, the damage is done. Tumblr is unstable. And it’s clear that it does not want NSFW artists or any adult content on it’s platform..

It’s more true after the Tumblr purge where NSFW accounts got hit and safe for work accounts got hit as well. And I am 100 % sure once they ban all the adult content, the porn bots will continue to run wild and posting adult content while everyone who is a NSFW Artist, NSFW roleplayer, NSFW blogger is going to take the blow

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