banned A4Andre for no reason

So, it seems the “wonderful” people over at seem to somehow mess up again by banning a streamer who goes by the name of A4Andre. While I have watched him before, I can say he has done nothing to earn a ban.

And from what I been hearing is, this have been happening a lot on, and it’s worrying in the case that bans anyone else. But it seems like if you can’t bring in the big bucks like Ninja, then you have no safe net to fall on.

A4Andre was someone who has streamed fighting games for everyone to watch. He was a kind and chill lad. And for to delete his channel, without notice, without warning is pretty fucked up. Not going to lie.

I hope Twitch is not trying to be the new “Tumblr” Purge where if you say the unknown word, that you don’t know what it is, your account might be banned and that’s not fair

The worst thing is you won’t get a reason, you just get banned and left in the dark to why you were banned. And all the work you placed into your streams is torn down.

As of now, there is a #freeA4Andre on twitter to help get his twitter back. This is injustice. Yes, can do whatever they want.. But if we follow the rules and still get banned. What was the point of following the rules if you get banned for no reason in the end?

Go give this man a follow and help him out

Tumblr Purge aftermath

Tumblr…Tumblr…Tumblr. What the fuck? Before I lose my mind, I want to go over what has went down on Tumblr and the such. This is a rant

Update: You can view blog that been banned / shadow banned / flagged by viewing them in your dashboard only

So. Not long ago, Tumblr was removed from the Apple App store for having child / kitty porn on their platform, reblogged by blogs that are run by porn bots. Along with other blogs that promote racist, sexism, misandry, misogyny and neo nazis.. But I’m getting ahead of myself here.

After Tumblr was taken off the app store. Tumblr addressed the changes with a long ass post with the title A better, more positive Tumblr which to sum up. Tumblr is removing all / any adult content or any content that may be “inappropriate”

We can thank the CEO of Tumblr, Jeff D’Onofrio.  And after this post, Tumblr went dark. There was nothing. No updates, no news, just silent.. And what’s funny here is that a few days after that post, Tumblr was placed back the Apple app store but Tumblr was still going through with this plan to kill off a user base.

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