Sonic grand adventure (working Title)

I figured I would jump the gun, so to speak, with this project.

So back in 2008 on Twitter, I started a project called “Sonic grand adventure” or SGA. It was going to be a fan game in Adobe Flash cs4, but during that time, I had no idea how to code a game in flash which, did put the game on hold after a year or two. That game never got off the ground because of my lack of code skill.

It also seems in the time that has passed, someone has made a rom hack with the same name, and sadly the romhack is a pallet change and title card change. It added nothing new to the hack, which can be view in the link below.

Now on to the game. First of all. This game will NOT be made in Adobe Flash but made in Game Maker Clickteam. A big step up in the world.

  1. Characters





Classic Sonic


5. characters to unlock but won’t name them (Subject to change)

8 DLC characters to add to the game. Twitter RP characters.

  1. Levels

With levels, there will be ten levels or 13 levels, and if the DLC is ready, then there will be ten more levels

And 5 or 4 hub worlds

  1. Powerups


Fire. Water. Lighting. Water and Fire.


Five rings

Ten rings

20 rings

? rings

scatter rings

Eggman monitors

and much more

  1. Music (I will let users and friends pick it for me, or I will do it)
  2. beta testers

These are people who will help with my game. make sure things work out

They can try out six areas

  1. Damage test
  2. Item test
  3. Platformer and character test
  4. Level 1
  5. level 2
  6. Level 3 + boss
  7. End of post

These are some of the ideas I have planned for this fan game.

As of now, I’m learning Game Maker, and as of now

I’m working on getting the sprites ready in Photoshop to use in Game Maker