Sonic kaizo beta

Sonic Beta (Now named “Kaizo sonic”)

Sonic Beta Download

Sonic Beta (Download via dropbox).

Sonic Beta history

Sonic Beta (Yes, that’s the name of the hack that never made it out of beta stage.) was started in late 2007 – 2008 and this game gets no more support as I have no plans of coming back to this hack.

I place in all the builds of Sonic Beta in a rar folder. some versions of the hack, you “may” need to take out the rom out of the zip / rar folder.

Note that apart from Version 6.0. The other versions are not fully “complete” So if the game freezes or some levels are playable up to a certain point then it is the level which you can skip. Enjoy.

Sonic Beta was a fun project I got into when I started to make rom hacks After playing rom hacks then later, I was contacted by TealGameMaster on YouTube when he saw one of my updated hack videos (The Video is no longer on my channel).

And this was a bit shocking seeing as This never happened to me. We talked on MSN Messenger and I sent the rom hack via Email.

When making the hack, a number of problems came up Issues came up. 1. Rom was unable to be edited which cause a lot of work to be stopped in turn, had to redo everything all over which was not fun.

  1. the roms that were edit in one program must not be edit by any other program EX: SonED2 or else the rom can’t be edited anymore. Life issues and drama came up which did not help. In turn Sonic Beta was made as it was a current build at the time that was in Beta form that was stable for release EX: “Sonic beta 6.0”.

Sonic Beta bugs

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