Welcome, welcome to the guild page. Here I will share what I know about guilds. If you see something wrong here. comment below.

Experience: mixed. I left because I didn’t like what was going on there.
Guild: The community as of now. I am unsure of.
Game: Elsword
Leader: Ultimate
Score: 3.5/5

Experience: Positive
Guild: The community is not so bad
Game: Elsword
Leader: Sura
Score 3.8/5

Midnight Owls (now defunct for castlevania)
Experience: very negative
Guild: The community was good but my experience with the leader is a different story and boiled down to some petty junk.
Game: Elsword
Leader: Shangxi
Score: 0.5/5

Witching Hour
Experience: Positive
Guild: The community was good/questionable
Game: PSO2
Leader: Elpha
score: 3.9/5