Elsword NA character

Welcome to my NA Elsword page for character I have on the Solace server.

Onychaos, level 99 | ERP (210) (Ain – Richter)

Guild I am in: None.

Weapon +11 Flames of Judgement that is perfect with one slot missing.

rigomor gear +9 / And reforge stage 16 for top/reforge stage 15 for bottom/gloves/shoes.

Elsword guilds I used to be in: ThunderCry, [blu]

Elsword goals:

  1. Get Rigomor +11 or +12 / Reforge +21
  2. Get a +11 or +12 exp FOJ that has perfect mystic exp stones, and perfect random effects
  3. Get exp costume and weapon with perfect exp stats
  4. Get characters for el book collection (3rd job effects for now)
  5. Get a +11 or +12 FOJ that has perfect mystic stones, and perfect random effects
  6. Buy the good or strong accessories
  7. Buy character equip pages (exp page, pvp page) Not personal goal, just extra.
  8. Do better without a guild

ED: 1 billion / 10 billion (29%) or 50 billion (5.8%) / 100 billion (2.9%)

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