Day 1 of SADX speedruns

So here are the results of my work for today’s stream. I will be going over some highlights. Going over the full stream would be a bit much

I “had” a first chance at PB, given there was a lot of mistakes. The run died to the second to last hit on Egg Viper, cause I wanted to be fancy but that cost me the run.

The second be run died on Twinkle Park But this was the last run of the day.

I learned some new things, which is good but it means the run will be tighter with this new Info. I have to learn to deal with Twinkle Park Act 2, Red MTN act 1 spring, Sky chase Act 2, Egg Viper. After that, I should be able to pb, if Chaos 4 is good. :V

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But on the plus side. My old run was verified by Sora. :P

Speedruns I plan to do in the future

So I want to make a post to have a list of game I may or may not speedrun on twitch

RWBY: Grimm eclipse

SRB2 as Tails

Sonic CD 11 IGT (In Game Time) (As tails)

10 Second Ninja

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