Phantasy Star Online 2: New genesis review

Hmm, Phantasy Star Online 2. A fun game pre-Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis. Now that Phantasy Star Online 2: New genesis has some more content, I figured I would talk about it again. And another reason to blog about games and talking about Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis is very nice.

Looking back, I never made a review for this game, and while back then I love talking about the game. I think I can give some thoughts on this MMORPG.

What’s Phantasy Star Online 2: new genesis?

Phantasy Star Online 2: new genesis and not to be confused with Phantasy Star Online 2, is an open-world MMORPG. And I will say that in Phantasy Star Online 2: new genesis current state, the game is nothing like Phantasy Star Online 2 the base game.

New genesis is made for the casual players who found base Phantasy Star Online 2 to be too hard. And listen, I get it. A lot of players as they say, “sweat” in that game. And I get it you are a master at Phantasy Star Online 2.

It is good for sega and casual players for making this change. It’s how I see it.

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Sonic Adventure DX Randomizer 2.1.1 review

Alright. I made some post on this Sonic Adventure DX mod or rather two posts but never done a full on “review” since this mod is still a work in progress (W.I.P) Or early access would be a better term? It’s a public mod but new versions are in the works for beta testers

So, as stated, Sonic Adventure DX Randomizer is a mod created by Sora_yxow that randomizes stages, voices, music, characters (Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Gamma, Big, Super Sonic, and Metal Sonic), bosses, mini games, and more.

With that in mind. Everything is random. You can have the normal stages in the base game with the randomizer stages edited for the mod, and if you wish, you can edit the seed to have custom runs which is cool.

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CyberScore review

So. Had a writer block for months. Not fun but it’s gone. I know where I want to blog on. But, with that out of the way.

So, Cyberscore. it’s your run of the mill competitive site where players from all over the world can try to be the best and have a fun time. Granted, there are others sites that do the same thing. If the game is on the site, then you can try to be the best.

The best thing I like about CyberScore is how friendly and welcoming the community is. Everyone I met is friendly. Even when being competitive, you can see everyone trying their best to do well. This site encourages the user to do well, even if they can’t. And that’s ok. You can always try again later and you might meet some awesome users.

The staff I have met have been pretty cool, and quick to answer most questions I had about the site. That’s amazing for this site. they even have a forum, Discord server, and a Community Twitter that posts updates to the site or add members to their Cyberscore member list, which I am not apart of. Eh. :P Maybe I am not safe on Twitter.


I should note that CyberScore boards for games records, requires you to have a hard copy of a game. Emulation is not supported nor will be supported (As far as I know) so, make sure you have that hard copy of Sonic 3

CyberScore does not have boards for fan game records. CyberScore Aims to have boards for official games released on Consoles (Steam, xbox360, ps3, etc) However, if a fan game ends up on Console, it will be added to the boards. (Assuming games have ways to track records) Sonic Mania but that will be for another time.

Overall, Cyberscore is just another drop in the online sea of competitive sites. But with the community being welcoming and cool. Staff is awesome and respectful of your space. Cyberscore stands out from the rest, and that’s neat.

CyberScore is a nice site that I think anyone can join and have a good time, and post your best times. It’s easy to pick and fun to master. Join the cyber world of the score.

I don’t know how long I plan to be at CyberScore as a user or doing time attacks or score attacks, but should I ever leave the site in the future, it has been a fun ride, but I don’t see myself leaving for a long timeImage result for anime

Links to their stuff


CyberScore Forums:

CyberScore Discord:

CyberScore Community Twitter:

Donate to Cyberscore:

Off topic here – I found CyberScore thanks to HyperSonic7701. When I first found the site. I had the idea of making an account to be his rival, posting some proofs, and the site would die off or close down or I would leave the site. But this was not the case.Image result for anime

Review: Sonic R

Sonic and Tails catch wind of a “World Grand Prix” when they noticed that Doctor Robotnik has joined the “World Grand Prix” to win the Chaos Emeralds to take over the world. Knuckles and Amy find out about Robotnik’s plan and join up with Sonic to get the Chaos Emeralds before Doctor Robotnik has a chance to get them.

I’m using the Sonic Gems collection port of Sonic R to make this review, as I want to give my take on this, as a heads up.

Sonic R is your run of the mill 3D racing game. The game is basic, you have your “Grand Prix” acting as your main mode, and you have Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy Rose, and Doctor Robotnik to play as, and each character plays a bit different.

Sonic is the fastest, Tails has the best turning but is slow. Knuckles… Can glide but that’s the important thing. Amy has a “boost” power that allows her car to go fast and she can drive on water, and Robotnik can attack.

With these characters, you get five tracks to play through. From Resort Island, Radical City, Regal Ruin, Reactive Factory, and Radiant Emerald. (See a trend here with the R?)

In each course, your goal is to place first but there are other collectibles to get during the race. You have the Chaos Emeralds and the five Sonic Tokens in the four courses. Each course is paired with a pretty catchy and cheesy vocal Soundtrack while it’s not the best, it fits the stages or courses, for the most part. There is another mode, “Time attack” Which holds 3 extra modes but not worth mentioning.

My thoughts

Now, I said each character plays a bit different. The controls are too loose and I feel that the courses were not designed with the loose controls in mind. Over time, you can get used to them but I feel that is awful design.

The tracks are good for what they are. I feel like the tracks were made with a different plan in mind, as the characters run into walls or the water far too easy and it can be annoying.

Sonic R looked nice at the time but like any game, it will age poorly but Sonic R has not aged too bad but the flaws that others had with the game will become more clear to see what has aged poorly.

But is Sonic R a bad game? Due to all the memes around this game, I can’t say it has helped it in any way. Sonic R is not a bad game, it’s just underwhelming for a racing game.

But other racing games back then did offer more but I feel that Sonic R missed the mark. With Sonic R, at best, you will find an average Sonic racing game that offers not much. And at worst, you have an ok Sonic spin-off game that may not be worth your time.

Review: Dungeon Souls Revisit

I made a Dungeon Souls review in 2017 and it was long-winded. So I felt like coming back to this game

Dungeon Souls puts the player through a number of unique dungeons to remove the curse, and the core placed in the dungeon. Dungeon masters are cursed to guard the dungeons to keep their leader safe.

The dungeon master has turncoat and you must save them as well or free them. Are you up to the task to save the day? Or will you prey to the Dungeon masters and the redeemer on your way to break the curse?


When starting the main game, you can pick your character, difficulty and hop right into the action.

Your main goal is to activate these marks, that open the way to the next dungeon level. When all marks have been found in a dungeon level, The redeemer will come for you and as I write this, The redeemer can’t be killed.

Akin to toy pop, when you open the door in toy pop, the level begins to summon blocks that kill the player if they stay too long. While The Redeemer won’t kill you on touch, it will drain your HP but it can kill you.

When you go through a new dungeon, the enemies will get stronger which will give you a challenge

the controls for the game are “fine” with a keyboard or gamepad, and the auto-lock on to enemies makes life easy. The player feels nice. The player doesn’t have any weight to them when they move but that’s ok.

Dungeon souls control for handling movement and attacking feel nice good, no delay. Everything works as intended, and it makes me happy to say that you can come into this game and not have to worry.

There is even a tutorial for new players who want to know how to play that will teach them the basics controls for each character of the game, which is a wonderful feature to add to any game.

As you play through every even number level, you have a chance of entering a secret dungeon which holds a secret boss fit or a new set of levels for you to enjoy, within the current dungeon’s level but it’s up to luck if you get to enter or not

The current version of Dungeon souls works on a “lap system”. After you “beat” the boss at “The End 3” You are sent back to the start with all of your items, levels, and skills saved but things have changed. Now you can get the true ending but I don’t want to give away too much.

The game offers a wonderful soundtrack that is fitting for the game’s art style. Each song for each dungeon and dungeon master is great stuff.

Overall Thoughts

Dungeon souls have been a wonderful ride through, so much that I did two playthroughs of this game and I loved every moment of it and this is a game that keeps on giving.

While I loved this game to death, can I say this will be a game that anyone can pick up? I have to say yes. It’s easy to pick up and play but It’s not an easy game and you may die a lot.

BUT with Dungeon Souls, You can play an on a skill level that is for you. It’s hard but in a fair way. When you die, you can feel that it was your fault rather then the game being hard. But if it is your first time playing… How your first experience may go, is down to luck or RNG.

Will the first run show you the game has a lot to offer or will you get a bad run that will make you think otherwise? That’s the thing with rogue-like games. It’s down to luck if you will enjoy this kind of game.

It’s a great game, give it a try. I feel this game can bring you a great experience and this game has so much to offer. Do yourself a favor, and get this game. It’s a treat to be had.

Dungeon Souls:

To Lamina Studios, Mike Studios, and Black Shell Media, thank you for this wonderful game and I can’t wait for a new master piece.

Review: Sonic Robo Blast 2 (2.1.19)

Two months have passed since Dr.Robotnik / Eggman tried to take over the world from his new base, the ring satellite found in space.

Eggman had plans on draining the rings from the planet to keep Sonic at bay. But that plan fell through when Sonic burst into the base to stop him in his tracks.

Sonic, after stopping Eggman’s latest plan, figured that would be the end of his mad plans, but Sonic was wrong as Eggman had planned to return to get his revenge with a new threat and plan in store.

While Eggman is planning, a strange asteroid started hovering around the planet, Eggman, mad at the heroes he curses, plans on making them all.

(Sonic was the only one there…)

The strange asteroid was picked up by Eggman’s scanner, seeing this he shrugged it of as it could have been any rock but later on, he had an idea to use the energy stored within the rock for his latest plan to turn it into a new base to make all that stand against him, beg for mercy.

Eggman, using his new weapon/base targets Greenflower City to show Sonic, he has the power to do what he wants. Sonic is too late to do anything to save the city, Eggman comes to gloat one last time before putting his plan into action.

Sonic and Tails give chase to put a stop to Eggman’s plans and our game begins


Sonic Robo Blast 2 or SRB2 is a Sonic Fangame that goes back to the classic roots of Sonic, using a modified version of the Doom Legacy engine

It’s an FPS but without guns, it works really well. You have your main 3 heroes. Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles who all play different, akin to “Sonic 3 & Knuckles”

One new feature to Sonic’s Moveset is the “speedthok” that will send Sonic at high-speeds.

I should talk about the characters and the level difficulty. Sonic is the hard mode, you are fast and quick, but control is something you need to earn.

With Sonic, there is no safety net to catch you if you make a platforming mistake or mistakes

You have speed, and skill on your side.

Tails is the slowest one, while speed is not on your side, you have full control of your character, even while going fast.

Knuckles is faster than Tails but not as fast as Sonic, Knuckles has a low jump like in the classic games but like the classic games, you can climb walls, and glide

You have 7 zones and the final zone. This is version 2.1.19 that I am using

There are stages that level themes akin to the classic games

There are emerald tokens that will warp the player to a special stage that plays akin to “Nights into dreams”

You have the Green Hill themed like stage. all green and full of life, water flowing flowers dancing. For a place that has been wiped out. Greenflower zone looks nice

You have a chemical plant themed stage. Techno Hill, the area outside Greenflower has been turned into a toxic mechanical factory that is pumping out toxic slime.

You have your water-themed zone. Deep Sea, your underground labyrinth with hidden ruins, and flowing waters that lead into a deeper underground labyrinth.

Castle Eggman is one of Eggman’s castle, guarded by his robots, and full of traps to keep you on edge.

Arid Canyon is an open level that has been taken over by Eggman. Hot oil and deep canyons, using Rope pulleys to cross the deep canyons

Red Volcano is your lava/fire stage that is ready to blow. Lava rising and lowering, and falling platforms.

Egg rock, the final zone and the last wall of Eggman’s defense. Low gravity, anti-gravity, and crushers. This stage will test your platforming skills with Metal Sonic.

Egg Rock Core zone, the final fight. It’s you and Eggman.

The game difficulty is based on how well you can control the character, using Sonic for the first time is going to be hard, whereas using Tails or Knuckles may offer a better playing experience.

Final thoughts

SRB2 or Sonic Robo Blast 2 is a fun game, I say it’s pretty stable, the game is still being worked on still.

My issue with the game is the learning curve, for players who played SRB2 to death, this is no issue but to a new player, this is a huge turn-off, and may even turn players away from the game.

I had a few deaths in SRB2 that felt cheap (Questionable) But for the most part, it went well

I didn’t bring this up, but SRB2 has online and a big community of modders and the online is fun when you can get things going without resyncs.

But overall, SRB2 is a fun fan game that does a good job of bringing the classic heroes to 3D well. If you love Sonic and 3D platformers and doom like controls, SRB2 may be for you. if you don’t like doom like controls or 3D platformers but like Sonic. Give SRB2 a try, it’s free, and you may be surprised what this game has to offer

Thanks for reading.



The game devs:


review: Sonic The Hedgehog Spinball revisit


Sonic The Hedgehog Spinball opens up with the game showing off Dr.Robotnik new base, “Veg-O-Fortress” The base of Dr.Robotnik’s robo operations, and much more. Our heroes, Sonic and Tails catch wind of the news, and set out to stop and shut down Dr.Robotnik’s base.

But as they get close to the “Veg-O-Fortress” Sonic and Tails get shot down before they can do anything, Sonic jumps into the water, under the base which allows him to sneak in with Robotnik assuming he got rid of Sonic. Tails flies off to repair the plane. While Sonic is inside. he must deal with the traps, robots, saving others and animals from being roboticized, and dealing with the “Veg-O-Fortress” Pinball defense system in order to get to DR.Robotnik to stop him in his tracks.

After working his way up from Toxic Caves to the machine, Dr.Robotnik finds out that Sonic is alive, and close to stopping him. He takes off in his spaceship to escape Sonic but Sonic managed to catch up and have his “final” battle with Dr.Robotnik and ending the game as Sonic and Tails fly away as Dr.Robotnik blows up in his base.

Fun fact. Sonic spinball has characters based on the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog show.

With the story out of the way, it’s time to talk about the game itself. Sonic The hedgehog Spinball, is a pinball based game that has more focus on Pinball than platforming, more often then not, you will be at the mercy of each table and the gimmicks you must use to get the chaos emeralds to open up the boss room.

With this being a spin-off game, Sonic’s ground control is very basic but Sonic’s main control focus has been placed into Pinball controls, and for the most part, they work well enough to get the job done.

The game has 4 stages, I should talk about them. Might be a good idea.


Toxic caves is the first stage. Our cave-like sewers themed stage

The main gimmick of this stage is the minecart, It is used to get the other emeralds.

I feel that Toxic caves is a pretty okay first stage to help the player get used to the controls and learn of the game’s “cause and effect” This will get the player ready for the later stages.

As the name says, “Toxic caves” is a cave filled with toxic waste, Barrels full of toxic waste, and mutated animals affected by the waste

When starting off, Sonic is at the base of Veg-O-Fortress where you must uncork the drain to open pipes that block access to the second level where the toxic waste lies with a empty Barrel that is used to get a Emerald

However, should the player get all the emeralds in Toxic caves, the boss room will be open, and the only time this happens is Toxic Caves, the barrel in the toxic waste will be moving, in a sense, removing a “safety net”

Toxic caves has non-linear ways on how you can get to the top, from clearing out pipes that are blocked with barrels holding toxic waste or using a worm loops to get to the top.

Getting to the boss room, you are up against Scorpius, a easy first boss. It will shoot or rather, drip out toxic smile to knock you back. Just jump inside to damage Scorpius and that is the fight really.

After beating the first Table, it’s off to the bonus table, where you can save SATAM characters from Dr.Robotnik’s capsules. Again, “Cause and effect” is the game here. Free all the friends to be able to damage Dr.Robotnik

If, you win or lose, you will still head off to the second stage “Lava Powerhouse”

Lava Powerhouse is the second stage.

Our Lava / fire themed stage

Off the bat, the first table in lava powerhouse offers no safe area to stand on. There are 3 ways to get to the top table. Bust open the door by using Sonic, Using the cannon to launch at the door, hitting the 4 Targets to skip the first room or try to get past the enemy above the cannon.

For the most part, you will be breaking corks and using Steam to get the emeralds.

Once you get all the emeralds, you will face the “Roboiler” A somewhat pretty fair boss. You goal is to get inside the roboiler to attack the heads. Each head takes 5 hits.

You also have steam acting as a make-shift barrier to keep you from getting inside, and the steam powered platforms that will drop you if you don’t jump inside.

The Roboiler has some strong knockback, where if you hit the heads, Sonic will fly out

The only real danger is falling down the center of the Boss area, which will trigger a mini game to escape the lava, however, this can be done 2 or 3 times before the chain breaks.

But The Roboiler and Lava Powerhouse offers a fair challenge

After beating a boss, you are given a chance at a bonus game again. After Lava Powerhouse is a bonus stage, where you must hit the odd looking Dr.Robotnik’s teeth before you can clear the bonus stage.

After clearing the bonus stage, the next stage is “The Machine”

Here is where things start ramping up with “The Machine” Now there are 5 emeralds, and “cause and effect” has a “bigger” role here. Once you start the stage. there are new gimmicks here. power chambers and flipper catch

There are moving wheels that hold a emerald, and to get said emerald, you must use the power chamber to stop a moving wheel to allow Sonic to get the emerald.

For the flipper catch, you have to hold Sonic with the flipper, and you will go up. With this flipper catch you need to use it to get a emerald hidden in a chamber.

The only real danger is the gears at the start of the “The Machine” Once you get higher up you will be fine.

Once you get all the emeralds, you will find the boss “Veg-O Machine” And power for Veg-O-Fortress. To take it out, you must destroy the tubes connected to the Veg-O-Machine in order to take out the boss

Once you have Done that. All you must do is go inside the Veg-O-Machine to destroy it.

And Like always but however, this is the “last” bonus stage that features A capsule, and Scratch from the AOSTH. To win, you need to get rid of the Scratch’s clones and break open the capsule to win.

A cut-scene is showed after the bonus stage, Dr.Robotnik is getting away and it leads up to showdown…

Showdown is the last stage

Showdown is a lava themed based level

No gimmicks to get emeralds. Showdown is all “cause and effect”. To go here, you must active this, To get this emerald, you must hit these switches to destroy blocks blocking the emerald. The game spikes in difficulty is high

2 of the 5 emeralds work on cause and effect

Showdown, is the stage where you will game over or come close to a game over. Mainly due to knock back from the table’s bumpers

But after getting all the emeralds, it’s the final fight with Dr.Robotnik but it’s a easy one but all of them are easy if, I’m being honest.

Dr.Robotnik needs 10 hits to take out but he has socks and claws blocking the way. Lucky for us, there is a huge button that disables his “traps” And 10 hits later, Dr.Robotnik is done

Sonic is saved by Tails and they escape while Dr.Robotnik meets the lava.

I should talk about rings.

Rings, as you no doubt seen. This game has rings, what do they do? Nothing special. If, you collect all the rings in a stage, you unlock another Bonus Stage to play. It has no relevance here for this “revisit”

Final Thoughts

Sonic The Hedgehog Spinball, is your ok Sonic spin-off game that gets the job done. While I didn’t run into issues I had with the game before. Pinball is not my cup of tea. And spinball is a ok pinball game, and there are much better pinball games to play

Showdown does still have it’s issues and I feel that Sonic was not meant to be a “pinball” due to how fast he goes, that sometimes, you will clip into a area sooner then planned or fall through the flippers.

I have mixed feeling about Sonic Spinball. The game has “good ideas” that work on paper but feels rushed or is was rushed. But I will try to leave this on a good note.

I do love the AOSTH and SATAM throwbacks and the art style but the music is not too bad.

Do you like Pinball and Sonic?

If so, this may be the game for you. It’s the best of both worlds

Only like Pinball but don’t care for Sonic?

Then it may not be a fun game for you. :P

Just don’t like either?

No point in getting it.

Again, I’m no pinball lover, and Sonic Spinball does not do it for me. It’s a ok game that gets the job done.

If you want to pick up Spinball for yourself or a friend, just go here and give someone the best/worst gift for Xmas for 5 bucks. Wait till it goes on sale, it’s not worth 5 bucks, maybe 3 bucks at best, for the lack of content.

Sonic spinball at best is a okay game to play, and at it’s worst is an unfinished Sonic spin-off game that leaves a lot to be desired, and it’s lack of content.

Review: Sonic Forces

So it is time to give my review on Sonic Forces and tell you what I think.

I will be using the PS4 version for this review.

Sega and Sonic Team have given us a new game. Is it Good? Let’s find out.

Let’s talk about the story. I will be using the Sonic Forces theater to get a recap on the story


The game starts off, with Dr. Eggman being fed up losing to that blue blur, Sonic. This has led to him to make his latest creation that will put a stop to Sonic, and friends once and for all.


Eggman has his forces in the city where he now has control, Sonic gets the news from Tails and meets up with them. Being able to stop his robots from causing any more damage.

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Review: Sonic World R8

Hello there. Sonik, here with a new post. I want to give my thoughts on Sonic World R8 but to do that, I will need to play some Sonic World R8 (SWR8) and give my honest opinion on the game.

Sonic World R8

Going to play the game for about a good 30 mins to an hour and say what I feel about the game as a whole. And since the game has extra modes…. I will spend a few mins on those as well.

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Review: Dungeon Souls

Let me talk about Dungeon souls, a rogue-like game made by Lamina Studios, Mike Studios.

Dungeon Souls is your run of the mill rogue-like game and what makes it stand out from the rest? I am here to tell you. Maybe. I don’t know but I am going to try anyway. :D

I’m Sonik and I will be your guide.

Dungeon Souls


I will try to give you an idea of a story, though, there is not much here for one.

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