AyaseShun content

I started streaming more when I joined ThunderCry, and a cool lass offered to make me some Livestream stuff like stream overlay and stream panels, which they didn’t have to do. It’s pretty rad that she offered to make me which is cool. I still feel bad that I have no money to pay for this.

To make up for that. Give her Patreon a look. She has tiers you can play for, and her content is high quality and worth checking out. I never tried out her stream tools but I’m sure they are of high quality as well.

Ayaseshun’s Patreon – AyaseShun is creating Streaming Tools/Panels/More

She also streams on Twitch.tv as well. I don’t know how often but her streams are pretty cool to watch and while I never know what to say during her streams, they are rad.

Give her a follow or a sub or both. She is worth checking out. :3 You would like her content or give it a shot. :3

And she has a Twitter if you wish to follow her? She is pretty cool. https://twitter.com/HaruxKaiba

If you happen to buy a tier from her Patreon or sub or follow her on twitch, be sure to tell her that OnyChaos sent you. Would be rad if you did. Support her. In these trying times, we gonna support people and help out :3