Gave Pangya Debug one last go

Oh man. Time to talk about Pangya Debug. Oh boy. I never knew a game could piss me off with it’s problems mainly the server disconnecting or the game crashing while in a session. Like holy shit. I have never been so pissed off at a game on this level. So, I said I quit … Continue reading Gave Pangya Debug one last go

Pangya Celebrity Refresh Rumor

Pangya Celebrity Refresh sounds like a rumor that might be true. Let's talk about it and add opinions.

Pangya Debug and why I’m done with it

So, I made a post about Pangya Debug, not too long ago. Stating that it's not fun and I no longer enjoy it. Well. That is true but I should have explain a bit better and had more detailed reasons. And this post is going to do that. :3 Ok so. Why? No one is … Continue reading Pangya Debug and why I’m done with it

Done with pangya debug

So. I thought I would be done talking about pangya but nope. Seems it's time to talk about how I feel towards Pangya Debug. If Pangya Debug was my first Pangya game.. I would have enjoy it a bit longer but that's not the case. As you know, Pangya Debug is a private server where … Continue reading Done with pangya debug

Thoughts on Pangya celebrity big announcement

My thoughts on Pangya celebrity big announcement and opinions ' v'