Midnight Owls First impressions

Oh, man. Talking about elsword again. Or elsword related content. I want to share my impressions about the discord server and guild called MidnightOwls. Where do I begin? It’s a server. That much, I can say. The some of users are “interesting” but when I learn more about some of the members, I can give a full-on blog post.

Let’s start with the server-side of things. It’s your normal server that adds in guild elements. It’s a guild server. Crazy, right?

I left a guild called blu because some of the members were there to flex and to say I did not enjoy being around people who like to show off is an understatement, and they were not too welcoming, save a few users. So I left the Blu for a guild called MidnightOwls. This is a “dead guild” in elsword.

Let’s start with the Elsword guild. Since joining. I wanted to join a guild as a member, not be an admin. Already not fond of guilds, I was offered “admin”, I said yes, only because I can’t say no and hurt someone’s feelings.

So, outside looking in the guild, it seems it has two people who want to try to run it differently? I feel both sides need to pick aside. I should say this. Trying to revive a guild takes a lot of time and effort to make it active again. And even then there are extra variables.

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