Genshin Impact thoughts and stuff

Time to talk about Genshin Impact, A game I like playing a whole lot more. And this blog post will have some tips and opinions of mine.

The start of Genshin Impact?

Genshin impact at the start was the game that made some botw fans mad because genshin impact at the start was a “breath of the wild” clone, and it was funny to see so many users get worked up over a video game. Even a user I believe broke their ps4 in protest because they saw genshin impact on ps4 and thought it was a botw clone. I think it is silly.

Editor note: If I say botw, I’m referring to “Breath of the wild”. It’s faster to say. ouo

Genshin impact now.

Oh boy. It is a good open-world RPG with co-op build-in. It is also a single-player game that can be played online only. And yes, it does have some elements from botw but that’s fine. If you played BOTW, you will be fine here. It is also a gacha game, so you will be time-gated in terms of getting items, you can, of course, spend money to speed up the process of farming items.

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Talking about Killer Gin

So, since I can’t play/buy the indie JRPG called “Killer Gin.” I want to talk about it. It looks like an entertaining game. Although I can’t play it, I want to share my thoughts and first impressions.

So I have seen this game dev followed me on Twitter, and I have seen bits and pieces of their game way back then. I saw they were making a jrpg, and it seems appealing, but that was all I knew at the time.

I am going off on impressions here. Reading the steam page, mainly the steam tags for the game, it has dating and farming mechanics, which are optional which you can choose to do at your own pace.

I was watching the trailer for Killer Gin, without sound, cause steam mutes videos on load up. The trailer has a type of flair I like. It’s cheesy. It’s made to be a serious one but fails, at least in my opinion, but I can’t talk. I would and will create something just as cheesy. But that doesn’t mean I hate it by any means. I like it, to be honest.

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Looking at forager

I have been playing this fun game called forager, where you can go around and farm for materials and fish. The game is neat. It is an idle survival game, but you can do more. Build land, level up, fight monsters, wear items.

forager – main menu

When I first saw the game. The art style of pixels kept me away for a long while, but I had some money and was lucky to get the game when it was on sale. But enough of that. I should talk about the game.

When first playing forager, the game is anything but easy. You are low on resources, and the game is moving at a slow pace. There is not much to do when trying to, besides farm EXP by chopping trees for wood, mining ores for coal, iron, gold, and fishing. You can build forages that can turn wood to coal or ores to bars of iron or gold.


The game does pick up the pace after you level up and start having the ability to turn the ore into bars or wood into coal. When you start to get more levels and perks, the game will begin to speed up, and you will feel progress get made, rather than waiting around.

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Venting about rocket league

This is gonna be a vent post, and I need to let off some steam and what better way to vent on tumblr of all places.

So my friend got me a PSN+, rocket League, and UNO, and I’m grateful for that. Really I am but… One thing I figured was that It wouldn’t be day to day playing rocket league. Rocket League is fun and I’m glad I was able to play it…

I feel like I HAVE to play rocket League, because he got me 3 gifts. I don’t mind playing Rocket League but it’s like eating sweets, at first they are great and you want more cause it’s great and you got a sweet tooth for it..

But the more you continue to eat, the more you start to get sick of the sweets. that’s me and rocket league, I had my fill of it and I’m sick of it. My friend is not very good at picking up on my hints, even though most should be clear.


But playing a game back to back is not bad. There are games that are fun to play day to day. And, for me, a game about hitting a ball in cars can be fun for so long. I feel I have to push on with this till my PSN+ ends. Don’t need an another Duck Game fiasco that happened in our group.


Well, that’s all I wanted to say. My friend has made me feel burned out playing Rocket League and not gonna lie, I’m already sick of the damn game. Much like Duck Game, I’m sick of it too. May be best to uninstall duck game to send a message rather than a hint. And Uno is fun but fun with friends. One Friend, one stranger and one CPU is interesting.

But Uno is a whole new story but that’s for a later time. Oh yes, that’s for a later time.

Just wanted to vent about rocket league, it’s fun but I am tired of playing it with my friend and I had my fill.


See you later. :3 


Having Crash and Spyro on my PS4

Image result for spyro

It’s funny to me that I was able to get the Crash: N-sane and Spyro remakes, not too long ago. Like, I was gifted them via gift cards, with the sole intent of playing them on stream so, my friend could watch(?), is why I was able to get the games, and it was a gift of sorts.

To be honest, I never asked for a gift and let alone two gifts. I am very grateful for them, even if current events have changed my view on him and made me trust him less, I can look back to these games with fond memories of the lad.

So, I played through Spyro 1 remake and got 100 % on stream, which is a fun game. I played a bit of Spyro 2 remake, and got a bit of progress before stopping altogether. Might have been me, just getting burned out.

I do plan on coming back to complete the rest of the games or at least, beat Spyro 2. These are games I do want to play again, and just need the time. And Poor Crash Bandicoot. Have not got to play that on stream yet. I have not touched the game, have to fix that later down the line.

If I do come back to these games. I just plan on beating Spyro 2 and start playing Crash 1 from the N-sane collection and work my way down to crash 3, assuming I get that far in. I may just be the games, and call it a day.

Thanks for reading. My links are in the sidebar to your right. :3

Clicker Heroes 2 impressions

Clicker heroes 2. An idle based RPG game. At the time of this post, The game and/or beta is not out yet… But, I want to share my thoughts on the preview for the game.

So, as you know, Clicker Heroes is a free to play the idle game, which can be found on their site or steam. Clicker Heroes 2 breaks the free to play mold and is aiming to be a full game, and I must say that I am all for this. Clicker Heroes 2 looks to be a game with promise and I want to support it.

Pre-order Clicker Heroes 2

What does Clicker Heroes 2 do?

For starters, You can play as Cid, it does away with the standard clicker heroes system where you level up by upgrading Cid and heroes. In clicker Heroes 2, you earn EXP by killing monsters which will level you rather than leveling up an army of heroes to do more damage. I am glad that Clicker Heroes 2 is going the RPG level-up path here. It will make the game feel new and different.

Clicker Heroes_2018-02-15_13-22-59
  1. You can buy gear to make your character stronger. New weapons, boots, rings, and so on. From the looks of things, Any new gear you buy, it doesn’t show up on your character, sadly. This may change in the future, I hope.firefox_2018-02-15_14-25-25

  2. A new system in place is the “energy” system which is used to limit how much you can click but it can be used for skills if you don’t want to click. There is one skill that uses Mana to restore “energy,” I think this will be neat to manage Energy and mana.

  3. Clicker Heroes 2 seems to have done away with boss timers, which were ok in Clicker Heroes but I feel with the way Clicker Heroes 2 is going, getting rid of boss timers is a good move on their part. Boss timers are a bit of a thing of the past.

  4. Zones seem to end when you beat the zone 100 boss in that world, which gives you an option to ascend/replay a world, you have beaten to farm exp, which is a good Idea I like, rather than being an endless run through with no end in sight. You have an idea that you are close to beating the world.

  5. Skills have a better effect on the game. You now have a skill tree to play around with. I have no idea how the skill tree will work during the beta /or during the release of the game. But it looks great. :D

  6. No more still backgrounds or sitting in one area as the scene changes after 10 zones get cleared. This was something I disliked in Clicker Heroes. In Clicker Heroes 2, you are moving, you can see the progress that you are making as you clear the path ahead and you can even see the monsters you will face is so GREAT. I love this touch for the game.

The game is going to improve on what the first game did and make it so much better and I’m hyped.

A few things that I wonder is… Can clicker Heroes 1 saves be used in Clicker Heroes 2 or no? And what will the rubies be used for? Again, this is in the works and it may change.

But as someone who has 1k + hours in Clicker Heroes 1 and Pre-ordering the second game… I’m ready.


Final Pangya Celebrity post

So, it has been a long while since I played Pangya Celebrity, I wonder if the game has got any new updates or a new thing coming.


Oh… “Nothing has changed” Well, I’m sure after logging in. maybe there is a new update. I mean, I have not played in a bit. but I want to see what is up.


Oh… It’s like that. Sigh. It was bound to happen, I guess. Granted, I stopped playing Pangya Celebrity as I got over it. I didn’t like how the game was being managed by people who had bad ideas.

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Thoughts on Dungeon Souls Hotfixes.

So Dungeon Souls got a Hotfix or a new patch but I am here to see what has been fixed or added to the game and give my new thoughts on the hotfixes.

Dungeon Souls cover art by LAMINA STUDIOS

The fixes and new features.

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Sonic The Hedgehog Spinball

Let’s talk about Sonic Spinball. A spin-off game from the Sonic the Hedgehog series, I’m here to share my thoughts about this game and talk about it for a while. So get the popcorn and soda. It’s time to play a little game called “Sonic Spinball”.

Where to begin? It’s pinball but with Sonic name on it, so you would thing that it would be a ok spin-off and would be forgotten with the past. Sonic Spinball is a hard game as the difficulty can go from easy to hard. And the game can be fun or hard based good you can play pinball.

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Thoughts on Pangya Celebrity

Hello Sonik here with a new post or a follow-up post to So what is next for me? So, boys and girls, let’s start this thing.

I had no plans on making a post about Pangya but you might ask, what is Pangya? Is it some sort of an amazing MMORPG with action and blood and death and–

Golf. It’s just golf but with anime theme and anime characters.

Pangya? I thought that it had closed or shut down?

And to that I say, my friend..

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