Final Fantasy 14 online log 2

I have returned with a new ff14 log, and I got things to say. I’m enjoying the game more. And it is a much bigger log, and I want to share.

The Navel

The lord of crags at first seemed difficult, but it was fun. Granted, I was overgeared by this point from farming I did in MSQ and with dungeons. I had an edge on the fight.

One thing I was not a fan of was phase 2. In phase 2, the boss’s heart or core exposed, and you are to attack the heart. For some reason, I could not attack the heart, but I had the boss aggro of the titan.

But even after that, the boss was fun, and I still enjoyed the fight, although phase 2 was weird.

POTD or Palace of the dead

Something I never did and confused POTD for haukke manor when my friends asked if I did POTD. But Palace of the dead was something far different. Each run, you climb nine floors and fight a boss on the tenth floor. And it is fun.

The only danger is the enemies leading up to the boss and the traps. The dungeon traps that can disable attacks to turn you into a frog, to be a land mine that I swear does 80% of your max hp.

You can find items that boost the spawn rate, shows you traps, and boosts defense.

I, Aluria, and Dae climbed the ranks. We cleared 1 – 10 | 11 – 20 | 21 – 30| 31 – 40|.

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Final Fantasy 14 online log

It is time for a new gaming log for a game I fell in love with in 2021. And it is a game that everyone is playing, and I mean most people enjoy this game, and it is Final Fantasy 14 online, and it has been a blast, but I have been playing through the main story, and it’s great.

I have been thinking about Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis and making it my second game and base pso2. No point trying of me trying to farm gear for a game whose end-game gear is worth 4 billion. not worth it.

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Final Fantasy 14 online – A new change

Ok, so this blog post was overdue for the longest time and talked about my feelings towards pso2, and I did this a lot, but it end-up being something I would not do or something else. And my blog has a lot of blog posts on this matter.

I share my thoughts, feelings, and everything with my blog. And I have been thinking about this for a while. I have given Phantasy Star Online 2 and, by proxy, New genesis for roughly two years of my life. And that is a lot to devote time to a game that may or may not be good. It is something I try not to do, given this is blind faith I place into a game.

I placed my blind faith in too many games, alright, and it is time I cut down the number of games I play anyway to have one main video game. But enough, let us get moving, shall we?

Why I’m feeling this way

One game was able to leave an impact on me that pretty much caused me to make this blog post. And I guess, technically, it is two games, but I will get into that later. The main game for the section is Final Fantasy 14 online or FF14.

Something about that game left an impact on me. And I don’t know, but it is not a fleeting feeling either. But there was another game I have been trying to keep up with for some reason, and I don’t know why I’m trying, but I’m talking about Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis.

It is funny. If I had never tried to play final fantasy 14, I think I would have been fine, but the game did something for me. I can’t say my pso2 friends feel the same way. And that’s fine, but I like this game and the style. And to play ff14 with or without friends.

And this is one game I want to devote my time to, and I need to drop these games I lost interest for. Find one game I can commit to and play at my pace, and I think this is great and something I need to do for a long time.

Too many games.
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I spent a day in base Phantasy Star Online 2

I had a silly Idea, and that Idea was to spend a day in base PSO2. Now spending a day in base pso2 is something I can’t do, but I can spend time there to make up for it.

There is something about Base PSO2 that NEW Genesis does not have, and it is that charm. It has that magic feeling of a bygone era of MMORPGs that a lot of new MMORPGs can’t seem to capture that feel or maybe they don’t want to.

Being able to join an urgent quest that started without you is a great feature. If you joined late, you can still catch up to the players. To hop in and get in the action is great.

After that, I fell asleep in the base pso2 lobby and woke up after. And I got back into the action with the seabed, a fun water level. And can I just say I miss the random events you find when you are out and about on the expeditions?

They range from mini-boss battles to silly events to get rare drops to you helping out your Auxiliary in combat events. There is always something to do when on expeditions, and it is never the same from point A to point B. And that’s why base pso2 is a good game with some features.

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Elsword progress

I’m back with an Elsword progress update and made some good progress and I managed to get quite far within the game. Or rather, I got far as I could go any way and I will be getting a desktop computer soon and this one should be able to run Elsword much better, here is hoping.

The computer I plan to get is this one at the moment.

So now I will wait and see what will happen.

So now for Elsword

Elsword progress

As I take time to learn what I need to do. I have made a good amount of progress. And it is great to see. I will update my Elsword page, which is here!

  1. Elsword el collection

El collection is a big one and will add a boost to your account as a whole. Giving permanent stats to your account will help out the new alt characters. Your main characters will get a nice boost in power and combat power. At the moment, there are 51 characters to add to the Elsword el collection book.

I’m 28 / 51 at this time

My goal is to get every character in the el collection book and then bump them up to the third job after that is done.

I think Stage 2 is good enough for where I am at in Elsword, some characters being at stage 3 would be better but that will come at a later date.

I have been doing this in my free time, and Mick is a kind fellow. Offered to join me in leveling up the alts to 99.

Elsword strangers and friends

—-Elite players—-

Daive or Shaive is very much an elite player. I think he would fit in with the KR players since he is not fond of NA. He seems to pull a 180 from something is so hard to this is so easy. again, he would fit in well with KR players.

Amelize is an elite player.








—-Players on my level—-

Xandering (Mick)

UmbralLance (Umbra)

Elsword services

This is something I will start trying to do once I get my alts ready to farm the mats to craft things that players want or need. Now what those are is something that will have to wait for the time being and this will be a good way to make some money in Elsword.

Some closing thoughts

I will take my time in Elsword because I am nowhere ready for the new raid or even Berthe raid since I don’t have enough Adaptation, polarize, and boss damage to last within the Berthe raid, Story or not.

Unless I whale like most players in Elsword or have whale friends that buy me items to sell or whale, only then I will be able to catch up with the game, but even then, I would need a lot of El Resonance points to be able to last the Berthe raid and later content. I will need 400 El Resonance and some to enjoy the game and end-game content. And there is so much that goes into this.

I got a goal, and I will follow it though. I stopped trying to compare myself to other players since I need to have the gear to be strong, and I get one shot in the Berthe as I mentioned before. Once I make a breakthrough in progress, I can begin to catch up slowly.

That’s all, thank you for reading.

YuGiOh Master Duel Deck

I made a fun deck using cards I never thought I would use in a million years and its skull servants. It was an archetype I hated because they can summon a level 1 monster that is a boss monster pretty much, but after a while, I had to join the side of skull servants.

There are skull Servants when If I can use the grass looks greener, Eldlich when I can’t use Skull servants at the moment, and there is rite of aramesir with the related cards that can make some plays that could / can lead into Eldlich or skull servants. Zombie world and seven cities are a play when the moment is right to summon the mad god eldlich to start some wild 

moves in a match. 

It is not the best deck. It can still be beaten quite well, and using the grass card can backfire, if not ruin some plays, but it is fun to use. And you have a lot to work with here. The spells and traps give the deck a much-needed push, imo.

I planned on using this deck against Arisu, Dae, aluria, Hypersonic7701, Link, and Tigre.

Arisu is making a new deck but doesn’t know when that may or may not happen.

Daestar and Aluria don’t actively play anymore. But that could change later on.

Hypersonic7701 will play with friends, but his deck will be out of date, but he has no plans on returning to play the game actively.

Link quit the game, so he no longer wants to play.

And Tigre, his decks are too strong. My thunder dragons can make him surrender with certain decks if I do something, or his deck can lock me out.

I was looking forwards to getting my revenge on the Skull servant master using my version of skull servants, but that would be a bitter-sweet win, and once that duel ends, that will be it. Or It could be more, maybe.

Now, I suppose I have to find a new rival. I could try asking Shiro and Todd. I never played against Todd or Shiro. I heard Shiro is good at the game, and as for todd. He would have to relearn the game again. And I wonder what deck he uses.

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis log 3

It’s another Phantasy star online 2 new genesis log, and I want to share updates and some old changes. And this will be a fun update with changes.

Cleared Dark Falz Rank 2

Something I was asked to join, and given I more or less was content with not clearing Dark Falz Rank 2, I was not too pressed with clearing this trigger quest since I was not that worried. But Aluria wanted me to have Dark Falz Rank 2 cleared for the sake of it. I was in no real rush.

It took me a few runs (8 runs, give or take) to get the hang of things given this trigger dark falz is one. But after learning, I was able to get by part 1 blue, part 1.5 red, and part 2 red was a bit of pain to get pass but by some luck, I was able to help the team clear.

It did feel nice to clear this trigger even though I think it is hard for the sake of being hard. And the team that helped me clear Dark Falz Rank 2: Aluria, Snowie, and DoubleDCritys. After a few failed runs, the next run was a success.

And even made good time to boot as well, and had time to spare should we need it.

DoubleDCritys gave me some rad items

My friend M0n had some LED sunglasses that caught my eye and had to get my hands on a pair but learned these were a base pso2 item and that’s when DoubleDCritys said they had a pair of LED sunglasses and they let me have them. It was a good day.

After I went to their base pso2 home to get the LED shades, I saw they had an outfit called Sakura Shinguji’s Hakama: Spring, and I was going to buy it for 40m last night since it was 4 AM and my decision-making became poor lol but DoubleDCritys came in to save the day :3

Making a second Kaizaar weapon

I made one Kaizaar weapon, and my next weapon will be Kaizaar boots. Aluria told me that the boots would be better than the Talis weapon and for a time, I believed that Talis was the better choice. After using Talis for so long, I am ready to make a different weapon.

My progress with the Kaizaar weapon has been good so far.

The only thing that is a pain is getting the cubes as that need more effort, a good party, and strong random players. Blizzardium is something I can wait for, every week 20 Blizzardium. I don’t mind at all.

I am almost done with cubes and I “might” try to farm cubes for a Kaizaar katana but I am almost done with this area. And with the rare drop rate on-going at this moment, farming cubes would be ideal since there may be more people farming ancients for cubes. And you know, strike while the iron is hot.

That’s all for these update logs. I might post another one in 2 weeks if anything good of note happens. See you then.

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis log 2

It’s time for another Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis log where I just give an update of progress in the game I have done or done with help of friends. And now with added thoughts and rants.

Day one – 05/01/22

My Cinquem Katana is potential two and I just need some cheap to make it useful for my braver class. I want to make braver, my second main class, first being force. Baby steps but soon that dream will come true

reached level 36 on braver with the help of aluria. Went from Level 35 to level 36 and now I can use mine Cinquem Katana.

My braver / melee damage has got much better and now I am able to use my braver class. 40.9% to 62.3% And for the current build of the game, I’m not going to be dead weight, and I can pull my own weight here.

I have better augments on my braver now. I got rid of placeholder augments and it feels great.

I’m going to save my mesta for the new gear coming in the new region since it will power creep the Cinquem series and make it an outdated weapon series later on. It will still be good if you are farming levels around level 36 and up.

My grant unit will be replaced very soon as there will be a free unit coming soon in a seasonal event, and it is +50 too.

Day Two – 05/02/22

Did some farming at retem rank 3 to get some exp. I got a fair bit of exp and I’m close to being level 37

I level up twice. Level 36 to level 38. I am close to being to max level

Showing off some new fashion now my braver is complete at this moment. I can relax and enjoy the downtime of content since level 45 is the endgame at this moment in time.

I have thought about doing geometric labyrinth or (geo lab) for short when I reach level 45 on braver, it should be fun solo or that’s the idea anyway and I got some thoughts about geo lab. I want to get at least an “A” rank if able.

Dae has a new waifu named Arisu. Cute pair, they are.

Did the retem Renus Vera urgent quest but rank 1 with a pug.

I watch Arisu become op. They have upgraded their augments and watching them improve was pretty neat to see since some users in the guild have mix match augments. They have some good ones but end up slapping on some weak augments that don’t help out.

I learned some things here by eyeballing. If you wanted to do damage, you would need to be in that range, and given that urgent quests and giga monsters have greater or different defense and stats a normal monster would not have

Keep in mind that you may or will need more potency in a giga fight or urgent quests since they are normal monsters but supercharged.

Potency needed to do damage
Aelio ( 1 – 20)20%
Retem (21 – 35)40.x% or greater
Update (36 – 45) + Geo Lab54% to 56% or greater

I may make a augment simulator or a bare basic one that shows the percent of your augments. I will make a guide that teaches you how to use, if I make it.

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Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis log 1

So, it is time to track my progress in Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis. It has been a while since I did this, and figure I do it again. Should be fun, I hope.


Augmenting my new gear

My new weapon: Cinquem Rod+40 has been augmented. The augments are slightly weaker because they are level 2 versions of augments and not level 3. I will try to see what I can get later on and I need to get the new gear or units.


Schwarzrosso Armor is something I don’t have the funds for, and probably won’t get updated to +50 for a good while, but I’m not here to sweat this game. I did what I needed to do in Base Pso2. Everything in New genesis is extra for me.

Once I get the new gear to +50, new genesis will be on the sideline, and if progress takes too long, new genesis will be on the sideline as well. lol

My new units will not replace the old ones at this moment in time. But later on, I will be able to replace them, I hope.


The Materials I have at the moment, not many but the list will grow later on.

Farming with randos

It was pretty fun farming with randoms, and not my guild. It is nice to see new faces and meet new users, and they were pretty nice and chill.

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Elsword Update log #2

So, I’m going to try this style of doing update logs on games or things. Keep track of seven days and note down important thoughts or moments that happened, and after seven days, show off the progress. And boy, got some fun drama.

Day 1 – 01/31/22



Dealt with elsword drama with a leader. What a pain.

So, what did I do to get the boot from a guild in elsword? my experience.

I have ignored them in-game, I did not see them or anyone speaking on my end, which gave me little reason to chat in guild chat. Why would I speak in a dead chat? So I didn’t and ignored the guild. This, you should never be upset about.

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Elsword Update log #1

So, I’m going to try this style of doing update logs on games or things. Keep track of five to seven days and note down important thoughts or moments that happened, and after five to seven days, show off the progress.

Day 1 – 01/06/22


  • Got rigomor bottom to R15
  • my flames of judgment are close to being nearly perfect
  • I have 200 million in my bank

Day 2 – 01/07/22


  • FOJ is almost perfect. One more giant stone
  • got rigomor bottoms to r16

Day 3 – 01/08/22


  • completed the 2 million event
  • Did Titan’s Grotto
  • 700m in bank

Day 4 – 01/14/22


  • did Rosso raid with less lag

Day 5 – 01/15/22


  • got another batch of alt accounts ready to grind to max level
  • I have 1 billion ED in my bank
  • I have 42 alt characters to grind out to level 99
  • And that is roughly 8 billion ed if I do the story as well and pvp quests
  • It may help me get to Reforge +21 or +18
  • I will spend ed on fashion. And after I get good gear or get 3B ED. No point in buying fashion and being useless. I think around 3 Billion, I will buy the invisible suit for ain and go hard on getting to reforge +18 and going from there
  • And I will try to push for +21 Reforge on all gear +11 the rest of my gear or + 11 my gear then push for reforge +21
  • And once I get reforge +21 and +11 Rigomor gear, I will try to push for plus 12 weapon when I have the money to back it up if things go wrong.
  • Time and Space Fragment: 282 / 750
  • Titan’s grotto 2? / 500
  • My character page is updated:

Yuru Yuri Ayano Sugiura GIF - Yuru Yuri Ayano Sugiura Ayano GIFs

End of PSO2 logs

Ah, it’s time to make a Phantasy Star Online 2 progress log. Oh, wait. There is nothing I want to blog about in pso2, and by proxy, The witching hour. And from what I understand, PSO2 NGS will get significant updates every six months. I don’t know. This is not for me.

I guess this is the last progress log for Phantasy Star Online 2. I did everything I set out to do in the game. There is not a whole lot here for me to do here anymore. I did everything that I wanted in base phantasy star online 2, and then some.

With Base Phantasy Star Online 2 stripped bare of features that made the game fun to play, IMO. I don’t have a real reason to play PSO2, and by proxy, Phantasy Star Online 2: new genesis. I mean, joining a server for hunting Gigantix is as fun as watching paint dry.

There is a lot more like how having a Gigantix server is pretty silly. But that is a post for another time. I am not a hardcore player for New Genesis. I’m very casual when it comes to pso2, and pre witching hour, I was very casual.

By Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis dip feeding content, by content, I mean big updates. And it is no doubt that the semi-hardcore and hardcore players will continue to play, whale, scam players on the board, and make do with the current content.

The hardcore players will max out all the classes, weapons, armor units, and hunt Gigantix mobs every chance they can get. More power to them. A little sad, but that’s my opinion.

Dragon Woman Anime GIF - Dragon Woman Anime Drink GIFs

Where does this leave me now? Now with free time to do other things. Now Phantasy Star online 2 is no longer a goal of mine. Streaming games, playing Genshin Impact, Fate: Grand Order, coding apps and video games, feeling better, running a discord server, and hanging out on Twitter.

If Phantasy Star Online 2 New genesis; can live after the level 35 cap increase and new content, that’s great. But Phantasy Star Online 2 is not fun anymore for me. Sega ruined Phantasy Star Online 2 for me, but this is a good thing. A blessing, if you will. My love for others games is back, and I have been having fun playing those games a lot more.

That also means no more witching hour blog posts. The game is no longer interesting enough to write about these days. That’s all I have for this blog post. I’m closing a chapter in this book.

Thanks for reading.

[blu] Elsword log

So, Elsword has been getting updates, changes, and over all things to make life easy in elsword, although, too little, too late. It is also funny seeing some elsword elitists get so worked over opinions on a video game. There can be a whole post on these users, and how petty they can be or act. But this post is not about them.

Logging into elsword and playing after five months of stopping.

I will be logging in and doing content. Time to see how useful [blu] is this time. this is a progress log.

Day 1 – 06/09/21 of 11:33:56 PM

The new Qol patch dropped and now things are easy

Got unique EE finally

Day 2 – 06/15/21 of 11:33:56 PM

Rigomor shoes are Stage 15

Survival of the cold title count: 32824 / 50000

I have a bad impression on some blu members

Blu guild support: 0 / 15

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Phantasy Star Online 2 – Witching Hour log #5

It was fun making logs about Witching Hour progress, I think it is time to slow down on making Witching Hour logs. And so, this will be the last Witching Hour log, it’s fun to log the worthwhile events if any, but I want to go back to pre-Witching Hour logs where I noted my dumb progress. Lol.

Each day will be logged that I play or try to play. I want to make that clear that this was done on ship 1.

This log will be different, as this will be about my thoughts and progress. and something new at, least. For a last log, this one will be boring.

Day 1 – 06/23/21

Tried to fight the new boss, Gigantix with some people

  • was not strong yet and got one-shotted at level 15
  • one of the guild members whining about low-level people fighting a boss in an MMORPG.
  • the day was soured slightly or was slightly annoyed.

Spent money on the AC scratch

  • Got 2 things I wanted from the wedding banner.
  • The rest of the items are not good or junk items

Got the luster class in base Phantasy Star Online 2 to level 75

  • The next goal is getting to level 85
  • making a lightweave gunblade

Phantasy Star Online 2:New Genesis

  • Got rod to level 30+.
  • got a level 16 hunter class
  • level 12 force class
  • Saw a level 64 gigantix

I queued up for an Urgent Quest in New Genesis with randos

  • I noticed 25% of the time, I queue up with randos
  • I had ok time with randos
  • S rank

Bonus stuff – Some Witching Hour members following me on social media

  • Fofamit followed me on Twitter (Although Onychaos is an account I left, so you are following a dead account, lol)
  • koukideeznutz followed me on
  • I am unsure as to why both follow me, Fofa follows adult artists, and I’m not an artist, lol. And Kouki follows me because ???
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Phantasy Star Online 2 – Witching Hour log #4

So, let’s do something a little different. I did give a fair warning that I would do something different, and I think it is time, to be honest, and not hold back. Instead of being a witching hour log, it will be a log and something more later on.

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis launch day

So, after a lot of delays, we got to play pso2:ngs. And there was a ton of lag, and players getting dc’d, but later on, it got better later on during the night when the server became stable. And when the game was not lagging, it ran super well on the steam version, anyway. I tried the Microsoft store new genesis, and it is very laggy, go with the steam version, less laggy in terms of fps.

Killed a level 15 mob at level 10 with other players

I and some low-level players started to take on level 15 monsters, it was a hard but fun battle, we did die a lot but I did enjoy the fight, I learned about my class and how to dodge. Once I get to level 15 or higher, I will give fighting the higher monsters another go.

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