Sonik’s muffins -fan fic-

i’am here to tell you a story of a pony named “sonik” he is what you would call “normal” or a “friend” but with a wonderful mere named “cookiedash” but no one or no pony knows about this side of him yet.

this will change or may not change the way you see him, but, lets start our fan fic ((this fan fic is made to be Dark and Grim and such. not meant for anyone or anypony with a weak heart and stomach.

there a warning in the top of this title “grim dark” if you are not used to it or it becomes a bit dark for you, please stop reading this and ps, it is based off “cupcakes” and you will see a bit of that here and there of that. hope you enjoy))

(songs to listen to while reading


It’s was a normal day for him, everything was the same. everyone and everypony was having fun or playing and was busy and over worked.  

but some of them were giving a to somewhat a feeling of doubt, sadness, bitterness,depression,despair and he could feel this and it was something that could never get the better of him but starting to get the better of him.

this normally would never get like this but there was something else that made him change.  even though he was a tough pony, his will was slowly starting to fall apart.

his mind was becoming filled with dark thoughts, his mood has reached depression, but he kept fighting it while trying to stay sane and trying to avoid going insane, keeping things neutral was the last way to stay sane.

the next few nights were sleepless, sonik’s thoughts have got worse and his mood gotten worse then before, his will on the edge of insanity, he was unable to sleep, his mind slowly fading into the darkness.

his friends thought “he will be fine.. it’s just a normal thing he does to get help but he will always be fine at the end…” but they didn’t know what was really going on and they just guess it was a act and just ignored him.

2 weeks later, his will was broken, his sanity was gone and his thoughts were in control of him. he flew down to the town where his friends and everypony and everyone lived at. everyone and everypony was to cheerful and happy today to even notice the new sonik.

he trotted to a nearby shop but was stopped by a pony. “hello and what is your name?” said the pony,  “my name is sonik” he replied with a grin “what brings you here to this small town?” the pony asked. “i’am here to get someone or somepony to help me make muffins.” said sonik. “muffins? you can buy them at any store.. for a few gold bits” the pony said.

“but these are special muffins that you can’t buy, but i must go and find the one person or pony who can help” said sonik and wave bye as he trotted away.   he still was looking for someone or somepony to help him but no such luck.

he kept looking and as the sun slowly began to set, and the town was filled with the cold night air and at this time night had already set. everyone and everypony has went to bed but some still wondered around the town unsure what to do at such a late time, then he realized that there is one he could use. a slightly evil grin is on his face.

sonik trots over to onyx.  “hello brother..“ said sonik.  “hmm, oh, hello sonik and how are you tonight?” onyx asked. “i’am fine…i need your help with something..” sonik said.  “hmm, what is it that you need help with?“ onyx asked while thinking.

“i need your help to bake and make muffins and other treats for this town…” sonik replied while grinning.  “why do you need my help…?“ onyx replied. “hmm, silly it’s no fun cooking by yourself anyway and it would be nice to have your help.” said sonik. “i guess that would be ok, i got nothing better to do in this town and nothing to lose” said onyx.

“anyway, if you would be kind as to follow me, we can bake in my special shop..” said sonik. they head toward the shop in the woods. “ok, onyx, we are here… it took a while but before we go any further into cooking i need you to get something for me but first…i made you a special muffin for being my best friend” said sonik with a smile.  

“best friend?…..i wouldn’t call my self a best friend but thanks for thinking that..but i thought i was going to help you and where can i get the stuff i need to use for to bake the muffins and treats?“ said onyx. “you will find out but first, this is taste test to see how well this muffin is.” sonik said with a gleeful smile

onyx eats the muffin. “thanks for the muffin, not the best muffin, but it will do. now what?” onyx asked. “now you take a short and calm nap…” said sonik.  

onyx open his mouth to say something but feel his body turns numb and seconds later his world and body came crashing down as he hits the wooden floor and passes out.  “you shall do just fine..“ said sonik with a evil grin

sonik drags onyx passed out body to the basement and tie him to a table and waiting for onyx to wake up from his drugged induced nap.

onyx comes to after a half a hour has passed. “hey, sleepy head…did you have a nice nap..?” sonik asked.  “N-nap..w-What do you mean?!?! and where are we?“ said onyx while he notice he is chained up and becomes worried. “s-Sonik why am i chained up?

i thought i was going to help you bake cupcakes or muffins, but how can i help get the stuff if i’am chained up…?” onyx asked.  “oh, don’t worry, you are going to help me make cupcakes and muffins and more, and that muffin was special..“ sonik said with a happy tone.

“sonik, this must be a prank, and you made me laugh.  it was funny….you got me good…heh, now let’s go home and get rest.” said onyx while worried.  “well, thank you onyx but i can’t accept your praise since i did no prank but thank you anyway.“ said sonik.  

“sonik, this isn’t funny, you don’t have to do this. what about our friends and ruby? they will know something is wrong if i go missing and then they will figure it out, it was you  the reason why i’am missing.” said onyx while begging sonik. “then why were you laughing? and i am sure they won’t mind you leaving for a bit..after all you seem to make them sad with the Truth and that ruins the fun for everyone and everypony and are just going on a trip.”  sonik grin with a evil look.

“sonik, if i did anything, i’am very very sorry” said onyx.  “hmm, it’s not so much as you did something, it just that your time and number has came up and i don’t make the rules and we all must follow the rules rather we like to or not.“  evil laugh of insanity. ” s-sonik please…“ said onyx while he begins to sob. “don’t cry onyx, we can get to spend our final moments together as best friends..we should be happy..this will cheer you up…” sonik said.  sonik show a skull of a old friend to onyx. “W-What’s t-that???” onyx asked worried and panicking. “it’s a skull of your old friend, silly. it’s a shame that he had to go but everypony and everyone will die sometime…” said sonik.

sonik trot into the dark side of the room to bring over a cart with a white sheet on top of it.  “s-s-sonik, what’s under that sheet?“ onyx asked while panicking. “some things to help me… to if i need to do anything” said sonik.  “i can’t believe this…“ said onyx while still sobbing. *remove the white sheet revealing sharp tools such as hacksaw, knifes, and more* “don’t cry onyx…well, it’s time to stop talking, now it’s time to begin~!” sonik said in a cheerful tone and evil grin.

the room was lit up by the lights, pick up the knife and trot over to onyx’s left flank.  “where to start… i know where to start.“ sonik said in a cheerful tone. move the knife down to his left flank and make a incision in onyx left flank causing his flesh to hang and blood begins to drip from the incision that was made and gets a curved knife and use it to cut the hanging piece of flesh off of onyx flank

 onyx screams of pain echo from the basement and sobbing.  “aww, does it hurt..? but we have just began to start.” said sonik.   sonik grab onyx wing and play with it. “don’t worry.. you will be in a much better place…soon” said sonik.  slowly cut onyx wing with the knife but only managed to cut through the skin. “maybe, this will work.” trot over to the cart and pick up a hacksaw off the tray. “this will work..” said sonik in a annoyed tone

“it’s odd.. what can it hack and yet, it’s not a saw, oh well” said sonik.  using the hacksaw to cut through the bone of onyx wing and starts on the other wing, blood gets on sonik hoof and onyx throws up from the cruel pain and began shaking in fear and pain and passes out. “awww, seems you need something to keep you awake, it will be no fun if you are not awake to see the fun” sonik goes to get a Syringe filled with morphine and inject the Syringe in onyx hoof, causing morphine to flow through onyx to make him come to while he gasp and his vision is blurry and still feeling pain in his back and starts to panic again as his adrenaline was rushing through his veins.

“well welcome back.. ” said sonik in a happy tone. “i-is it over??” onyx asked while sobbing. “we are far from over..” said sonik as he popped a to what looks like a treat in his mouth, sonik goes to get a metal box and put the box on the cart. “w-what in that metal box?” onyx asked. “hot rocks and tongs for the next part but we will enjoy every friend” sonik replied to onyx.

onyx was now frozen in fear and pain, sonik took two hot rocks and place them on onyx back hoof’s, the rocks begin to starting burning his back hoofs slowly and get the same knife and makes a new incision in onyx right flank and used the curved knife to cut the other hanging piece of flesh, causing onyx to struggle and scream in pain and sobbing as he feel the pain get much worse, his flank was burning in pain, showing onyx his cutie marks and waving them around. “well, it seems like i have a new cutie mark” sonik said in a gleeful tone. onyx couldn’t help but tear up in pain and in his eyes gave that look “sonik why…”

the hot rocks by now have began to burn through onyx’s back hoofs leaving a very faint smell of burning flesh floating in the basement. “you know what would be better then this..?” said sonik. “…w-what s-sonik?” onyx asked weakly and in pain.  sonik goes back to the other side of the room to get something while giving onyx a chance to think while he could anyway, come back with the special tongs and a hammer, onyx vision is getting worse but notice sonik. “S-sonik what are you going to do with those…?”

onyx asked. “i’am going to use them silly” said sonik in a happy and gleeful tone.  set up the machine so it can be ready to power up the two special tongs, onyx begs “PLEASE, NO, NO, don’t do that” sonik rolls his eyes and use the hammer to slam in one of the tongs into onyx hoof then use the hammer to slam in the second tong in to onyx’s other hoof and his hoofs has been punctured by the tongs and causing onyx to bite his lip in pure pain and tear up more and wanting to throw up, onyx’s will was starting to fade away with the pain and sonik had added metal wires to the tongs and battery and machine.

“now was that so hard?” said sonik. “it’s hurts…” said onyx while crying. sonik turn the machine on high causing it to send bolts of electricity from the tongs to onyx body,  after 8 minutes, onyx eyes slowly rolled to the back of his head and the smell of burnt flesh got stronger and onyx convulsed uncontrollably and his bladder emptied. sonik was grinning, onyx has blacked out for the second time, from the new sources of blood lost, he wouldn’t last much longer.

get the last Syringe and inject it into onyx chest causing onyx to wake back up for the last time, onyx’s back was covered in blood and was bleeding and in pain and his hoof were bloody and bleeding as well and sonik was covered in some of his blood, onyx was numb in pain and numb from his hoofs to his rib cage “’s almost over, time to let you help me make muffins, i want you to be able to see, the harvest.” said sonik in a neutral tone. “I-i want t-to go h-h-home!” said onyx. “i know you do but we are far to late for that” sonik replied. onyx was crying as much as he can soon, he had became completely numb, only his head was the only thing that could feel anything.

sonik gets a scalpel and makes a long vertical cut down onyx chest, onyx could barely feel the pain anymore, sonik reach into onyx chest and carefully sliced opened his abdominal sac and took out some of his organs one at a time, sonik was laughing while he gutted his best friend like a fish, sonik remove onyx intestinal tube and wrap it around his neck and blood flew all over the room and getting blood on the walls and onyx and himself and grinning.

“what do you think?” sonik said. onyx was at this point lost in the pain and close to death “….” onyx couldn’t say anything. sonik remove a kidney and liver and smile as he started to make jokes. “i’am just kidney with you, onyx you need to live more up to these kind of things” put intestinal tube and kidney and liver on the cart.

“I’m very disappointed in you, onyx, i thought you would last longer since you were tough but that’s my fault. i guess if i had took it slower and used less tools, you would had last longer, oh well, it was nice knowing you onyx.” said sonik with a sad tone and sigh.

take the blade and press it softly against onyx throat and working the blade up to his chin then coming back down with the blade and get the scalpel and circled around onyx neck and the last thing onyx felt was his neck being cut by a scalpel  then he was gone in that second, sonik noticed onyx’s passing while looking in the mirror and smiles while covered in blood but was also sad that his friend was gone forever.

“i did a good job.. but i could had done better but oh well, nightshade and pinkamena diane pie will be happy to know, i’am now one of them” laughing insane while heading back to town covered in blood and everyone and everypony is asleep.

think to himself  “well, one pony missing is not going to be noticed by anypony”