Interesting Opinion

Let’s start the scene here. It was a normal day in Witching Hour as the guild was talking about nothing important to me. I guess there is a reason why I mute this server’s general chat. Nothing important to me, anyway.

Editor note: Hey, hi. This is just my long winded opinion/reply. There is no ill will here to anyone. ouo

So some witching hour members were talking about drinking after some were talking about something else. It’s amazing how fast the conversation can shift, and I decided to throw in my two cents, and why I don’t like drinking.

It was like a ha ha comment that was a simple opinion but then, the unthinkable happened. The smol one gave their opinion. How dare they. Having an opinion different from my opinion, in 2021? A sin, and the nerve. But I’m kidding. I don’t mind if people drink as long as they ain’t shit heads but now, let get to the topic here.

I said “I never drink. I just watch others do it and I get to see the real them.” See, I don’t have time to come up with a full response on the spot/fly.

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Newgrounds rating problem

So a year ago, I made a blog post about some newgrounds artists having porn in the E section for kids. Cause I mean, at the time, it seemed like a slip-up or a mistake. I am sure it is a slip-up.

Here my blog post on Newgrounds: wanna talk about Newgrounds. The artist I mentioned fixed their rating after a while. So they are fine, for the moment.

City Hunter Ryo Saeba GIF - CityHunter RyoSaeba Shrug GIFs

I am convinced that some Not Safe For Work artists or (NSFW artists) upload NSFW content into the E section where kids or people who dislike porn will see it.

Kids or people who dislike porn will see it, comment on it, get them more views, and potentially earn new fans/followers. Like, this has to be on propose at this point. I know for NSFW users, your content is seen by adults, and chances are, it is going to lower the chances of bringing in new fans or followers by a bit.


The image below was edited and blurred out for standards.

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New Start

Here are old names you may seen. SoundofSonik, mlp_sonik, mlpsonik, sonikponymage, drkinos, sonikgamemaster, Sonikchan, Soniksama, Sonikmage, Sonickun360, aqwsonic360, sonic360AE.

These twitter names may ring a bell for you, if you known me on Twitter under these names, if so, you may notice I had a name change. I am here to tell you why I did it.

So, I had the name “Sonik” since 2009 and it has been a name that I made when I first got into Roleplay. People and friends called me Sonic, on AQW, and being me, I came up with the idea of replacing the “c” with a “K”, and Sonik was born.

To be honest, “Sonik” was a name I used only for Twitter Roleplay or Twitter RP. I had no real plans on using “Sonik” outside of Twitter, other than to RP with the name. Because let’s be real, “Sonik” is an OVERUSED name by a lot of people, and making a name for myself is not gonna happen.

And for the longest time, I have been trying to get a new name for myself, other than “Sonik” So, this name change is not out of the blue for no reason, this has been an on-going thing for years.

And the other reason is, I made this change to also distance myself from the Sonic speedrun community, Sonic speedrunners, Sonic streamers, and some speedrunners in general. I made an exception for a few people I follow.

I’m not very fond of the communities mentioned above, and they are not fond of me or rather, some of their members are not fond of me.

And I know wanting to distance myself from communities mentioned, sounds rude but lately, some communities feel toxic and less friendly, mainly, the Sonic speedrun community.  I will leave it at that.

I want a clean start, I want to start over with a new name, make new friends, good friends, I have been given that chance to do so. And my awesome GF for the name.

I brought my friends along for my new adventure as I felt it was needed. They are my friends who are cool.

So, what’s next for “Sonik”? Nothing, Sonik is done, gone. There is no more Sonik. Sorry to say, the age of Sonik, is no more.

“I know/knew you as sonik, and you will always be Sonik to me”

I’m sorry that you knew me at the tail end but there is no more “Sonik” And I know some people have ties Sonic speedrun community, and I rather not be called Sonik anymore, There is no more “Sonik”

I wanted to make this post to clear things up and explain why this change was made.

I know people may not understand my reasons.

The age of “Sonik” is G O N E