Happy Heart Panic Build 18.B (NSFW)

Alright, so I am late to this one. So to make up for this. I will give my thoughts on Build 17 B And Build 18 B and make up for the lost time. By the time I get done, Build 19 B may be finished.

Happy Heart Panic Build 17. B

Eclipse is a unique enemy that can fire a portal that can go the opposite way. If you are left, it will go right. And if you are facing right, it will go left. The enemy does not have contact damage only the attack (portal) does damage and will trigger a fun animation for Sam and Whispy.

Next up is Lil daisy. This enemy you can’t defeat but rather avoid since its attacks can destroy walls the player can’t break. This attack can trigger a unique animation for Sam and Whispy.

Overall, new enemies, and I like them. Build 17 was a playground to test out the enemies or whatnot. I would call this part 1 since the next build would be part 2, but I’m assuming here.

Also, don’t SHADOWBAN me, WordPress. ouo

Happy Heart Panic Build 18. B

Now to the big update, which depending on when I post. This blog post could be three weeks late to the party. Oh, man.

So in this update, there is a lot to talk about, and I miss talking about this game, haha.

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Happy Heart Panic demo build 16 (NSFW)

So, since my one blog post on Eroico was posted to my blog without issue or trouble, I figured I try my hand at a game that is a little more risque. Eroico was somewhat risque but I was able to get by with editing and pixel blurring the lewd bits while being able to show you the game still. This game I am going to talk about, I have to see as it is more risque and the chance this post gets erased from the WordPress global search has gone up to 150%

But I enjoy talking about games and certain things I like or just blogging about my life and things I have done or plan to do but that is enough I suppose and time to get on with the show.

Do you like games? I also like games. Do you like 2D games about furry anthro animals and humans working as a team to stop (evil corp?) from ruining the world? Maybe? I will take it as a yes. Are you a degenerate? Hey, where are you going? I need to talk to you about a happy little game called “Happy Heart Panic!” this rad game was made in game maker studio. How cool is that? The game earned bonus points for that.

Ahem, dear WordPress staff, please don’t Thanos snap me and my blog post from existence. I promise this blog post is clean enough with a ton of censoring. Please, spare me.

With that out the way, I can now begin talking about this game that I grew fond of and I had to talk about it, and there is a chance that whatever I have to mention is fixed/removed/patched because, in this blog post, I will talk about Happy Heart Panic demo build 16, which is public.

I saw there is a game before Happy Heart Panic, and it is called “Happy Heart Hell” and since I have not played that game, I will be missing out on some lore. I will wing it. From what I understand there is a person named “trinity” And they are going around causing havoc and chaos, and it is up to Sam, and Whispy to stop trinity or join them instead.

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Eroico review (NSFW)

So, Eroico is a game I wanted to talk about since I have a history with this game. I found this game four years ago on a site I can’t remember. But it was a blog site that reviewed the full game and had a link to the demo of the game.

With me being interested in an H-Game (Hentai game) back then. I gave this demo a shot, and the demo gave you a good idea of what the game will be like. You get to play the first stage and it’s a forest stage with catgirls, slime girls, bird girls, and a boss who is a tree girl.

When you get to the boss and win, the demo ends there. You can view the gallery and play the first half of stage two before getting blocked by a wall. No, I mean a real wall that is there until you buy the full version. And this is the point where you pay money if you like what you have seen and played or not.

Disclaimer: Alright. I know that WordPress has been on an NSFW “ban” or hiding users from WordPress search with adult content or content not for some users. WordPress staff, this post is fine, don’t shadow ban me or this post.

With that out the way. I can talk about this game. I have played and beaten the game Eroico because it was a game I wanted to play and review. I can start off with the story, and using the game’s steam page.


You are a hero on a quest to find the demon lord to stop them while escaping the grasp of monster girls as well, or not. It’s a simple plot but not a bad one. There are the worst ones. Go save the day from the demon lord and make things right again.

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