Elsword Wishlist

I’m Onychaos and this is my page where I will buy from sellers on elsword or off the market. I will also be willing to make a offer or ask to put something on layaway (or hold it) in case I can’t buy the item right away. I will also ask the elsword seller for a price and see if we can work something out.

Things I’m looking to buy for Ain.

  1. I will list something i will buy
  2. You can make a offer on my page comments below (NA IGN, Guild, and offer)
  3. Message me in discord (OnyChaos#4185) If you are trying to sell.
  4. If you are in blu Discord server, we can make a deal.

If you are a good seller, you will get something extra. If you are greedy, i will ignore.

All trades /or deals will be recorded to make sure there no lapse in memory, should anything come up later. If you have no plans on selling items to me or won’t sell because of petty reason, exit is nearby.

Special Update: Since Elsword is going to nerf story quest ED.

Gray = No longer interested in item at this moment.

Blue = Not important atm

Green = Important atm

Red = Very Important and looking to get item ASAP

Gold = Now able to buy the item in question

Purple = I have said item now

Pink = No way I can get said item

  • Eligos Hair
  • Eligos: Demonic Wings
  • Eligos: Evil Eye of Flames
  • Lapis Arbiter Hair
  • Lapis Arbiter: Jeweled Chandelier
  • Lapis Arbiter: Jeweled Halo
  • Black Mass – Judgement Hair
  • Black Mass – Judgement Hat
  • Black Mass Coat
  • Black Mass – Judgement Weapon
  • Henir – Lord of Time and Space Hair
  • invisible costume suit
  • Brave Warrior’s Skill Ring
  • Tenacious Warrior’s Ring of Fury
  • Aurora Mustika : Galaxy Crown
  • Aurora Mustika : Aurora Necklace
  • Aurora Mustika Weapon
  • Enhancement Amulet Lv.10 *4


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