Opera GX

Opera GX is a browser you may have seen, heard of, or even heard word of mouth. It was the Opera browser, but for people who were into gaming and were / are tech-savvy. And for a while, I just was like some people when I saw Opera GX. “Why would I need a new … Continue reading Opera GX

Hole Dweller (NSFW)

Here is a game I wanted to talk about for a long while. This was a game I saw on Itch.io back when the game was at build 17/ 18 and getting its footing in the door, and now it is at build 42. This indie adult game has come a long way since then. … Continue reading Hole Dweller (NSFW)

The Legend of Zelda; Tears of the kingdom first impressions

After playing The Legend of Zelda; Tears of the kingdom. I have come and formed some impressions. I do have some grievances that I will address, but it is overall positive and this is merely my own impressions of the game. Without any more delay, let me start. This was a game I had been … Continue reading The Legend of Zelda; Tears of the kingdom first impressions

Sonic 3 Angel Island revisited

I have seen Sonic 3 Air or Angel Island revisited. It was something I had seen around before, either by some youtubers or by my friend, Drax, who has played Sonic 3 Air. From what I have seen, it is Sonic 3 complete, but far bigger in scope. You can download mods, and change how … Continue reading Sonic 3 Angel Island revisited

How I feel about MMORPGs

Ah, how do I feel about PSO2? It is more of a general question than should be. How do I feel about MMORPGs as of late, I don't know. I have not been in the mood to play any more MMORPGs or play the current ones. I will say that T.S Mario had a hand … Continue reading How I feel about MMORPGs

Pangya Reborn

Pangya Reborn. This is the new Pangya game that came out not too long ago. And it seems that this Pangya Reborn seems to be much like Pangya Debug in the sense that you have to do some odd setup but that is to be expected. Although, I’m not sure why Pangya games after Pangya … Continue reading Pangya Reborn

It’s time again

That time of the month is where I dread the most. May 11th. I try to forget as I am not fond of it. My birthday. And when each day is a day closer to my day of birth. I’m more accepting that my birthday is coming but it does not mean I am fond … Continue reading It’s time again

Sonic 3D in 2D playthrough

Sonic 3D in 2D, a game I have not been fair with or fond of has been on a backlog of things to post and I want to talk about it. I did a race with HyperSonic7701 and MastaKirby and it did not go too well, and not I had an idea. Why not play … Continue reading Sonic 3D in 2D playthrough

My Plans for Freedom Planet 2

So I was going to do a freedom planet 2 stream playthrough of the game then something happened. An "event" if you will, happened. That placed everything on hold. Oh well. I guess it is time to make up for lost time, I will speed things up here. Playthrough 1 Lilac the Dragon. This will … Continue reading My Plans for Freedom Planet 2

Sonicvania dev log 2.5

I have been talking about games and I have not talked about my game. I should do that, huh? This will be a SonicVania gamedev log where I will show off my game, changes, and features I got in store. Can't show everything but show enough where you can see some progress. So in SonicVania, … Continue reading Sonicvania dev log 2.5

Updated thoughts on Sonic Origins

It has been a while since I made a blog post on Sonic Origins and my experience with the game was overall negative for me since this game felt rushed out to meet a date for a cartoon hedgehog. That is never a good idea and I feel if Sega stops trying to meet a … Continue reading Updated thoughts on Sonic Origins

Why do I blog

So it is time to talk about something new. https://onychaosrealm.files.wordpress.com/2023/04/chrome_81bckhma5f.png https://twitter.com/DailysonicFoxes/status/1563196823765860352 Ah, crap. I guess it is story time, huh? When my blog spikes in page views, I know what that means. But this will be a happy story, and don't worry. I want to give you a backstory, so it is time. We need … Continue reading Why do I blog

The T S Mario ending

I have beaten T S Mario. And I want to talk about some things since there were variables to talk about, and I want to talk about this. And there were some fun levels within T S Mario. Granted, not all were good. And even the good ones had issues. Hyper and Ony saga It … Continue reading The T S Mario ending

Talking about Pangya Debug once more

Pangya Debug. A game I stopped talking about in 2019 because I ran into a ton of issues, unlike the Pangya debug community. I had no interest in wasting my time in this game. I have seen that people don't care if Pangya Debug is buggy and has errors and issues. More power to you, … Continue reading Talking about Pangya Debug once more

March – April update log

It has been a while since I have done something like this. I was going to make this its blog post, but I figured that it would be best for this blog post to have everything in one place and still do this TS Mario pseudo-race with HyperSonic and others. There has been a lot … Continue reading March – April update log