Final Fantasy 14 online log 2

I have returned with a new ff14 log, and I got things to say. I’m enjoying the game more. And it is a much bigger log, and I want to share.

The Navel

The lord of crags at first seemed difficult, but it was fun. Granted, I was overgeared by this point from farming I did in MSQ and with dungeons. I had an edge on the fight.

One thing I was not a fan of was phase 2. In phase 2, the boss’s heart or core exposed, and you are to attack the heart. For some reason, I could not attack the heart, but I had the boss aggro of the titan.

But even after that, the boss was fun, and I still enjoyed the fight, although phase 2 was weird.

POTD or Palace of the dead

Something I never did and confused POTD for haukke manor when my friends asked if I did POTD. But Palace of the dead was something far different. Each run, you climb nine floors and fight a boss on the tenth floor. And it is fun.

The only danger is the enemies leading up to the boss and the traps. The dungeon traps that can disable attacks to turn you into a frog, to be a land mine that I swear does 80% of your max hp.

You can find items that boost the spawn rate, shows you traps, and boosts defense.

I, Aluria, and Dae climbed the ranks. We cleared 1 – 10 | 11 – 20 | 21 – 30| 31 – 40|.

See, you might wonder where is 41 – 50. Well thing is that FF14 has this silly thing called “dying” This game is so wacky, so crazy.

We got to floor 50, but we wiped out, sadly. We have to try this again in the future.

Six of the six crystals

I got 6 of 6 crystals for FF14 ARR, and I say I got pretty far since when I first played, I got to the first boss fight, got my crystal, and ignored the story, and then I dropped the game to go back to PSO2: NGS.

But I came back. And I have been on the adventure of my life. I saw more of the story and learned more about the game and my goal in FF14 ARR. I’m glad I did since I would have missed out on some fun boss fights.

The howling eye: Garuda

This boss fight was fun. This fight was more fun than the titan fight. The tank job is to pull the boss away from the rocks to avoid damaging them as they will be used for cover when the boss uses an aoe attack.

I get the point of these boss fights. They are easy, so when you do the challenging version, you will know what to do beforehand, and that’s great. I want to try out the fights and see how well I can do.

I love being the tank in ff14

At first, I was worried about being a tank. Our job is to make the dungeons go fast, keep the enemies focus on tanks to keep the team alive, and hold the boss’s aggro so the boss won’t kill the party.

After coming back, I learned how to play tank much better. I can do maybe two or three pulls, based on the healer. They can heal well, i can do three group pulls. If they can’t, I can do two group pulls instead.

Always respect the healer, and they’ll respect you. A healer will be good at playing limbo, meaning they can let your hp hit single digits. Which is worrying and risky. But the healer knows when to heal you and how long you can go without one.

At least, that’s the impression I got playing as a tank.

Free Company – the witching hour guild

The witching Hour made a guild here. And it is interesting, but I would have to see since I am unsure what the future of the guild holds.

I will keep my eye on this guild and I want to see how long this guild will be active. And since I will be getting a sub for ff14. It will be an invite to a guild. Or an invite from someone else since I have been getting a lot of those.

I have been thinking about this

I have been a lalafell for about a year, and I have to say it has been fun as warrior of doom and despair. And after I cleared the Main MSQ. I got the potion that allows a free user to change everything about the character’s race and whatnot. Minus the username and other details you need to buy from the mog station.

And do I want to become a cat girl? I mean, being a cat girl would be interesting, and plus, I can dress my character up how I want without some questionable looks when I’m still a lalafell. I mean, my lalafell can’t have the same treatment as other female characters or NPC lalafell.

But I could make an alt character if I want to play as a lalafell, and maybe I could do that after I buy a sub for the game. And I have to do some thinking about I want to make my main character a cat girl.

I have cleared FF14: A realm reborn – MSQ

So, I have cleared the MSQ for FF14: A realm reborn. And I say, that the start is a slow slog when taking your time or going fast. But once you get to level 35+, I feel the story does pick up the pace, and things get going.

Overall, the story in FF14: ARR is great and worth the time to experience ff14. There are a lot of twists, turns, and so much more. The lore is great, story is fantastic, and wholesome.

The boss fights leading up to the end are good. But the final fights for a realm reborn are tough but fair. Now since I play tank, My experience will vary from others. The ending was great.

The only thing I was not a fan of was that most of the game’s features locked behind MSQ or optional sidequests. And sometimes, if IIRC that some unlocks are behind a chain of sidequests, and chances are if you don’t do most of these side quests, you end up missing out on some things. I don’t count MSQ since you will get the unlocks as you play through the story.

But It is a great game even with the issue I have is minor and is overshadowed by the good. And now, I’m off to start the quest for heavenward, and I’m ready.

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