New year resolutions and goals for 2023

So with 2022 coming to an end and 2023 soon on the horizon. I should make goals, changes, and things I plan to do this time instead of me making these goals because of someone. I am making these goals for me and no one else in mind. These will be goals, plans, and things I want to do for my future.

And these are changes in my life and what I want to do moving forward. And some of these changes are needed, of course.

Table of contents



Things I plan to do before 2022 ends


For this, it is time I do some cleaning up. And since I don’t roleplay anymore and for other reasons. I don’t see a reason to keep these accounts around. For those who don’t know, I made these Twitter accounts for roleplaying. Twitter back from 2011 to 2014. These were accounts for roleplay, venting, and whatnot.

These accounts are dead and still on the site as I wanted to leave them as a reminder of the great times I had, but given that Twitter could implode at any time, and these accounts were going to be something I look back laugh fondly with some people.

The accounts I am talking about are sonik and SorcererofKarth These roleplay accounts were something I enjoyed using back then, but I feel it is time to get rid of them and let them be free. One of the accounts my ex made help make in a skype call. And with my roleplay group defunct, there is no need to hold onto them anymore.

And if Twitter does implode, then most of the Twitter followers won’t be a part of my future since they follow me on Twitter, and if that happens. They will be out of my life. But that would not be that different from now. Thank you for the memories and farewell.

The secret Twitter account is @chaosimpact_ if I get banned by Twitter bots or locked out of my Twitter account. If Twitter should implode on itself, there will be no need for that secret account. lmao.


Ah, Tumblr. I used this website a lot before the NSFW purge in 2018. before that point. The website was better in terms of getting your post found. Well, more or less. But since I moved to to a better blogging site for my taste.

My blog posts get seen better than on Tumblr. But I think it is time I shut down my Tumblr account (maybe), given I have no need for it, and Tumblr has become that blog site where reblogs keep your Tumblr post alive. Thank you Tumblr for being a blogging site I loved at the time. Time for me to move on.

Old things / Gifts on outlook cloud

I have old things I have gotten from ex-friends or ex’s, and I know keeping that stuff around brings good and bad memories back. But I should delete these items from a bygone time. And when I used to talk to some of these people, if not 24/7, as I saw them as my close friends, and I trusted them, but times have changed.

And those people are no longer the same. I argue the people I once knew are no more, and maybe it is why I feel weird around them. And maybe, I should get rid of these things I made for these people I once knew.

I’m holding on to past gifts. I made it for people who, in a sense, are no longer around(it hurts), and with that logic, there is no point for me to keep these things around anymore. And it is for the better. Maybe I should put these things in the sea of time. I don’t need them anymore.


I mentioned this in a blog post not long ago, but I made a new Instagram because I couldn’t log into my old one: Onychaos. And I made a new one. That one is “chaotic_ony” because I’m not going to figure out why I can’t get in.

It is probably for the best I leave that account behind and people on there I don’t talk to, so I think this is for the better for them and me. On this new Instagram, I will post food, game dev stuff, twitch stuff, and things about my life and whatnot. It is a start without my older friends, but I think it is for the better.


I thought about joining Mastodon as a new platform should Twitter implode one day, and I think it may be a good idea to start another social, make new friends, and make a new name for myself. The website does look neat, and it is unique.

If I make an account, I will link it to my blog. So you can see it there. After I google and make sure this is a safe social media site first.

New year resolutions for 2023

Hanging with close friends

My close friends would be James, Shiny, Link, SBCz, Deadkev, hypersonic, Drax, zombie, Aluria, Dae, and Arisu. This IL person. And many others on Discord and Twitch. I have been spending time with them, and it has been great. I think Pippi would be on this list too. Not twitter tho.

Blog changing things

I will change some stuff to make it easy for the end user. And need to make some changes to my blog.

I will remove a welcome page, for now, to see if that helps.

Categories getting shrunk down to a few gives a viewer an easier time.

Making more blog posts and having fun.

Working out again

So, I used to work out non-stop because this was all for one reason, and I got super fit at one point. I was down to 258 pounds, but that day happened, it all crashed down.

This time, I will work out for myself and not have an outside source be a reason for me to work out, and I will get back in shape, but for me, to be healthy. That will be the step moving forward, removing that reason to workout out the window.


I deactivated my Facebook because I made one to talk to my ex but did not do the talking part since that was pointless. The pointless part was my creating the account and not using it for that reason. And my friend’s parents started to follow me, which was neat but said nothing.

So… I figured I might make a new Facebook account, and it would be a new Facebook to give people space, and if people get mad if I do that, I would probably laugh. It would be later in 2023 and a Facebook with a clean start. I think that will be good.

When I make this new Facebook account, It will be for real life, close friends, and family. And a few other things, but that will be for later on in the year. If you have any questions, I’m all ears.

Finding a job

Finding a neat job might be in the cards, but I have to see. I get told we can see if we can find a job that would hire to get turned down. But I’m ready for change and want to join the workforce like people say and see what life waits for me then. It would be funny but awesome. I will update you if anything changes.

Focus on me

I will be focusing on myself and stop worrying about others and such. I found myself, and I accepted the worst parts of my life. I picked up the pieces of my life, and now I have to think about some things. Who to keep and who to leave behind.

Making games

I have to get back to making games in clickteam fusion + And making video game gifts for friends.

I am always open to talking about anything but this is my plans and new year’s resolutions for 2023, and this time, it is looking up. And with some changes. I am ready to cast the past behind me. For two years, I allowed my depression and past mistakes to control my life. But now I am taking back control.

Thanks for reading. OnyChaos


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