I spent a day in base Phantasy Star Online 2

I had a silly Idea, and that Idea was to spend a day in base PSO2. Now spending a day in base pso2 is something I can’t do, but I can spend time there to make up for it.

There is something about Base PSO2 that NEW Genesis does not have, and it is that charm. It has that magic feeling of a bygone era of MMORPGs that a lot of new MMORPGs can’t seem to capture that feel or maybe they don’t want to.

Being able to join an urgent quest that started without you is a great feature. If you joined late, you can still catch up to the players. To hop in and get in the action is great.

After that, I fell asleep in the base pso2 lobby and woke up after. And I got back into the action with the seabed, a fun water level. And can I just say I miss the random events you find when you are out and about on the expeditions?

They range from mini-boss battles to silly events to get rare drops to you helping out your Auxiliary in combat events. There is always something to do when on expeditions, and it is never the same from point A to point B. And that’s why base pso2 is a good game with some features.

I spent a good four hours in base pso2. And it was fun.

Later that night, I logged on to do my recommended quest, which was the mothership at the time. And the leader of the Witching hour came to Base phantasy star online 2 and invited me to a party, which was shocking. I thought they left and went back to NGS.

After I joined their party, we did the guild task in Base pso2, and it was fun. After a while, we completed the tasks and earned enough points to complete the guild tree in base pso2. To be fair. I didn’t have the tree in mind when I started playing pso2. I just wanted to play because I missed the base game. It was great. :3

We took pictures to end the night, and it was great.

I regain a new love for base pso2. It has so many great ideas, and I don’t think NGS needed to be an open world as they have something great, but it is what it is. The base game has charm, good ideas, great content, fun side content, and good expeditions with good quests. The augment system is still dumb. You can’t say otherwise unless you got a lot of time and money.

There were even more limited events and concerts, but those became NGS things. I want to say I spent 14 hours in base pso2. It was worth it in the end.


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