Some small changes

Well, well, well. Time to talk about some things, but it is enlightenment for me and a step forward. I’m happy with this result. I think it is for the best. For me, health-wise, this blog post should be long blog post, or it might be short. I do not know.

2022 has been a crazy year, but I think because of this year, I realized something and realized something I should have since 2020 but better late than never, huh? It is better to learn the lesson later rather than never at all.

And after doing some thinking, I want to change the tone of this blog post to something happy and more uplifting. And let me begin. It is December and the final month of the year, and I guess the blog post I made here was something I needed.

Social media

Twitter and Instagram

So, this section was going to be about me listing off some things, like how using @onychaos gives me social anxiety and whatnot. I guess I can turn this around. I suppose I should start changing the way how I use social media.

I was worried and focused on old friends that I was blinded. Time to stop worrying about them.

And I think that is completely fine. No point worrying about other people. That is my wake-up message, and I’m glad I got it. And it is good to get the idea sooner than later.

I used to be bitter, holding on to the past when I should have let go of it and I think I am ready to let go of the past and everything linked to it. Look to a bright future with or without friends, and that’s ok, and I accept this now. it is a better choice.

Instagram is another case. I got logged out and can’t log back into the account. Well, darn. I guess I have to make a brand new Instagram account. But I don’t mind, to be honest.

I will most likely make a new account to build off of that and follow some of my close friends when I’m ready. But I will have the new account up sometime soon or maybe after this blog post. I will link it to my account: @onychaos


For this blog, I kept it for a while, but I did enjoy the site well before. I don’t use Tumblr anymore, and with how things changed, I moved to as it is a better blogging site for me.

It was a fun run, and it was time to close that chapter in my life. That blog will become defunct.

What’s next for me in 2023?

Once Happy New Year hits, I will focus on the secret account in case anything happens to @onychaos. Breaking off the past and moving forward is the best I can do, like my friends. And I will build up a new Twitter and keep that a secret If I get to the point where I’m ready to move to the next part.

I will use that account when that time comes. And I should get rid of my old accounts, and no point having them around. They were made long ago on Twitter, and I have to set them free, Me creating video games for users to play and try out.

My game: SonicVania

And making some changes to my life and maybe sticking to them will be good. That is all. I wanted to offset the other post that was a downer with one that is happier.


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