Happy Heart Panic Build 18.B (NSFW)

Alright, so I am late to this one. So to make up for this. I will give my thoughts on Build 17 B And Build 18 B and make up for the lost time. By the time I get done, Build 19 B may be finished.

Happy Heart Panic Build 17. B

Eclipse is a unique enemy that can fire a portal that can go the opposite way. If you are left, it will go right. And if you are facing right, it will go left. The enemy does not have contact damage only the attack (portal) does damage and will trigger a fun animation for Sam and Whispy.

Next up is Lil daisy. This enemy you can’t defeat but rather avoid since its attacks can destroy walls the player can’t break. This attack can trigger a unique animation for Sam and Whispy.

Overall, new enemies, and I like them. Build 17 was a playground to test out the enemies or whatnot. I would call this part 1 since the next build would be part 2, but I’m assuming here.

Also, don’t SHADOWBAN me, WordPress. ouo

Happy Heart Panic Build 18. B

Now to the big update, which depending on when I post. This blog post could be three weeks late to the party. Oh, man.

So in this update, there is a lot to talk about, and I miss talking about this game, haha.

ABC Daycare

The Playzone

In the play zone, you have three new NPCs. Mary, Spoodermom, and Gaz. Here you can learn more about ABC’s daycare and maybe know what happened to the adults.

Mary is the playzone leader. She can let you in after you sign a paper. The playzone is where adults who want to be carefree can come here, but there seems to be something more here. You can only find out by going in.

Spoodermom is the teacher for playzone to teach her willing students everything they need to know when helping out around here, and you can be Spoodermom assistant for the class, and she can show in great detail rather than tell them to get a “hands-on” approach here.

And last is Gaz, the goblin. She has a workshop within the playzone and she seems to be there of her choosing. But should you mess up her puzzle, Gaz will waste no time to punish you for your failure.

Jessie’s Playhouse

The main area is more open with an NPC called Webby, the rabbit. And she seems not pleased to be working in Jessie’s Playhouse, and her tone is anything, but welcoming. But should you have the money, you can pay for the services she can offer in Jessie’s Playhouse for 300 bucks.

I like Webby. She has that goth vibe going on and all for that.

And the Bathroom is open, which leads to some interesting fun should you enter. But what is life if you never have a little fun? :3


I know most of this stuff will be patched out or fixed. I am sure whatever I find will get fix by then or is known about but here goes.

  1. Just before you enter the Playzone lobby with Mary, there are two Lil daisy enemies and two ABC daycare enemies with three breakable walls. If you lose to Lil daisy in this area, you will be teleported to Daisy’s Rodeo VIP room, I want to say, but instead of being in the room. You will be out of bounds and on top of the room.

Final thoughts overall

It’s good. I found nothing wrong here. The only thing bug was the Lil daisy spawn when the player loses to them being weird, but other than that, I am pleased with these updates, and seeing this game having progress of any kind is nice.

I also want to add that my blog post on Happy Heart Panic Build 16 got seen by a number of users, and I want to say it is wild. I figured the blog post would be seen by maybe 20 viewers at best. But to be viewed 182 times is great in general.

Oh, I’m sorry. It was seen by viewers 193 times.

And a side note for more awesome is that Doggie Bones followed me on Twitter after they liked my blog post on their game.

I love the character design for Mary the Bear, Spoodermom, Eclipse, Webby, and Gaz. They got some great designs, and to be fair, i love the character design for all the characters. But these are my favorites, and hard to pick one.



I enjoyed the new content in Build 18, and it was worth the wait. And I did take my time with this one, but sadly I took too long to write up this post of my thoughts since back then, Build 17 was out, but I waited till a new update dropped and boy, did an update dropped.

If you want to play their game, it is on their site and on Patreon. And please, if you like their game, support them. They are a good game dev, and support is always good. I will leave links to their stuff. :3

Doggie Bones’ furaffinity (NSFW): https://www.furaffinity.net/user/doggiebones/

Doggie Bones’ Patreon (NSFW): https://www.patreon.com/Doggie_Bones

Doggie Bones’ Twitter (NSFW): https://twitter.com/doggie_bones

Happy Heart Panic Build 18 (NSFW): https://www.furaffinity.net/view/49657081

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