Sonic Frontiers thoughts

Sonic Frontiers. Oh man, what a wild ride this game has been. From fans and people feeling mixed about the game to feeling completely different after launch. From sega’s poor marketing to now, it has been interesting.

Sonic Frontiers is an open zone game and not an open world say dark souls, the breath of the wild, and so on. You do get the freedom to run around in these massive areas. And you have cyberspace levels that come as a second option* to clear a zone/island but you still need to explore the island to clear some of the story.

For me, I was worried that this game would be like Sonic forces which is serious at the start but becomes light-hearted. Or how the levels were going to be super short like Sonic forces but while that was not the case, for the most part.

The levels or stages were set up like Sonic Forces, but here, also had level layouts from other Sonic games like Sonic Unleashed, Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, Sonic Generations, and more.

You have Green Hill, Chemical Plant, sky sanctuary, And a city stage as level themes. These are short stages but they are meant to be replayed and are not the main focus of the game since that was the open zone. being the selling point. If you were hoping the levels would be longer than Sonic Forces, you will be a bit disappointed here.

When Sega said this was an open zone-based game, I thought they were being fancy but no, they meant it, each area is a zone, meaning there is a load screen, a completely new area. And the zones do not connect like other open-world games.

Things I liked

Here is where I will talk about things I liked or loved.

  1. The open fields
  2. the combat (a bit simple but more later on)
  3. The story
  4. boss fights were great
  5. the RPG elements were interesting
  6. Some of the mini-bosses were fun to fight
  7. The boss’s music was good.

Things I disliked

  1. Some mini-boss fights were annoying or overstayed their welcome. Shark come to my mind.
  2. The enemies on later islands become a pain to fight, and I start ignoring the enemy unless I have to fight them.
  3. The elder for speed increase/ring increase does this one at a time, and after a bit it’s boring. It should have been a simple option to get the X level if you got enough lost koco
  4. The Final Boss I am a little mixed on. For me, it went from a boss fight to surviving the bullet hell. I like the boss fight, but I would rather sonic themed final boss instead of fighting a boss from Ikaruga.
  5. The combat gets a bit stale and too button-mashy after a while since when you unlock the higher-cost combos/attacks, you are better off using those instead.
  6. DRM: Denuvo
  7. cyberspace-level themes are limited. A lot of green hills, chemical plants, etc.

My end thoughts

I loved Sonic Frontiers from start to end. But like every game, it has flaws. Pretty much, it’s the case of you have seen one island, you have seen them all. I mean is that what you do on Island one? You will do this again for future islands, not counting the fourth island. The story and missions will be somewhat different. But I feel an open world could be better but know the saying, could, would, should.

The combat in frontiers is great until you get to the next few islands where you are doing the same thing again. The skills you can see are the skills you can get. There is no second tree of skills or such. And for a game of this scope, it is fine since it is Sonic’s first time in an open world, I’m sorry, open zone.

I guess, Sonic Adventure, Sonic 2006, and Sonic Unleashed were open-zone games? If so, this would be Sonic’s fourth go in an open zone world but with a new team.

Is this the best Sonic game? It’s a really good game. It does have good moments in this game. I want to say the good moments feel like they are from a fan game, and that’s not a bad thing. There is a passion here for the blue blur and that’s a great thing. And remembering Sonic Forces, which was boring. A good change of pace.

This new Sonic team has laid the groundwork for something good. This game is a base to work off for new sonic games in the series, but that’s up to sega and if they will stick to this or jump to a new game plan for sonic.

I did enjoy seeing Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Eggman, and Sonic be more “mature” and have a serious tone. Although at some points, it felt cheesy, but it was interesting for me. Sage is a good character, and the ending hints at something more but again if sega allows them to work off that base. It is unclear.

Well done to sega and this Sonic team. A lot of fans are pleased with the outcome. I was worried this would be a flop, but it was not.

And heck, The game was good enough for HyperSonic to write a review for Sonic Frontiers. I was shocked this was a positive review. I guess being around him and hearing him praise Sonic 4 and other sonic games with great score systems.


Sonic Frontiers is a real good game. Have a good one, and see you later.


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