Terraria – Master Mode

I want to talk about this game mode. Terraria is a great game. I made a blog post about this game, which I will link here. And terraria has four world modes.

Journey Mode is the easy difficulty where you can play the game at your pace, and the game is easy. That’s what the wiki says.

The classic difficulty for the world is normal. Not too easy, but not too hard. A fair mode where you can enjoy the game at normal difficulty. Great when you beat Journey mode world or hoping into a new world.

Expert is a hard mode for those who want more out of Terraria. Normal difficulty is not enough. The expert mode will test your skill, and bosses have new ai.

Master Mode is a harder version of the expert mode, and I would say this is terraria unapologetically hard, where everything has to be ready ahead of time. Buffs, potions, armor, defense, and build large arenas for bosses.

So, why am I talking about Master Mode right now? Well, I have beaten Terraria in master mode. And I did it in a small world to speed up things, which is good and bad here. But I will get to that later on.

So slimes are a weak enemy and have become a threat in master mode. At least when I played, Slimes, demon eyes were rough. And when you think. “I can take hits now.” A zombie with a weapon can one-shot you. I should know, I got one shot by a lot of zombies.

After I died for the 100th time, I got ready to face my first boss in master mode. The one and only King slime and I got folded by the king slime. So I made a tall base with an arena close to space and in pre-hard mode. I summoned the Eye of Cthulhu, and I got washed, as the kids say.

But after the 7th go, I took down the eye after finding some good gear, then I went on to fight Eater of Worlds, and after dying more to Eater of Worlds, I was able to take Eater of Worlds down.

The Goblin army is something you want to be ready for because they are annoying but pale in comparison to the Pirate army, which will ruin your day.

Skeletron is so annoying. More so in master mode since the bosses have higher attack values and a bigger hp pool. But after many, many, many failed runs. I took him down.

The only thing left was the wall of flesh, queen bee, and king slime. I did take out the two bosses before going for the Wall of Flesh, and let me say this. Master mode hard mode is where you will start thinking if it is possible to beat, and I had many moments where I thought this was impossible to do given the difficulty I was facing.

And let’s talk about the pros of a small world.

  1. You are much closer to the biomes
  2. you can reach space faster
  3. digging to hell, finding a queen bee, and the golem is easier to find
  4. Plantera is easy to find
  5. watching / curing the evil biomes is easier in a small world
  6. getting from place to place is easy

Ok, the cons of a small world

Building too high will put you within the space biome which will summon the Wyvern who has 12k hp and your weapons at this point might not be strong enough to take it out. And if making a sky bridge, it will show up during certain bosses.

And can’t forget Harpy enemies that spawn in the space biome. They are annoying when you got them and Wyvern to worry about alongside a boss.

Some resources will be few from what I noticed. And the land will be smaller and harder to work with if you dig too much

And not to mention, certain items and things may not spawn in and will result in you having to fish for the enchanted sword

boss triggers are things you will need to be crafting since there is far less. In my small master-mode world. I had to craft most of my boss spawners

NPC housing will be odd but this one is personal.

Ufo is easier to aggro by mistake.

It is better to have a large world so things can have a better chance to spawn. It will take longer but you will have a lot of space to work with at the very least.

This all came about because of my friend, link. Wanted me to play terraria on a new character but was against the idea after a while, I came around since I remember using a character with strong gear and not enjoying terraria so I wanted to go out and test terraria at its hardest.

So, I had an idea… Master mode terraria with a large world but only as a summoner. Heh heh…I might bring some friends along for the ride. It will be fun.


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