YuGiOh Master Duel Deck

I made a fun deck using cards I never thought I would use in a million years and its skull servants. It was an archetype I hated because they can summon a level 1 monster that is a boss monster pretty much, but after a while, I had to join the side of skull servants.

There are skull Servants when If I can use the grass looks greener, Eldlich when I can’t use Skull servants at the moment, and there is rite of aramesir with the related cards that can make some plays that could / can lead into Eldlich or skull servants. Zombie world and seven cities are a play when the moment is right to summon the mad god eldlich to start some wild 

moves in a match. 

It is not the best deck. It can still be beaten quite well, and using the grass card can backfire, if not ruin some plays, but it is fun to use. And you have a lot to work with here. The spells and traps give the deck a much-needed push, imo.

I planned on using this deck against Arisu, Dae, aluria, Hypersonic7701, Link, and Tigre.

Arisu is making a new deck but doesn’t know when that may or may not happen.

Daestar and Aluria don’t actively play anymore. But that could change later on.

Hypersonic7701 will play with friends, but his deck will be out of date, but he has no plans on returning to play the game actively.

Link quit the game, so he no longer wants to play.

And Tigre, his decks are too strong. My thunder dragons can make him surrender with certain decks if I do something, or his deck can lock me out.

I was looking forwards to getting my revenge on the Skull servant master using my version of skull servants, but that would be a bitter-sweet win, and once that duel ends, that will be it. Or It could be more, maybe.

Now, I suppose I have to find a new rival. I could try asking Shiro and Todd. I never played against Todd or Shiro. I heard Shiro is good at the game, and as for todd. He would have to relearn the game again. And I wonder what deck he uses.


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