AI Dungeon impressions

AI Dungeon. I remember playing this “game” back in 2020. It was an odd thing and given I loved text-based games. I was hooked, the moment I got into the game. The AI is the free version back then was a good AI. It had hiccups where the AI would not answer or even output something off-topic. But the main point was the AI was great.

Then the AI Dungeon team got into hot water when they started to censor what you can and can’t do, always see AI stories looked like without the user’s consent, if these were hidden stories. You posted anything, a real name of a friend. Well, Latitude would know them as well.

And then there was the energy system that at first was 100 energy but got bumped up to 2000. Which annoyed players, but after a while, the energy system was not too bad and dumbing down the AI. and making it worse, and it was easy for the AI to get caught in loops.

Then out of nowhere, since I believed most people were happy with the energy system, Latitude drops an ad system where you can watch ads to gain actions to use the AI. And this was an awful move, and as someone said on Reddit, we could have both energy and ads. If you run out of AI energy, you could watch some ads to get back AI energy.

And the AI dungeon had some neat features. There used to be music and quests that the player could turn on. And this made each adventure unique. But these features got cut from the game. And something I used when I played AI dungeon, and I don’t know why they removed them.

So, let us jump to the future. AI dungeon has made a post or had on their site that AI dungeon was coming to steam, and there were be no ads, and the AI would be “Unlimited Griffin, No Ads, Advanced AI Settings.”

It sounds like a deal. I figured it would be the old AI that was WAY better in 2019/2020 when the AI used to stay on topic much more instead of doing whatever. So I added AI dungeon to my steam wishlist because I figured this would be the case. Surely this would be 20 bucks and a great deal, right?

I had no money to buy this steam version of AI dungeon, so it was something I would buy during Christmas or in a sale. Or so I thought anyway. I returned to check out the steam page to find reviews are mixed.

I went to check out the reviews, and it is full of people unhappy with how this “game” turned out. And many other users and future buyers who see these reviews now question, is this worth buying? And what’s more, is that Latitude is not helping their image. If anything, they are adding fuel to the fire.

Latitude, at this moment, is answering negative reviews that have a lot of likes on steam with copy-paste text and doing some “damage control.” It is sad to see this unfold. I had hoped it would be better.

If you do plan to buy AI dungeon on steam, you get unlimited Griffin, no ads, and advanced settings. If you want the advance AI, you would need to spend a little more on the monthly service. And assume you don’t get banned because the AI output something that can get you banned. I heard users mention this can happen I do not if this is true.

If you play the free version being the web version of AI dungeon, you will have griffin AI, ads, and 30 actions (max, unless you use mobile AI dungeon to get more user actions.)

I again do not know what happened here, but it is a sorry sight for sore eyes. AI dungeon went from a fun tool to a watered-down AI that can barely output things on topic. I do not know if the hate here is justified in some cases.


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