Terraria thoughts

Minecraft, but better. Thanks for reading. I should be real here. Terraria was a game that I used to think was a Minecraft clone, and this was back when I did not have the video game and could not see it for myself.

Times have changed. And funny enough, I was given this game by a friend of mine way back then. Isman1998 or Isman0310. He was giving the game away, and no one at that point was asking for the game, and I was lucky to be able to get the game from him since no one wanted it.

Then I started playing it and had no idea what to do. So I asked Zomb1esmasher to play the game with me to see if I could learn anything. I learned something. We built houses, We turned the game off, and We stopped playing. Because I wanted to do more, and I was not fighting bosses or getting anything fun to do.

Then it was when I started playing Terraria with Link and SBCz. The players I learned how to play Terraria. And the information I learned became invaluable to me because this was everything I was looking for when I played terraria with friends.

With Zomb1esmasher15, we built homes and did a little bit of digging.

With Link, we went to hell and saw blood moons but fought no bosses yet but did do well more than building houses.

With SBCz, we fought bosses, learned how to make boss arenas, learned to make the best gear, and even beaten terraria.

What I thought was a 2d version of Minecraft turned out to be something great, and Terraria is a hidden gem worth playing and checking out. After you have beaten the game and got all the end-game gear, weapons, and fashion.

You can play Terraria but modded, and there are so many mods out there that Terraria has an endless sea of mods to play and test out. Some mods are small things, while others are a new game.

You can play Terraria modded whenever you please. But it’s best to play Terraria modded after you have beaten or played enough of Terraria to know the game. You can jump right into Terraria modded, but you may be lost.

Terraria has endless supplies of content and mods updated to Terraria 1.4.4. adding more content and maybe fixing the d-pad button since you can no longer add items to the d-pad after an update.

Terraria is a great game. It is worth playing and trying out. Make sure you find the right people to play with to make your time better in the game.


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