Ramsey thoughts

Time to talk about Shiny’s game he has been working on this is a project I like to see completed but getting too ahead of myself here. And I will talk about things I like, and dislike and give some personal advice you can take with a grain of salt.

Ramsey is the name of the game I will be talking about and it is a fun little demo. It is good as it gives you an idea of what the game has for you. And the game has seen a lot of progress which is great.

I should clear there is no to play this demo unless shiny gives you a copy of the game to try out.

Ramsey is a cute little game made in game maker studio x. The platforming feels good, but given one level of platforming, I can’t judge this off one level. Movement is basic but good. You can run, jump, and make pop noises.

The controls are simple but you don’t need advanced controls to have a good game, and more can be added later, should shiny feel the need to do so. And that is fine. As for the world, there is only one at this moment and two levels.

Grassy Mountain the first level is complete with objects, platforms, and an enemy, and to me, it is a completed level but can also be used as a testing stage to test out features or anything new before making it part of the game, and the first stage is fun. Assuming about the test bit.

I can’t say much about the second area as there is not much to talk about there since that area seems incomplete at this time. That is fine. The only thing there is an empty void you can walk on if you go far enough, which is neat.

There is a portal here but given there are no keys here, it is inactive until that changes, but that’s it for this little demo.

Things I liked

  1. The character
  2. The music works well for this game
  3. the level is nice
  4. controls are good, and Xbox controller support works well

Things I disliked

Not much to dislike since there is not enough to get a feel for.

Bugs I found but were probably noticed

  1. you can look up while moving
  2. you can look down while moving
  3. if you hold jump when moving against the spring, you will activate the spring but won’t move up unless you stop, holding right or left.

My final thoughts

I don’t have many if anything. I say this blog post would / can act as my final thoughts. I don’t have enough to go off of here but what I said was fair enough. ouo

From one dev to another

don’t get discouraged

It is easier said than done but hear me out. Continue to make games and release them. You can do it. And you may build a fanbase if you make enough fan games but only if you spread the word and make these demos into games :o I believe in you, my friend.

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