June update log

Time for a June update, as usual. I will list the things I did, done, or planned to do for June but they will have their section with details and such. I think having them as a list is boring.

Things I will be talking about soon or later.

WordPress, blog posts, and posts are ready to queue up. Discord, server updates, and changes. Fan game progress and showcasing. Twitch, and YouTube streaming. And other things.

Editor note: This post was made last month and most of the stuff here was changed or removed.

Things I got planned to do


Server changes

I will be getting rid of the Inactive member role cause too much work to manage members.

If I make extra changes to some things.

  1. People can join and leave whenever they like. And welcome to rejoin if you were not causing issues. You can come back anytime.
  2. If a said person leaves the server not due to being compromised.
  3. Rare roles, Tatsu server points, and score, and anything else, may or will be lost and must be earned next time.
  4. Access to private channels may be lost since discord removes you if you leave a discord server.

Role changes

Guest will be getting some changes and tweaks

Members role will be getting a slight change with being, this role will have different access to the server

deleting some roles

New Server Emotes

Going to make some more 5 new emotes and 10 make new animated emotes but this will be later on

More Server Roles

These roles I got planned are flavored text. They don’t do anything unless stated otherwise 50+ roles

Server Link update

All older links are now broken, and no longer lead to this server. I have a new link that leads to the server, and if you have the old link or try using the older code/link, it is no longer active. A new link is now active on the server.

Invite my old friends

I will try to see who I can invite to my discord server and there are some people I want to invite anyway. I will try to invite some people and see what happens since chances are they don’t have discord or don’t want to join my discord or it is awkward.

  1. Close friends
  2. Shiny
  3. Twitter Friends
  4. some twitch friends

Sonic’s boss rush

Fixed two bugs atm. More info here at https://trello.com/b/sjqcDPgl/sonic-new-years-game-road-map


New goals and old goals for this site

Comment on blog posts

Queue up at least 3 posts, not counting this one

Update my blog pages with new info

Things that happened

Almost didn’t get wifi hooked up today (June 1st)

The cable technician didn’t knock or ring the doorbell when he got here. I or we would have heard something but nothing, and we were knocked out but most of the time, people don’t ring the doorbell and leave after.

Thankfully, we were able to get them to come back out here or we were able to get a different guy, and he was pretty chill and a great guy. And having to wait another week to have wifi hooked up would be a nightmare.

Played DnD with Tigre and Mei

I played DnD with Tigre and Mei, and it was pretty fun. I figured it was never going to happen cause hyper had a bad experience with dnd but I’m glad I was able to play DnD and it was great

I am a Tabaxi Sorcerer who has a mighty crossbow of light. But for real, DnD is a great time.

Dunkin’ Donuts

I was able to try my first cappuccino at dunking Donuts and man, they are awful. I had my sights set on trying out cappuccino from there, and sadly, they were not all that good. The cappuccino had a very strong taste, almost like drinking coffee. At least the Donuts were halfway decent.

Played 100% OJ with Hyper, Masta, And Entro

It was a fun game and I didn’t have to worry about throwing a match and having someone aggro me because I gave the win to someone else. It was great and a shame I never got to play this with Looming. Maybe next time or never but who knows.

I Made a “song” in Incredibox using Dystopia.

I got a song I can use for an outro or end card theme for YouTube videos or end of twitch streams, and even though it is 20 seconds, it sounds good and I got some animation to go with this song to give it a little extra kick.

Things I want to do

Future Twitter goals

  1. 60 followers – done
  2. 100 followers
  3. 200 followers
  4. using Twitter more

Twitch games I want to beat or things to do in the future

Hyperdimension neptunia rebirth 1 with a good ending

Fate Grand Order Story mode

master duel as a one-off thing

Freedom Planet Hardmode run

Updated my discord server

The server has new changes, roles, and updates. It is a new server pretty much and it now has level roles. I got plans for something else but that is secret.


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