Phantasy star online 2: New Genesis Kvaris Impressions

It is time to be cool. New genesis dropped the new update and content. And I want to talk about it and share my thoughts on it and what have you. There is a lot of good content in this update. It has been the awaited update and content and I am just one of many who have thoughts on this update. There is a lot to talk about here.

I will start with the good things here.

The good things

Level 60 cap. You can do more damage and reach a higher level of power and farming has been made easy. Yellow triggers give you the full amount of exp and got rid of the Exp reduction which is a godsend.

New Units (Armor) They look nice, offer base damage which makes them stronger, and are 6-star units too. The units are a good upgrade from your 5-star units and worth getting.

Free weapons* I added “*” because you get free 6-star weapons (One or two), so long you have completed the campaign quests leading up to Kvaris. They give out tickets used to get camo, 6-star weapons, accessories, special tickets, and materials.

New Urgent Quests Crocodylis Vera Suppression Op is a fine UQ. I think it is fun and it makes use of the Kvaris mechanics. “Throwing” and the big one that overshadows it, Ams Vera Suppression Op. You rush down monsters, dolls, and mini-bosses before coming face to face with Ams Vera, and man, this is a great boss to fight, and the music is amazing. Chef’s kiss.

New region. It is all snow and I love this region. You can snowboard which are pretty much mounts in some sense but it is fun, let’s not get things mixed up here. The ost for exploration is pretty great stuff here. I would even go so far as to say it is better than Retem, Ost. There is one area I want to talk about but not yet. It will get its time in the sun, don’t worry.

New buffs and skills. New skills for old classes, and buffs to make old classes feel brand new or give them a need to pick me up. From what I saw there was a clear favorite on what class got the most buffs, and braver got a lot of love. Other classes got love too and should feel a bit better to play.

Field races. I am interested in this since you are racing against players but not too sure how this would work or how well this would do. I can’t speak on this since I have not tried this event but may try it after this post.

But wait, there’s more. Darkfalz rank 2 and ancient giga will be coming out soon, so there is even more content to look forward to. I would call ancient giga mini content but it is something if you like farming for the augments or units, and maybe more?

Now, this update has been great and a blast so far. There is a bad part to this update and things I don’t like and I should mention it.

Bad things if you want to call it that or one bad thing.

The game is unstable. While the update is so far amazing and fun to play through. This region is laggy, unstable, and prone to being disconnected from the game but more than likely your game will end up not responding and will need to be closed. And these crashes can happen at random. And it will look like this.


Things I just dislike/or am not fond of.

Rayjord Gorge. This is an optional area but not a fan. This is the only area where you need to either use mag buffs or consumable items to deal with the cold, that has a chance to freeze you and do damage.

Or two you make a new set of units for this one section of the region which this area might be for farming rare items here and seven-star weapons and so on. If I do make a new unit set for this area, I will see how it is but atm, not a fan.

My final thoughts on Kvaris.

I think this is a great addition to Phantasy star online 2: New Genesis. It has nice changes, some good QOL features, and more content that is fun to play. And I feel that we got decold as a mechanic to test to see what people think, since it may come back as deheat or something like that

New story I didn’t enjoy too much. It did have some good moments in there but those were few and far for me. But the story is very short, but may be a bit longer once we get the next update. The story was ok, nothing will beat PSO2’s story for me. But might change later on.

The game is at this moment, very unstable as I mentioned before. Fps drops in some areas or the safe zone, the game crashes on a whim whenever it feels like and this is bad. You can play through it but know that you run the risk of the game crashing on you at any point. During loading, doing yellow triggers, and quests.

This could be because something in the kvaris code is clashing or reacting poorly to something in the game code. It will be fixed in a few days if they find the cause of these issues, but it is not fun. It is not an “omg, not playable anymore” You have to be ready or not do anything too important if the game crashes.

But besides all of that. I still had a good time playing this update, and it is an update I do enjoy. Once Sega fixes these crashes, I will have more fun.


I’m a sonic nerd who plays games.


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