December update log

Time to make a “fun” blog post, which is an update log at the end of the day. Let’s get going. Take this with a grain of salt.


Ah, the land of the dead, the place I came back to because I had made a dummy account but went back to my old account because I felt guilty about doing that. And it’s more or less the same but now with ghosting? It’s whatever. If there is someone I want to remove from my account, I will just block them.

There are not many people to speak with on Twitter, and even post covid. People have stopped using Twitter or rather moved on. It’s almost funny, those same people (Who I won’t name) who I held to such a high standard don’t even say a word to me now.

So have I been doing / or what’s been happening on Twitter?

  1. Been talking to Xjazzy and Pippi
  2. been posting update posts on my fan game
  3. thinking of soft blocking accounts that are just not active.
  4. Posting updates and blog posts
  5. thinking of muting some users.
  6. Got a direct message from someone asking me a personal thing.
  7. I Learned Twitter got a new CEO and I feel this may bring in a new round of bans.


Now that I have no reason to use Facebook as much anymore and post covid 2020 things that happened and given that I don’t talk to anyone there, I thought about wiping the account and just making a new account and just following some people.

Not much here to say, to be honest. I will see what I will do. At the most, I will change my Facebook profile.


I have been blogging more and I have been growing as a blogger, from what I understand. I have been leaving comments on other bloggers’ blog posts and having a fun chat. I reached some crazy goals

  1. I am close to 200 followers
  2. I reached 14,000 + views
  3. Irina commented on a blog post of mine. Which was pretty rad.
  4. 2021 being what it is has been an interesting year for my blog. It has been getting seen by a lot of eyes, which is scary but cool.

game dev

Time to recap things I added to Sonic Vania to feel like a Metroidvania or had something close to it.

  1. There is a fire debuff. You take fire damage every so often.
  2. There is an ice area if you stand in it, it will build up a bar which will show how cold you are. If you let the bar fill up, you will take ice/frost damage and it lasts much longer than the fire debuff.
  3. Enemies can’t die yet and they do not lose hp but the common enemies can attack if you get too close.
  4. Titles are a working feature that adds or subtracts from the player stats.
  5. Stats work the same in Castlevania. Two points in Strength (STR) will add one point to your base attack power.
  6. Added in story
  7. new effects and content
  8. adding a new power soon

Dae’s text-based RPG

I will start working on a text-based RPG and get the core engine down first and work on that to have a base ready to roll with. I also have to assume that browsers can read cookies to save the game data or this will be for nothing.

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis unit simulator for Witching Hour (Canceled?)

I was making a simple Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis augments / unit simulator for the guild, Witching hour. And that was the plan. Because some of the members don’t know how to gear up or don’t want to gear up and waste other people’s time in urgent quests.

I added in all the augments for the current new genesis, but ran into some issues and a thought came across my mind. I’m making an app / html5 app and spending a lot of time on something that’s not gonna get used to.

If I do fix the bugs and issues, I’m going to release it on my server and this seems selfish but eh.

Genshin impact

I have been farming Genshin Impact nonstop. And doing events and leveling up. My progress list is probably short but I will try to list things I have done in order or close to it.

  1. I got Razor to C2
  2. I pulled Hu Tao and her weapon on her re-run banner
  3. I pulled a lot of 4-star weapons
  4. I pulled Kokomi during her banner when she first came out. She is very fun.
  5. I have two teams built. (two DPS’s and 3 support characters) I am working on others.
  6. I got most of the character’s talent from level 6 to level 8. I might max out Hu Tao’s talents since I got five crowns.
  7. I’m ranked 7 in the Serenitea Pot
  8. I’m saving up to pull for itto arataki in genshin*
  9. I pulled mona in the standard banner. She is C1 now.
  10. Started playing Genshin Impact with Tez. I don’t mind playing with him.
  11. I have been playing Genshin Impact with Daestar. I mean, I have been playing with JetDaBear and his friends, and it has been a blast.
  12. I cleared the event by myself. I got to a point where I can now do some / maybe new content without help.
  13. I almost got the perfect set for Hu Tao. The 4 pieces crimson witch set.
  14. Hu Tao is 81 / 90 and about to help get her talents to level 9 and level 10 later on.
  15. I pulled Eula
  16. Noelle is C6 and can do damage now.
  17. Yanfei is C1
  18. Rosaria is c2
  19. Sakura tree is level 22
  20. Going to try to get Itto, and I think I might be done with genshin. I got a team build and I can take on content like events or story content.

Honkai Impact

I recalled Aluria talking about Honkai Impact 3rd a few times. I also watched JetDaBear stream it and said they had room for me to join them in their Honkai Impact guild. And I have thought about playing Honkai Impact after watching the stream, and the game looks fun. I don’t know how well this game may run on my pc/laptop

It’s genshin Impact but much faster. A hack and slash RPG gacha but with waifus. I don’t know if the game is designed the same as Genshin Impact or other games. But I’m willing to try it out for the sake of it.

Final Fantasy 14

Oh man, it is time. I have joined the realm of Final Fantasy 14 since Hyper never wants to do anything lol. I think this is a better option and got something to do. Final Fantasy 14 has been a blast so far, I have been enjoying this a lot more than Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis

And I am already level 21, the lore, music, combat is a blast to me, I have found an MMORPG that I truly enjoy. I tried Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) back when it was coming out and after. The game was not fun and ran poorly on my pc. But with FF14, the game runs well with no lag or issues I had with ESO.

I am still free to try player but once I get close to the max level for free users being level 60 with a few classes, I will buy/use sub and get the most out of ff14. And I can’t wait.


Ah, yes. A certain person is not going to like this section or doesn’t care, which both work for me. I am done with the site. I had “fun” there, but I was already not feeling the competitive drive anymore as some people ruined that for me.

And it is kind of sad. Before cyberscore got attacked, I got back into the groove of doing stuff for Cyberscore by starting with Sonic CD. And when I heard that Cyberscore got attacked, that killed my drive to continue for a site I am no longer fond of.

I guess it was a cruel fate that what happened to cyberscore happened. Oh well, what can you do? Move on and hope for the best. And I want to say a certain person played a role in helping me make this choice.

Thinking if things would be different

Things that have been on my mind and sometimes come up which I kind of been pondering. And I may as well say it here.

I wonder if things would be different if I treated bet as a friend instead of a lover, maybe we would be closer as friends and not have this weird type of ghosting / awkward friendship going on. It is funny, she reminds me of Shaive as he does the same thing. Would we be better friends? Would the outcome be different? Who knows but it is too late to care.

I wonder what would life be like if I took Phil’s, Onyx’s, and even Shane’s side? How different would things be or would they be different at all? Would I have them as friends instead of the people I know now? I will never know.

And of course, Hyper. I have to wonder if I never got in the middle of the whole Hyper vs flying-fox all those years ago, would I still be friends with her or would it still be the same but prolonging the same outcome? Most likely Hyper would still be the same so nothing would change on his end. Maybe we would be enemies or not. lol.

Last self reflect

And I had time to reflect and I find it funny. I was holding on to the past which they had long since moved on and I guess I am just bummed out that a lot of projects I had planned will never see the day of light.

And now that I think about it, I made a lot of things because of love and now that I’m no longer in love. It’s awkward having these things around since they were made for a reason. And I suppose I should delete them as there is no point in keeping something that was made for a reason that is no longer there.

And the last thing I came to terms with is to let go of people who long since stopped holding on, I have to let go of someone since it is a waste of time to hold on to memories and a person who has moved on and had already let go a long time. It is more silly to keep holding on to someone who has moved on.

Am I sad? No. Am I miffed? A bit but it is my fault. Looking back, I was holding on to memories and a person with rose-tinted glasses and thinking about it. Memories were me bringing my ex into a call and me, boring them for hours, or watching them play a game or they are watching me play a game, And the more I think about it the more it annoys me that I broke down over a breakup.

Should I ever have a bad relapse on Twitter It means it is time to move on and I just have to leave them alone and stop tweeting them. they found other people to talk with and I guess I should too. I am prob overthinking this but they seem happy/active if I am not around. I should think about this later. Again, probably assuming.

I have no ill will toward any one but just stating how I feel and my thoughts.

Going forward with 2022

I guess 2020, 2021 have been eye-opening years for me. From events surrounding it to the people, I have talked with. I learned a bit more, and I’m a bit warier about who I spend or invest time into. I have invested time into the wrong people and this has normally backfired. It is mostly with new friends that I feel this way. Hyper is on my radar. :3

I want to see what 2022 can bring to this world. Maybe find some new friends who are not a pain to deal with or find a new path in my life, I have to wait and see what 2022 will bring. Several things I had planned seemed like they won’t happen now. And I will have to go on, without them or do some things myself.

It’s time to leave some people alone, or it is clear they don’t want to be bothered by me anymore, and maybe I am misreading things, but that’s it, huh? I wore out my welcome. It’s interesting. It was fate that brought us together and it is fate that undid that. Funny how that works. Oh well. I will see what awaits me in 2022 with friends or without. Stay safe, viewers.