Veredilia The Sacred Forest CGS 2021 demo

I have been putting this off for a good while. And I want to share my thoughts because why not. I like the first demo way back then, and I still feel the same, somewhat. This demo got entered in an indie game showcase called CGS. (Chao Games showcase)

well-timed screenshot. I’m keeping this in.

In the second demo, you get a complete stage with a boss at the end. Three playable characters, and you get a normal/hard mode and some other features. When you start the game, you can pick one of the three characters and see their stats. Once someone is selected, you will enter the hub world where you can play around with the character or go to the act.

For this post, I will be using Vancouver The Kitsune on normal mode. She is a good character for exploring stages. She has a charge jump, a double jump that floats up and down, a dive kick, and great healing. As a defense base character, she is good. As an offensive character, she has a poor range with some enemies who move a lot. But she can make up with the moveset she has. It feels ready for close range. She is better as the defensive character. That’s what I think, her speed is average, but she is fun.

She also has a special move that stuns the enemy for a few seconds and does some damage but is used to walk by enemies without fighting, but there is no use for it, as far as I can see. If it had an aoe effect where if all enemies are stunned in an enemy rush room. (kill all the enemies) You could exit that room without fighting. That’s me.

Ah, yes. To the new level. Misty view side. It’s an open level with a good amount of paths to take. There are pits, but you have to actively go to the bottomless pits since water is in place to keep you afloat. There is a good amount of platforming. Nothing bad.

But man. If I said in the last post that this game gave me freedom planet / spark the electric jester vibes. I get way more freedom planet vibes here. Again, it’s not a bad thing. It’s a good game, and I can see freedom planet in the cracks of this game.

The boss opening reminds me of the Mantalith boss from freedom planet, and on normal mode, the boss is not bad. But on hard difficulty. And using Vancouver. It’s not fun, but I’m going off of memory here.

I think the level is alright for what it is. It does overstay its welcome a bit if it is your first time playing, and if you are rushing from point A to point B, it should take 6 to 8 mins to clear the stage. I have not tried getting 100% in the level yet, and that may take a bit longer, I can’t say. I even did a “speedrun” with Vancouver.

I should mention the other characters, Rein The Caribou and Toronto The Caribou.

Rein is a well-rounded character with good/ok stats and Toronto is your powerhouse, his healing is poor but his power can make up for it. And Rein’s and Toronto’s remind me of a platform fighter moveset. It was interesting, they like zero and sonic characters mashed together, but that is fine.

And as for bugs that are worth mentioning, granted. You probably know about them, but I should point them out just in case, you know? And now that I think about it, I think I ran into two bugs. One is minor and one major.

Toronto can get out of bounds/skip parts of levels

I will show off some gifs here. And maybe this is not a bug, but being able to get out of bounds or skip bits and parts of a level may be a thing you may want to check out.

You can get a better combo ranking score

When you attack enemies, you build up a combo bonus that gets you an x number of points based on the number of hits. If you stop, it will give a rank for your hits then give you a score. You can hit enemies to keep the counter going. Got an awful combo count? Find the closest enemy, and attack them to change it to a better combo bonus. It’s not a game-breaking bug, but I figured I would bring it up.

My final thoughts

I think this is a pretty good update, and this is the same guy who made Sonic and Shantae fan games, and crazy to see such a leap from then to now. And by no means am I a good reviewer. I’m just a guy who loves to share his dumb opinion and projects with the world.

Keep up the rad work, my good sir.

Link to game:



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