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Let’s start the scene here. It was a normal day in Witching Hour as the guild was talking about nothing important to me. I guess there is a reason why I mute this server’s general chat. Nothing important to me, anyway.

Editor note: Hey, hi. This is just my long winded opinion/reply. There is no ill will here to anyone. ouo

So some witching hour members were talking about drinking after some were talking about something else. It’s amazing how fast the conversation can shift, and I decided to throw in my two cents, and why I don’t like drinking.

It was like a ha ha comment that was a simple opinion but then, the unthinkable happened. The smol one gave their opinion. How dare they. Having an opinion different from my opinion, in 2021? A sin, and the nerve. But I’m kidding. I don’t mind if people drink as long as they ain’t shit heads but now, let get to the topic here.

I said “I never drink. I just watch others do it and I get to see the real them.” See, I don’t have time to come up with a full response on the spot/fly.

What do I mean by the real them? 50 % or less are people who have self-filters on themselves to more or less censor what they say. I know I do this often. These are normally good.

Now, from my understanding, when people drink, and only when they are drunk (Sometimes), the filters that people have on themselves may go out the window, and I say “may”, as each person is different, and this is an interesting topic, but as someone outside looking in. I can have an opinion on this.

Tim: Well yes but actually no. You never drank alcohol, you can’t have an opinion. I should know, I drank before.

I agree, I can’t have an opinion on something I never tried or done.

Tim: oh. That was easy. Huh.

But, that’s not going to stop me from having an opinion on the internet, Tim.

Drinking can have odd effects on certain people or may not. If they are serious. Drinking may make them unwind. If they are feeling down, it may pick them up. If people are nice, it may bring out a fighter in them. That is not to say that drinking is the cure-all; because it is not. Drinking is done, with friends, on special holidays, events, or just when you want a drink if you drink alcohol.

Sometimes people drink alcohol as a stress reliever. Or drink when they are just pissed off or upset, and that cools them off. Though, this is a slippery slope that can snowball out of control. Sometimes some people can rely too much on alcohol to cheer themselves up or help get rid of their stress that can be dangerous.

We had a guild member that would drink when they got mad, And it was sad that drinking was their only way to cool down when playing a game, And that is not healthy. I’m not here to tell someone; to not drink alcohol.

I guess, in a way, why I am so against drinking is because of my Ex-GF. It’s weird saying that, but she told me the negatives and dangers of drinking. And it stuck with me, to be honest. And I would be lying if I said I wanted to buy alcohol, but I don’t touch the stuff. It is just something that is rooted in my mind.

I have to say, this is an unusual topic for my blog, and chances are I will never make a post like this again for a while. I have to thank elpha since they gave me a reason to compose this blog post. Something I was going to ignore. Something about Elpha lit a fire within me to create this because I wanted to say a whole lot.

Elpha, you are one of many who can do such a feat. But that’s all I wanted to say. And this is just the bare surface, as there is more, like alcohol addiction, alcohol abuse, and how this can lead down a dark road in the wrong hands if the person does not have self-control and lets their life be consumed by alcohol.

Smug Anime GIF - Smug Anime GIFs

Well, at least, it’s not Twitter. It’s just smol goblin asserting dominance, is all. And this was what sparked a fire within me to make this blog post. I guess I will tell the goose army then. Looking back, I pretty much said what Elpha said but way more long winded.

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