Phantasy Star Online 2 – Witching Hour log #5

It was fun making logs about Witching Hour progress, I think it is time to slow down on making Witching Hour logs. And so, this will be the last Witching Hour log, it’s fun to log the worthwhile events if any, but I want to go back to pre-Witching Hour logs where I noted my dumb progress. Lol.

Each day will be logged that I play or try to play. I want to make that clear that this was done on ship 1.

This log will be different, as this will be about my thoughts and progress. and something new at, least. For a last log, this one will be boring.

Day 1 – 06/23/21

Tried to fight the new boss, Gigantix with some people

  • was not strong yet and got one-shotted at level 15
  • one of the guild members whining about low-level people fighting a boss in an MMORPG.
  • the day was soured slightly or was slightly annoyed.

Spent money on the AC scratch

  • Got 2 things I wanted from the wedding banner.
  • The rest of the items are not good or junk items

Got the luster class in base Phantasy Star Online 2 to level 75

  • The next goal is getting to level 85
  • making a lightweave gunblade

Phantasy Star Online 2:New Genesis

  • Got rod to level 30+.
  • got a level 16 hunter class
  • level 12 force class
  • Saw a level 64 gigantix

I queued up for an Urgent Quest in New Genesis with randos

  • I noticed 25% of the time, I queue up with randos
  • I had ok time with randos
  • S rank

Bonus stuff – Some Witching Hour members following me on social media

  • Fofamit followed me on Twitter (Although Onychaos is an account I left, so you are following a dead account, lol)
  • koukideeznutz followed me on
  • I am unsure as to why both follow me, Fofa follows adult artists, and I’m not an artist, lol. And Kouki follows me because ???

Things I noticed

  • A lot of elitist players are cropping up, even some of Witching Hour members is starting to reek of elitist stink
  • A lot of players being assholes, and talking down to others
  • Fofamit doing lewd like normal.
  • Ever since New Genesis dropped, the vibe in the guild shifted pretty quickly

Day 2 – 06/24/21

Did not play Phantasy Star Online 2 today

  • had fun playing terraria with a great friend
  • Phantasy Star Online 2 getting a weather update

Day 3 – 06/25/21

Played Phantasy Star Online 2:New Genesis

  • Level 17 hunter
  • Talked to Vair for a good bit.
  • Level 13 Force

Day 4 – 06/26/21

played Phantasy Star Online 2 today

  • Forming a party is becoming less fun each day
  • Level 18 hunter
  • level 40 Foursis rod
  • level 30 Arga unit
  • I joined the public room for an urgent quest. I can do an urgent quest pretty well in public.

Day 5 – 06/27/21

Played Phantasy Star Online 2

  • I “helped” killed Gigantix two times
  • failed to kill it again due to everyone getting dc’d
  • players lured over a veteran bujin which caused players to disconnect.
  • Saw elitist players blame gunners for not being able to kill the boss in time while dodging a veteran bujin that someone lured over.
  • Level 14 Force
  • did my daily quests

Day 6 – 06/28/21

Played more Phantasy Star Online 2

  • I Reached battle power 1300 or greater
  • I “helped” killed a gigantix two times
  • added better affixes
  • level 17 Belta unit
  • Level 18 Sheza unit
  • got a gigantix unit and wand

Had an interesting talk with Vair and by proxy, Elpha. Still need to reply to their message on discord. The talk helped clear up some things and made me happy.

  1. Vair became Dr.Phil that day. Lol
  • Got a rare pull on the free banner, Eyebrows.
  • Killed Gigantix with Dae and Vair and some members from lol. Panda was the only one I liked from lol guild.

I saw Rox left the Witching Hour to make their own guild called “rox fox box”. It is w/e. I want to see how long this lasts, and given how my experience with seeing Rox’s actions. I am unsure.

  • Got a second Gigantix unit
  • Level 19 hunter
  • almost level 15 Force
  • killed gigantix again, clearing my limited time quest for killing a gigantix five times
  • recorded some gameplay of Gigantix for youtube

Day 7 – 06/29/21

Played Phantasy Star Online 2

  • Got my third gigantix unit
  • killed Gigantix with Dae, Vair, Fofamit

did the Nex Vera Urgent Quest with Witching Hour

  • 1) I’m not a fan of breaking the dragon’s tail, and wings.
  • 2) had a fun time making a party, since there were people who wanted to party up. :3
  • thinking of using the gigantix units, but I don’t know if they are worth using
  • killed some veteran monsters with Dae, Vair, and grim.
  • Uploaded another video Witching Hour related

Day 8 – 06/30/21

playing Phantasy Star Online 2:New Genesis

  • Level 15 Force
  • almost level 20 Hunter
  • the need for me to play base Phantasy Star Online 2 is not as strong
  • Got cat armor

Day 9 – 07/01/21

played today

  • did my daily quests
  • level 20 hunter
  • lost my worlds in terraria because I was trying to cheese the system with backup but windows 10 is dumb
  • No good pulled in free banner

Day 10 – 07/02/21

playing Phantasy Star Online 2:New Genesis

  • level 17 force
  • played Phantasy Star Online 2 with my friend, mastakirby
  • found out more people left Witching Hour

joined an Urgent Quest with Baba, it was not bad.

  • 1) there was lag, but it was not too bad
  • Fought gigantix with Witching Hour
  • Do not like fighter class, techter class, and ranger class
  • I joined Elpha’s tower climbing event, I think I will leave these events alone, as they are not for me, and can’t win it lol.

Day 11 – 07/03/21

Playing Phantasy Star Online 2

  • done my daily/weekly

Day 12 – skipped

Day 13 – 07/05/21

playing Phantasy Star Online 2

  • Joined Dae party because baba got dc’d
  • did my daily quests
  • almost level 18 force

Day 14 – 07/06/21

playing Phantasy Star Online 2

  • did my dailies
  • joined dae’s party
  • Level 18 force

Day 15 – 07/07/21

playing Phantasy Star Online 2

Did some of the event quests

  • 1) they seem ok for quests.
  • 2) Got the new event lighting twin guns
  • level 19 force
  • got a new outfit
  • joined Aluria’s party with Baba party
  • I got 21k event points

Day 16 – 07/08/21

playing Phantasy Star Online 2

  • did my daily quests and daily gathering
  • Hunter, gunner are maxed level
  • I joined Nyx and Aluria on a veteran and mat hunt
  • 1)Nyx and Aluria were cool with me joining the party, they were just cool people that let me tag along to help out
  • 2) they were funny and silly.

Day 17 – 07/09/21

playing Phantasy Star Online 2

  • did Urgent Quest with randos
  • joined Aluria for farming
  • 1) Baba joined us
  • level 20 force
  • killed gigantix two times with a friend
  • level 10 fighter
  • joined a party with Rhana, fofamit, and someone else
  • 1) It was fast but nothing fun

Day 18 – 07/10/21

playing Phantasy Star Online 2

  • level 11 fighter
  • joined Aluria and co for an Urgent Quest,
  • joined Aluria, fofamit, and someone else for taking down gigantix
  • learned something that makes me question a lot here.
  • formed a party with fofamit, disagree, and another member

we all had a very good talk and made a new group. Aluria, elpha, dae c:

  • 1) this means Secret feelings I kept hidden, Elpha knows or will know
  • 2) will open up more towards Aluria, Dae op, And Elpha. But only them for the moment.
  • the log will be edited and everything before this point will be changed. Things are about to get Thanos snapped.

Day 19 – 07/11/21

playing Phantasy Star Online 2

  • level 12 techter
  • formed and joined a lot of Urgent Quests today
  • did almost all my daily stuff

Day 20 – 07/12/21

playing Phantasy Star Online 2

  • Very sleepy and seemed to annoyed fofa, hue.
  • Formed a party to do Urgent Quest
  • can’t call Elpha smol butt since they know my weakness…is what I would have said. Haha! :3
  • level 13 techter
  • did daily stuff with Witching Hour
  • did an Urgent Quest tonight
  • Elpha pulled in a new member

Played base Phantasy Star Online 2

  • playing the game felt weird since I was used to New Genesis. Lol
  • learned I need only one gun blade for luster
  • forgot how to use phantom in my playstyle

Day 21 – 07/13/21

playing Phantasy Star Online 2

  • join Aluria, fofamit, and the rest of Witching Hour crew members on a veteran monster hunt.
  • Do not like the lighting based twin guns…yet

Fofamit gave me “advice” on what lighting tech to use

1) Fofa wanted me to use the AOE/DOT lighting tech

2) I don’t like it yet, I will go back to my style or try to add it in later

  • joined Aluria on a veteran monster hunt

formed a party with Aluria because people in Witching Hour don’t like to speak up.

1) Gonna have to dock points for that one, Elpha. 10 baka points. Heh.

2) had fun though

Dae joined me and Aluria as we killed a gigantix monster in the west

1) Dae op

there was one last Gigantix before the server goes down for maintenance

1) there was no Gigantix.

Day 22 – 07/14/21

playing Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis

  • did my daily quests
  • going to do my event daily stuff
  • not much going on.
  • Party up with Baba and co
  • killed 3 gigantix’s with the randos and Witching Hour
  • I did my quest stuff
  • I wish users would just let people play how they want to play without being condescending and handholding
  • I am warming up to a few select members

played base Phantasy Star Online 2

  • I could not get into the mood to farm exp for luster

Day 23 – 07/15/21

playing Phantasy Star Online 2

I spent the rest of my money on Phantasy Star Online 2 AC

  • I got a good/ok hairstyle and a bad one

I got 3 kitsune tails And Crymaria hairstyle thanks to Aluria for letting me know about the good prices

  • I killed veteran monsters and gigantix with Witching Hour and randoms
  • I did a fun Urgent Quest with Ari, Wren, Zen, and Aluria
  • we killed the dumb dragon on the lone island
  • took a ton of pictures with Aluria

  • the fate of Phantasy Star Online 2 worries me.

I Started an Urgent Quest

  1. 12 users were online, fofamit was busy/skipping, someone said they will join if someone needs to do an Urgent Quest, Devil did not say anything till someone in my party asked them
  2. only 3 users out of 13 (23%)join because ratzer came back from afk while we were during the Urgent Quest. This was from 4:45 pm to 5:00 PM EST (setup phase) 3/4
  3. the fact you have to call out a user by their name instead of them answering a call to do an Urgent Quest. I mean, I’m not a teacher calling out a student in the class. Lol. Oh well

joined baba, elpha, aluria on doing quests

  1. I joined them to do daily quests
  2. we went to the mountain to farm points
  3. I offered to make a second party for Kaguya

3.1 – I got a message that said you can’t add Kaguya to a party

3.2 – if this means what I think it means, this is a win. I mean if I am blocked, my vow as a mod to them will be null and void. And one less person to worry about.

Hahaha Laugh GIF - Hahaha Laugh Funny GIFs

Urgent Quest has started

  • offered to make the second party. Crickets

Todd asked to be invited to party for Urgent Quest

1 – he is in the wrong block when he asked

2 – does not let me know he is in the correct block

3 – does not let me know he found a party, is radio silent

4 – todd is not the only member to do this. Whatever.

Docking points on Witching Hour. 7.8/10(7.0/10) > 6.8/10(6.0/10)

Day 24 – 07/16/21

playing base Phantasy Star Online 2

  • I got my last klutz unit
  • I logged onto Phantasy Star Online 2 base game to get this drop. Lol

playing Phantasy Star Online 2

  • I joined Aluria, and had a talk about the fate of po2 and sega being dumb
  • I joined by arisu, and tiny butt, elpha to hunt monsters
  • I killed gigantix with the gang

formed a party with flo, and some members of 3rd Gen Phoenix

  • Some of the members of 3rd Gen Phoenix seem like tight asses/ trying hard to be cool, but the members I party up with were cool.
  • I saw Kota was in fox nest.

I notice a lot of guild users are coming to the base, and I don’t know why but I got a bad feeling that all it takes is one bad actor in a guild to set off a chain of events.

  • No one has dm/pm me their issues. I can relax.
  • I got 5 ex cubes

Day 25 – 07/17/21

playing Phantasy Star Online 2

  • I did daily junk at almost reset
  • Grim helped out with the last daily question
  • I killed a gigantix monsters with Witching Hour
  • I killed veteran monsters
  • level 15 techter
  • I’m going to level up ranger now. HEAVY FORESHADOWING
  • I have no interest in users flexing in some way. +5 to ignore.

Urgent Quest time

  1. was told by told an Urgent Quest was up
  2. I logged on to help but had little time because I have to cook and stuff
  3. I have Grim, todd, and devil in my party.
  4. no one was around or was afk / busy at 3:45 pm I got on at 3:50 pm to be safe
  5. we waited, and joined Urgent Quest

5.1 saw another guild 8/8

5.2 they left 4/8

5.3 grim suggest we re-group

5.4 Robin Jones (Ranatosk) was not happy that no one waited for him/her

5.5 I was not around when they said they would go afk, can’t get mad at me

5.6 fofa got online and we regrouped

captain ony sends the mpa ship into the iceberg

6.1 Fofa is party 2

6.2 I place a spotlight on them

6.3 fofa and I told robin they can join fofamit’s

6.4 robin said it was fine and did not join because they didn’t care or was no longer in the mood

6.5 fofa has Arisu, another member ¾

6.6 forgot to tell fofamit to let me know when they are ready

6.7 todd is wondering if there is going to be an Urgent Quest

6.7.1 I have run this mpa ship into said iceberg and chaos has begun

6.8 fofamit backed out of the Urgent Quest and we were at 4:22 pm 8 mins

6.9 we got on track. Everyone else help saved the sinking ship I created. 7/8 (87.5 / 100)

6.9.1 I think I annoyed robin

I am a bad captain when I have to rush, lol.

I got back on Phantasy Star Online 2

Did an Urgent Quest with Aluria

  1. Urgent Quest forming went a whole lot better
  2. Aluria gave me some tips for doing Urgent Quest and armor
  3. went by pretty fast
  4. had fun, lol
  5. level 11 ranger

farming on Phantasy Star Online 2

  1. went to the mountain to get a free pse

1.1 Pse was 4/5

1.2 got 3 units as fodder

1.3 was a short but fun session

Day 26 – 07/18/21

Gigantix spawned on me when I was getting rocks

  1. I gave it 3 mins before attacking it and tried to solo Gigantix
  2. Oh… this is fine.
  3. told members Gigantix was up but no one answered
  4. Arisu showed up and being rad
  5. the room got full after 5 mins of fighting the Gigantix
  6. I got a rare drop from Gigantix but it was unit

daily stuff done

  • Gigantix loves aluria

Gigantix bully

  1. while gathering, one has spawned in lol
  2. Gigantix all night long
  3. Oruq Gigantix sucks lol

Elpha made a big friend

  1. level 64 Gigantix hugged Elpha and their friends
  2. met a cool user named Revy
  3. watched elpha get booped a lot
  • level 12 ranger

I did an Urgent Quest with Witching Hour and a member of 3rd gen

  • 1.1 – it went well.

I got everything I want out of Phantasy Star Online 2 so far, and by proxy, base Phantasy Star Online 2 since the base Phantasy Star Online 2 affixes for endgame are out of my reach.


  • Oruq Gigantix sucks
  • killed Gigantix’s again with Witching Hour and randos

we need to clear up what “north” means.

1. I get confused and go to the wrong north

2. I wonder if it is north wetlands or north after the wetlands

  • got cat unit to +40 with fixa guard level 2
  • got dc’d from the game
  • Got more bp. Found users flexing bp, pointless and reason to ignore them

Day 27 – 07/19/21

learned last night

  1. users often stand around during an Urgent Quest
  2. users say nothing rather than speak up
  3. some users are there but rather not ask for Urgent Quest
  4. some users are there but when asking who needs a party, they do not answer


  1. level 13 ranger
  2. killed Gigantix monsters with Witching Hour
  3. cattleya is +40
  4. got another ex cube
  5. aluria and I went on a reactor hunt

Skipped Urgent Quest

it is not much for me to report on

  1. Not much to talk about Witching Hour, or anything interesting-wise.
  2. The only thing I see is battle power being flexed, or users trying way too hard
  3. I do not have an interest in users who try too hard, not my thing.
  4. Flogubs and Zynzen seem like cool people. I will try to do quests with them to get an impression of them.
  5. Coach Nuri is someone I have seen on the server and is someone I never talked to.

Day 28 – 07/20/21


  1. did an Urgent Quest while it was late
  2. talked to some members
  3. got to play Phantasy Star Online 2 with Aluria
  4. there are a lot of hardcore players in Witching Hour
    4.1 – don’t vibe with them
    4.2 – there is a reason why I rarely ask for advice or tips in the Witching Hour server or guild chat
  5. two users from Reddit are in the guild. Oh boy.
  6. Joined Aluria in fighting a Gigantix but got dc’d lol
  7. servers are down

Day 29 – 07/21/21


did an Urgent Quest with randos in New genesis

  1. it was a fun run
  2. was not in the mood to run with Witching Hour members, and just woke up.
  3. got 9:24 as a clear time (not flexing. I have to put that out there, lol)
  4. made a video for youtube
  5. Did the Urgent Quest without the hero dae. I became my own hero.

Flo said Gigantix spawned

  1. “Gigantix is in wetlands” but I did not see it.
  2. goes to central to look for Gigantix
  3. is then jumped, by said Gigantix
  4. I know how Vegeta felt now when fighting Broly in fighterz
  5. we killed it. Was crazy, but fun

met a friend

  1. party up with Crimsonjdr
  2. did some monster-slaying in the lab
  3. had a fun talk
  4. he joined fox nest but we are still cool friends. :3

played base Phantasy Star Online 2

  1. joined Nyx, Elpha, Aluria
  2. Killed Urgent Quest boss Luther
  3. killed the black dragon
  4. had to leave but not without calling elpha smol

An Urgent Quest started

  1. asked to form 3rd party
  2. No one speaks or comes
  3. Lytning Volt wants to join but says nothing to me, and disagree come to join
  4. Cain is a silly person
  5. Elpha told Baba could join my party but turned down the offer

Day 30 – 07/22/21

end goal

beaten base Phantasy Star Online 2

  1. did not want to beat base Phantasy Star Online 2 because there was something to complete.
  2. Story was neat

waiting for Nex Vera Gigantix

  1. 50/50 Oruq or Nex Vera
  2. the waiting room is back
  3. got Nex Vera to spawn
  4. not fond of him moving all around
  5. had to tell who he will hit
  6. the drops were nothing of note, from my point of view
  7. it seems like you are better off fighting the other Gigantix monsters

Nex Vera Suppression Op Urgent Quest is up

  1. people are not afk
  2. people are speaking up for Urgent Quest
  3. only 3 users didn’t want to do the Urgent Quest
  4. not a fan of users having to stay behind because people don’t / want to join
    4.1 – will make this a self-rule, if there are parties of 3 / 4. I should not join or give up my spot
    4.2 – users get left out, and that bugs me

went to base Phantasy Star Online 2 to take pictures

  1. was ok, lol.

Another Command DOLLS Suppression Op Urgent Quest

  1. I learned fofamit has a favorite officer named Aluria, interesting, but probably a good thing
  2. 6/8 but, wayuz came to join, as well as Nyx
  3. it went well
Hibiki Blank Stare GIF - Hibiki BlankStare Anime GIFs

I am getting sick of Phantasy Star Online 2

bonus day – 07/23/21

Urgent Quest starting up

  1. it started well
  2. took a while to party up.
  3. Tired of waiting. Ask for users to come to me. Some users don’t / won’t listen
  4. getting evil
  5. it is done. drops gasoline

killed a “gold” veteran Waulon

  1. 1 vs 1 with Waulon
  2. a Gigantix has spawned in wetlands
  3. goes to help but wanted to kill the Waulon
  4. help killed the Gigantix in wetlands
  5. returned to find that Waulon is not dead
  6. killed Waulon

another storm happened

  1. a Gigantix Nogleth spawned by forest
  2. told aluria and had to play keep away till aluria gets here
  3. died but had a doll on me but the rain has stopped
  4. Aluria made it, and Kragwulf joined

an Urgent Quest started soon after the last one

  1. I was in Aluria party
  2. 7/8 members. Others were asleep, did not answer, or away
  3. Urgent Quest went well but I’m started to get jaded with New Genesis

I dislike some things

  1. Some users seem to not listen
  2. It is why I rarely talk because I mean, who listens. Shrugs
  3. But it is whatever.

End progress

So, I think this is where I want to cut the log saga here. I figured I would make a log around or centered on things I have done in or with the Witching Hour and was something I meant to do as a one-off thing. But things got fun and enjoyed making mini progress logs on this guild. (Something I really cared about. Lol.)

But, with how things turned out, in some cases, and still turning out. Some people who made my time here in the guild fun and lively have long since left, and along with them, my need to make logs around Witching Hour. These logs are nothing special, only one or two users read these.

I guess in a way, you reached the end of my Witching Hour logs. I will still make a log on Phantasy Star Online 2, but they will just update logs pre Witching Hour, I will mention Witching Hour if they help out and whatnot.

This log was gonna be much longer, as I have written down way more thoughts, and how I felt about the guild and other things related. This was “resolved” in a private group but I think of it like a bandaid. These thoughts and feelings still ring true to me. But it is time to close my thoughts and feelings back off to the world once again.

Only things worth mentioning

Daestar is a pimp.

  1. has girls and guys hovering around him like bees. Often users from a different guild

Elpha is a silly witch, and that is normal. They are also s mol

Gigantix really do love Aluria

Well, not much more to say here. Not much for me to log. Not much for me to note. This is our stop for now, thank you for reading up to this point. Returning to posting normal Phantasy Star Online 2 logs on my blog and Twitter account.

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