[blu] Elsword log

So, Elsword has been getting updates, changes, and over all things to make life easy in elsword, although, too little, too late. It is also funny seeing some elsword elitists get so worked over opinions on a video game. There can be a whole post on these users, and how petty they can be or act. But this post is not about them.

Logging into elsword and playing after five months of stopping.

I will be logging in and doing content. Time to see how useful [blu] is this time. this is a progress log.

Day 1 – 06/09/21 of 11:33:56 PM

The new Qol patch dropped and now things are easy

Got unique EE finally

Day 2 – 06/15/21 of 11:33:56 PM

Rigomor shoes are Stage 15

Survival of the cold title count: 32824 / 50000

I have a bad impression on some blu members

Blu guild support: 0 / 15

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Phantasy Star Online 2 – Witching Hour log #5

It was fun making logs about Witching Hour progress, I think it is time to slow down on making Witching Hour logs. And so, this will be the last Witching Hour log, it’s fun to log the worthwhile events if any, but I want to go back to pre-Witching Hour logs where I noted my dumb progress. Lol.

Each day will be logged that I play or try to play. I want to make that clear that this was done on ship 1.

This log will be different, as this will be about my thoughts and progress. and something new at, least. For a last log, this one will be boring.

Day 1 – 06/23/21

Tried to fight the new boss, Gigantix with some people

  • was not strong yet and got one-shotted at level 15
  • one of the guild members whining about low-level people fighting a boss in an MMORPG.
  • the day was soured slightly or was slightly annoyed.

Spent money on the AC scratch

  • Got 2 things I wanted from the wedding banner.
  • The rest of the items are not good or junk items

Got the luster class in base Phantasy Star Online 2 to level 75

  • The next goal is getting to level 85
  • making a lightweave gunblade

Phantasy Star Online 2:New Genesis

  • Got rod to level 30+.
  • got a level 16 hunter class
  • level 12 force class
  • Saw a level 64 gigantix

I queued up for an Urgent Quest in New Genesis with randos

  • I noticed 25% of the time, I queue up with randos
  • I had ok time with randos
  • S rank

Bonus stuff – Some Witching Hour members following me on social media

  • Fofamit followed me on Twitter (Although Onychaos is an account I left, so you are following a dead account, lol)
  • koukideeznutz followed me on twitch.tv
  • I am unsure as to why both follow me, Fofa follows adult artists, and I’m not an artist, lol. And Kouki follows me because ???
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Update log

I wanted to make an update log. And for where I have been and what I am doing. I know it has already been a month since my last blog post, and a lot of stuff has happened/is still happening, and I should get to it. I got a lot of things I want to do or get done.

Things in my life

  • My desk is not up, and unable to use it.
  • 1 – I am supposed to have it up, but no word yet
  • 2 – Family will try to help put my desk up
  • 3 – using a broken mouse for now
  • Currently, my desk is two dinner tray tables

Getting a bank account

  • 1 – getting a credit card
  • 2 – getting an online payment system like PayPal

Getting used to the new home

  • enjoying life

Things in my online life

WordPress related stuff

I noticed my blog has two posts with the most views on my blog

  • 1 – “Seen Lifesfinewhine’s update on WP” and feel Pinterest has added a boost to the view count
  • 2 – Why I still use WordPress, and not Tumblr for now

It is interesting to see these posts with high views, but again, Pinterest has helped a lot because of the gifs in the post, and users view the post and leave. I feel I should delete these pins linking to my post on Pinterest, and remove these gifs in the posts I made.

Blogs posts I got in the works

1 – life blog log

2 – elsword blu log

3 – witching hour log

4 – Sonic fans

5 – SRB2 kart

6 – ???

Twitter / social related

  • I noticed a lot of Twitter users followed my Twitter (Onychaos) when I was getting ready to leave that account. I gave it one full year. But I can’t do it. That account has good memories, bad memories, and people who left or are there that are tied to those memories. I felt it is best to cut some people out of my life, and if they follow me again, I will refollow them but I think this is for the best.
  • Onychaos is not the main account, don’t follow it. Even though, discord users, elsword players, bloggers followed my dead account :(
  • Chaosimpact_ is my new Twitter, I am using it. And a shame people followed the dead account (onychaos)
  • been using discord a lot as of late

Gaming related

  • playing Phantasy Star Online 2
  • played and beaten Terraria
  • 1 – started expert mode
  • “played” elsword
  • Playing Princess & Conquest for a good bit

I just wanted to make a short update log-like blog post since it has been a good while, and I don’t want an inactive blog. Lol, I hope this will be fine till my other posts are ready to be posted. I will see you later with new blog posts, and I will be sure to comment on some blog posts.