Phantasy Star Online 2 – Witching Hour log #4

So, let’s do something a little different. I did give a fair warning that I would do something different, and I think it is time, to be honest, and not hold back. Instead of being a witching hour log, it will be a log and something more later on.

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis launch day

So, after a lot of delays, we got to play pso2:ngs. And there was a ton of lag, and players getting dc’d, but later on, it got better later on during the night when the server became stable. And when the game was not lagging, it ran super well on the steam version, anyway. I tried the Microsoft store new genesis, and it is very laggy, go with the steam version, less laggy in terms of fps.

Killed a level 15 mob at level 10 with other players

I and some low-level players started to take on level 15 monsters, it was a hard but fun battle, we did die a lot but I did enjoy the fight, I learned about my class and how to dodge. Once I get to level 15 or higher, I will give fighting the higher monsters another go.

Witching Hour.

What a guild this is. It has been through things. It dealt with things before I was a part of this guild. Had elitist snobs like KitsuneGirl join and leave, the guild had the wonderful likes of Nara that likes to get shit started, and lucky, they are not part of the guild, plus I am under their radar, which is great for me. I don’t have to deal with them.

And now we come to the next ones. They are not bad but they are overly defensive and I would dare say they can become problematic, if unchecked. I like them but they make a scene, create a mountain out of a molehill.

I am not a fan of people that like to make a scene or get upset over the smallest things which turn into drama and having to see that and try to stop something that should not be an issue is annoying, and I mean it. This stupid petty drama is not needed.

We are here to play a game and have fun. The only reason I have not to block people in the guild is that they are part of the guild, and I need to see what crap they are saying so I can help put a stop to it. I feel that is one con of being a guild admin cause I have to see what everyone is saying, so I can’t block anyone until they leave the guild. That one person might be asking, “why won’t you name them?” They need no name, they have a place in my book.

A witching Hour review coming soon. It will be a very honest review. Holding no punches, this time around. Members of the witching hour will be added to the review, as the members of a guild can affect one’s experience for the better or worse.

Level 15 as a main class, and level 12 subclass.

Grinding my way up to max level, at my own pace, and watching others trying to hit cap asap is funny to me, but that’s them. I will get there at my pace, and I know if I get to a high enough level, I will pop up on people’s radar when a UQ drops but I don’t have high battle power, dang!

I do have plans on trying to get other classes to a level higher than ten, but that will come later on. It is going to be a slow and easy ride from here on out, and that is, again, ok. I’m not trying to rush to cap, and given the lag on the servers are still poor because everyone and their mother has hopped on to ship 1 and 2.

Going back to PSO2?

Base PSO2 is not looking good for me. Everyone is either in Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis (PSO2:NGS) or they are in Base PSO2 trying to sell gear and items to users in B1 and chances that you find anyone doing a UQ seems small, given that most players have what they want in base PSO2 and now they are just trying to earn cash and make mesta for emotes, outfits, hairs, other things, and camos.

Since base pso2 has eight servers now, I will be spending my time in b1 or b2, and trying to get any gear done in the base game, and probably will be doing divides again and other weekly junk, once I hit the level I want in PSO2:NGS.

I feel I am at a point I can only earn money in base PSO2 by selling ac items and burning ex cubes, and getting 12m per stack of ex cubes. I will have to see how the market changes with the big change in base pso2.

I Beaten story mode in pso2:ngs

The story for NGS was interesting. It had a better start to a story but went from 0 to 100 way too soon. You get hooked on a laidback story, then the game throws you a curveball out of nowhere. I want to say the story for pso2:ngs wants to take itself seriously, but at the same time, it is pso2. It wants to be a serious story, and it does have a moment where being serious shines bright, but those are just that, moments.

It is a good story mode that will net you about 7 levels, granted, to beat the story, you need to have high BP (battle power) to progress. Think genshin impact but instead of the story being tied to rank, it is tied to bp. I like the story mode, a little too cheesy, but fine enough to enjoy.

Good Witching Hour members.

This is the thing I wanted to do. Think of it as a shout-out to the witching hour members who are on their best behavior. Pretty much, if you don’t create a scene, or start petty drama, you will pop up on my radar, and I can say “these are great people to know.








These are some good users who are well-mannered, level-headed and don’t make a public scene. We all know that making a scene is annoying, it is not needed, and they know this, but I wish others know this. I am not big on people who like to make a scene or make a mountain out of a molehill which seems to be a case for some people, which I do hate seeing it.

Doing an MPA in NGS is not fun

So when I tried to do a mpa in NGS beta, this was an on-the-fly moment. It was just “hey make a second party and join us, haha.” See, I wasn’t laughing since I had no prior knowledge, and was more or less told to fly when I didn’t know how to fly.

The beta mpa experience for me was, for a lack of a better word, soured. But surely, I hoped that hey, maybe after the beta, it would be easy to understand or be like pso2 where it made sense.

But at the back of my mind, I had a feeling that when NGS came out, my experience with NGS mpa would be the same, but surely the same thing wouldn’t happen again right? Ri– Happened again. Got to a battle power where I can join UQ’s, and hoping those who joined mpa’s would make a guide on how to set this up or where to go.

Nope, learning on the fly mpa’s. And Witching Hour is not at fault here but at the same time. No! Bad Witching Hour, you earned baka points. I have to be honest from NGS cbt to release, this makes me just want to join UQ’s with random players because my experience with doing mpa’s has been soured.

I started to join UQ with random players until I get a better understanding of a mpa in NGS, or till sega fixes their shit. But until then, I will just queue up with random players or join a party. I refuse to deal with making a mpa again. If a UQ happens, gonna wait for a bit.

I even made a video trying to do a mpa on the fly. No idea where to go.

My experience with PSO2:ngs.

So I was so happy that NGS was released sooner than later, it was a game or an update I been waiting for. I have put Genshin, FateGo, and other games to the side, just for PSO2 since I fell in love with the game, and there are things I hate about base pso2 but I still loved it that I dropped other games for PSO2

When I got to play closed beta new genesis, I was not as happy for NGS but I thought that, hey, it is closed beta. Sega seems to place a little more care into PSO2 than the Sonic series.

Day 1:

I was so happy but then the lag happened, during the single-player quests. I gave it a pass because it was day 1, and other days would be better. I kept playing and my impressions went from extremely positive to positive, but I was still happy.

Day 2:

I started to take things slow while some of the WH members began to rush to hit the cap. The little things started to add up, and with me taking my time, I saw all the little things. The lag spikes, the game taking time to register you been hit or you did the damage, players running in place, lag affecting cocoons, affixing bugging out when you try to use an affix +X% capsule, heavy chat delay, switching blocks from base pso2 to pso2:ngs or pso2:ngs to base pso2 may kick you to the title screen, the game has a chance to softlock / freeze up, people getting kick or dc’d.

But I keep going, my impression was the same, but my overall experience was soured and ruined. Oh yeah, there was a Witching Hour member who said “this is a smooth release for an MMORPG” or something along those lines. That pissed me off a bit, for someone to spit out such a bold face lie.

Day 3:

This was the day I was completely done with pso2:ngs. As mentioned way earlier, I tried to do an MPA and it was a shitty experience, the lag came back, if not worst, and I’m sorry, I can’t do this anymore.

I would go play base pso2 but guess what, sega stripped pso2 of blocks, and features. And those who still play base pso2, just hang out in b1 to sell or to scam players, but b1 is almost, if not always full. And for me and players like me who still need VR UQ and normal UQ for mats and other things, I’m just out of luck since most players are already geared with endgame affixes, and they are just going for fashion since they don’t need anything else.

After day 3, my overall experience for pso2 is soured, and my impressions towards Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis is mixed but leaning more to negative. What a mess this is. I can’t say was because more issues are popping up, and the lag is still there.

It is just very disappointing to see something that you were happy to play and try out turn into a dumpster fire.