Witching Hour Thoughts

Hey, it is time for the Witching Hour show “review”, and I don’t want to hold any punches. This will be my experience and how I see the guild. And maybe point out flaws in the guild and the members. The members are something I want to point out, some members can get out of hand, or ruin the experience for others. Just because I am a guild admin in Witching Hour, does not mean I will hold back.

Let’s make sure we are super clear here. These are opinions, and my experience with the guild, these are not a fact but just my thoughts on how I see the guild as a whole. Have to make this clear because some people think opinion = fact.

Editor’s note: I wanted to make a review but this turned out to be more of a free-form rant/thoughts posts, you can look at it as a review but it’s not one, lol.

What is Witching Hour?

Witching Hour was created on march 9th of 2021 by Elphaba.

The Witching Hour is one of many guilds in Phantasy Star Online 2 that offers to help out others, assuming others do their part. But this goes for most guilds, to be honest. And the witching hour is both a social and content guild.

If you ever want people to speak with, you can join a guild, and for the most part, everyone is social in Witching Hour. And if you like to do content, the Witching Hour members have you covered, assuming they are not lazy and are around to help. But they are around to help, most of the time. And I feel the Witching Hour is a good guild for new players.

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Phantasy Star Online 2 – Witching Hour log #4

So, let’s do something a little different. I did give a fair warning that I would do something different, and I think it is time, to be honest, and not hold back. Instead of being a witching hour log, it will be a log and something more later on.

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis launch day

So, after a lot of delays, we got to play pso2:ngs. And there was a ton of lag, and players getting dc’d, but later on, it got better later on during the night when the server became stable. And when the game was not lagging, it ran super well on the steam version, anyway. I tried the Microsoft store new genesis, and it is very laggy, go with the steam version, less laggy in terms of fps.

Killed a level 15 mob at level 10 with other players

I and some low-level players started to take on level 15 monsters, it was a hard but fun battle, we did die a lot but I did enjoy the fight, I learned about my class and how to dodge. Once I get to level 15 or higher, I will give fighting the higher monsters another go.

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Phantasy Star Online 2 – Witching Hour log #3

Hey, it is time for a pso2 log of things that happen or what I did. It will bleed into June, which to say, it will be things I recalled in late May to June. And like always you may learn something new or not. :3

This witching hour log will be about things and stuff. It will be all over the place in terms of mood from the post, and I talk about some drama at the end, keep that in mind, lol. Let’s start

Editor note: There was going to be a whole lot more said here but cut out a lot of things and censored since these posts are meant to be happy. If I do make a log update that is serious and if I don’t post it to the server. That means that the log update is full of unfiltered thoughts. c:

Dae shows off his might, yet again.

The mad lad did the sodam UQ with no units or rings. He was on death’s door a few times but dae plays with fire. Death means nothing to this god, as death fears him. I keep telling Dae he is a good hero but the man thinks I am joking. He is a better hero than me. A true legend that dae has become.

Joining the Kouki’s Birthday Phasion Show EXTRAVAGANZA!!!

I am going to try to win, but I am going up against better players in pso2 fashion, and given some had more time to get what they need for fashion, vs someone who started in April of 2021, the odds are not in my favorite, but can’t hurt to try, I suppose.

If I win, I will be shocked, if I lose, I won’t be too shocked if it happens, it is for fun after all, but having mesta to save up for a strong unit would help out a lot in my case since I would be on the path to getting stronger.

I should probably try to make a few outfits for this contest, and see if I can do my best. Here’s hoping for the best outcome but whatever. :3 I will probably show off my outfits when I lose. I do enjoy the pso2 fashion. :3

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