Phantasy Star Online 2 – Witching Hour log #1

So, it is time for a Witching Hour log. The first log for a guild of stuff I did with or in the guild of witching Hour. And I can have a neat way to show Xahero my gear and stats to help them get a good idea of my stuff.

Table of content

  1. Sodam goo is luck
  2. Soloing divide stage 31 – 35
  3. Witching Hour members.
  4. My PSO2 gear for phantom.

Sodam goo brings good luck?

I have been on a lot of adventures with the Witching Hour and killed Sodam 50+ times. And speaking of Sodam, a cool friend got a klauz unit leg piece with an S8 affix called Sky dance. I am happy for them, and no, I’m not letting this go. I am happy for them, but man. Rng can be something else. If Vair would give me the luck, I can get a drop. I will keep trying to get the drop or end up getting it from solo Sodam or VR (UH) as a drop.

No Way I Refuse GIF - No Way I Refuse Altera GIFs

Soloing divide stage 31 – 35

I soloed stage 31 to stage 35. This is something I thought I would never be able to do on with others, let alone by myself. I have always wanted to do this solo, and I have heard someone in the discord mentioned that they can solo divide.

I have proof, and even though I was unable to kill the boss in time, I managed to get an overall “S” ranking for the final stages and that is something I probably would never have been able to do on my own. I have Witching Hour to thank for being welcoming and not full of elitist users.

Witching Hour members.

After being in the guild longer than a week, and talking to the members. I have a better idea of each user and I know how I feel about them. There are some users I don’t know well enough to form an impression.


Down to earth, relatable, kind, cool, levelheaded, silly. Vair glows with good vibes, and they are very approachable. And they are rad. Been having fun talking to them. We just started talking and since then, playing and talking to them is fun, even though, I said that. A lot of boops and bonks. And super helpful.

Dae or Daethari

Op. the end. I kid. Dae is an interesting character. He is the sugar daddy of the guild witching hour. He has a good aura about him. He reminds me of myself when I was in the Elsword guild, thundercry. I used to fund other people to give them items that they wanted for free or gold.

Dae is an op player who has trained with Shaggy. He has the power of a god, but he is modest. He is a good guy, fun to talk to. And it is fun to toy with him and watching Dae becoming lewd.


This is a user I don’t know much about. I have seen her around but I rarely talk to her. Her aura is unknown to me. I don’t mind her joining my party or joining a party with her. I think once I get to know her and talk to her more. I will have a better understanding of her and might find her approachable. :o

Fry / SuperSerpent.

The legend himself. A man of many masks and faces. The Witching Hour cosplayer. And a damn good one. The lad is funny, and rad to talk to and he is cool. He is a busy lad but when he is on, it is a treat to see his old or new cosplay in action.


At first, I was unsure of this guy. Back when KitsuneGirl was still in the guild and I was still learning pso2. My first impressions of Niko were mixed, but that’s the thing. First impressions change. And after joining Niko in parties and such. He is a cool player. They are alright, classy. And pretty rad.


The other boop queen. Fun to talk with, good vibes, and just silly. :3


A hero with a big heart. Pretty rad. And you get a boop.

Kota / Klutz

An interesting character that I don’t know much about here. A user who is shy and doesn’t like to be called cute. They are something else. They don’t seem hostile but friendly, I will need more info on this character to be able to form an impression of them.

Nuts / Crimson avenger.

Lewd and an unknown user. Dae and crimson seem to have sparks flying when they are in a party. Nuts told Dae not to die in a Sodam fight, but nuts ended up dying in the fight. A lot of lewd tension here. Needs popcorn.

Crim or crimson

Another cool guy. He is someone i talk to in the morning since he whispers me, but i don’t mind talking to him. He is a rad dude. And he likes boops.


Amy is cool. We hug and say hi, and that is the end. Best fox. ouo


this person reminds me of some guild leader from Elsword. We don’t talk that often and they are not a bad person, far from it. I just can’t seem to find them approachable like Dae and Vair. Same like the others, if I talk to them more then they become approachable. And I think Elphaba is the Witching Hour leader or something. still a cool leader tho

My PSO2 gear for phantom.

XA wanted to know my gear and setup. And it is not end game gear affixes but it gets the job done at the end of the day. These affixes are just temporary until I can get better affixes on my armor/units. And may as well show off my skill tree. :o

First is my weapons. I had help thanks to Vair. :3

Now my rings and such. I have to change my rings but here they are

and now for my units, which I have not touched since then.

arm unit ½

leg ½

And now for my skill page. I have 5 free points left but don’t know what to use them in.

This is my character stats and everything. I take the attack boost from the guild tree, the shifta boost from the ship, and add in a shifta custom tech for more power, and proc the lightweave passive. Ouo

I may as well show off the techniques I used and such. These probably will be stronger when I get around to getting max-level techniques and better customs techniques to use later on.

Well, that’s it, huh. Thought it would be a lot more. Oh well. I guess I can say, here’s to PSO2:NGS, and may our adventures be as great or even greater. I shall see you later. :3