PSO2: New Genesis closed beta impressions and bugs

So, it is over. Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis beta. There was a 3 day close beta for pso2: NGS, and during this time, you were meant to find bugs, play around, and do as much as you can, and hope the servers don’t shit the bed. And the Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis beta servers did that from day one up to day three. On the final day, the experience was much better than on day 2.

Alright. Where do I begin with this post? Playing pso2: NGS with some Witching Hours members and mastakirby has been interesting. I should get my thoughts collected since I plan to add this blog to the NGS survey.

Quick edit: Hi, everything you see here is an opinion, and not a fact. This is how I see things and a reminder that opinions are good to have. With that out the way. Here my silly post.

List of content

  1. Classes
  2. Affixing
  3. Combat and feel of the game
  4. Pictures in NGS I took
  5. Bugs and issues


The classes in base pso2 were ok. The one that I played the most that stood out the most was “hunter” this class has a lot of weight behind the attacks, it is slow, heavy, and anything but fun. And this was a class I got to level 95 and stopped because it was not fun. To be fair, all the classes felt slow on purpose, well the base classes, but that is my opinion

and just playing two classes, hunter and gunner. I can say they feel fun to play. Hunter is fast and fun, has better attacks, and can even counter an attack. And with gunner, it is crazy how much everything was changed, for the better. As a gunner and hunter, you can use swords, knuckles, twin machine guns, and an assault rifle.

You have so many options, and you are not stuck to a class weapon set like pso2. You can mix-match weapons from what it seems but this is the beta impression, and things can change.

The point is, classes are fun to play. They are no longer slow or heavy. Each class is a good time, and they left a good impression on me.


My most awaited feature, affixing. We all know that affixing in base pso2 is pretty bad, and that is putting it nicely. Affixing was gambling but instead of losing money, you are losing time.

Pso2 affixing is just farm weapons with certain affixes and hope it has the affixes you need to get a stronger affix. And you can wait for pso2 day to give you a 20 % boost with affixing or take a chance and hope you can get the affix without fail. And as result, you will feel sad or happy depending on the result, but most of the time, you will feel sad.

Did I forget to mention that if an affix that is already on your weapon fails when you are trying to add a new affix, you will lose that affix or more and downslot. And some affixes can’t be reapplied, meaning if you added a high-end affix to an item but want to upslot (add more affix slots). You have to lose that affix since it does not come up when affixing.

And you move to PSO2:ngs affixing, and oh my god. Let’s be calm about this. Ahem. Affixing in pso2:ngs is a whole lot better. There is no longer a need to farm weapons with affixes to add them to a unit/armor and weapons. They are dropped by monsters and bosses as capsules.

The affixing system in pso2:ngs is better. As I mentioned above, you can lose affixes in pso2 if an affix or affixes fail and when affixing, some affixes can’t be reapplied when trying to add new affixes or upslot. With NGS, that issue is gone! There is no worry of you downslotting in NGS, and when affixing, you can reapply any affix you have on the weapon or unit.

Another great thing I just learned, big thanks to Vair. They saved me time and trouble. In NGS, capsules have a certain percent they give. Might 1 gives 10% if you use one capsule and 100 % if you use 10 of them. Of course, the better the affix capsule is, the percent will be lower and will have to hope for the best. But in short. This is a much better affix system that fixes all the problems that base pso2 had, and I was tired of grinding of farming a weapon/unit and hoping the item has the needed affix.

While yes, you still need to farm for affixes. At least here, this is better. There is no risk of downslotting, and if you fail, you can try again later without worrying about messing up an item and getting weaker.

Combat and feel of the game

Combat in NGS is more fast pace, I want to say? Enemies don’t stare too often at you. Some enemies are “smart” and will throw the player for a loop since they either “runaway” or try to add space between you and the monster.

Some bosses are harder to fight since the monster’s aggro rate is higher because the enemy can start attacking one player then do a 180 and go after someone else or you mid-fight, and if you are not ready, you will be caught off guard (like me, lol)

But this is a good change in combat and makes the enemies feel more alive. I was tired of some monsters who gives me a funny stare then attack me after 20 seconds, lol. The game feels great to run and everything is more streamlined for ease of use and that is rad. These are short thoughts, I was busy getting sidetracked with fashion, I’m sorry!

Pictures in NGS I took

My favorite part of this post. The pictures I took in NGS. The game is amazing and looks stunning. The models are nice looking and HD. Everything is clear and high quality here, and I want to share my pictures I took by myself and with some of the Witching Hour guild. We all had a blast playing the beta and looked good doing so. Lol.

I will add about 5 or 10 links or more. I took a lot of pictures in the beta. I want to share them with everyone. Heh.

Bugs and issues

As we all know, this is a sega game. Sega is no stranger to bugs, I mean, look at the Sonic games they have released over the years. That said, there are some issues and bugs that did ruin the experience for me and others.

NPC textbox.

So, in NGS, an NPC will pop up to tell the players something “important” but when the NPC textbox comes up, all you can do is run and wonder why you can’t use actions. Some NPC textboxes will disable player actions. PSO2 has an Urgent Quest (UQ) that does the same thing. The UQ in question is called the mothership and it has an NPC that will relay information but the player’s action to open the menu and what have you will be disabled. So this is not a new thing. This seems to be a PSO2 “thing” in general.

Unskippable tutorials text

As the name suggests, you are unable to skip the tutorial textboxes. For the first-time player, it is not bad but when you make a second new character, it does wear out its welcome fast and becomes annoying when you have a good idea on how to do something. Give the player an option to skip if they have already seen the tutorial.

Questionable hitboxes

I don’t know if it was the servers lagging hard or the servers trying to play keep up, but I felt at times when I got hit. I should have not got hit there. It felt like the attack hitbox was much larger than the attack shown. Sometimes it seems like I kept getting hit was out of my control but that was one issue I noticed with the beta

People using chaos emeralds to stop time

So, day 2 was the start of the madness. Servers were lagging so hard that players were running in place for a few seconds before zipping to the real position on the map. And sometimes, in a few rare cases, when fighting monsters, they would often freeze in place until you killed them.

A side effect of the server playing catch up. It was funny at first but got annoying since when you wanted to help your group fight monsters, you would see them in one area before darting off at sonic speed since you have no idea where they are going

Urgent Quest (UQ) boss lag.

The UQ boss has two phases, blue and red. In phase two, the boss has lasers and when they go off, the fps will go from 60 fps to 7 to 3 fps. I don’t know why the lasers cause such an fps drop but it is there and man, it is annoying to deal with it. After the attack ends, 2 to 4 seconds later, the fps will become stable again.

Matchmaking and setting up rooms

One thing I can say is, it was nothing like PSO2 room making, I have mixed feelings about the room making for UQ. I don’t really understand how it works or how to join other rooms for UQ. it was, for me a mess and pain in the butt to deal with. I tried to join a party with guild members but couldn’t join them. It was weird for me. matchmaking seems to work ok but that was the beta so anything can happen after.

Crashing when switching blocks

This is something I can’t prove but there have been a lot of players crashing, so you should look into this, sega. It is worth checking out these bugs and crashes. I can’t think of anything else and I am sure people are sending in bug reports. :3

Here are some more pictures from Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis beta . Enjoy the bonus pictures.